20 Marketing Tips for Micro and Small Business 2020 -

What if you could sell more with a good digital marketing strategy? And the best: at zero cost. See how your business can be driven by these marketing tips!

micro and small business marketing

The internet can be a real advantage for your business.

Marketing for micro and small businesses is key to their success. And you don’t need no investment to understand the market, learn digital marketing and start applying simple and effective techniques. Just have some time and effort. Believe me, every minute will be worth it. Every day new opportunities come up for your internet business.

In the beginning you will have many questions like:

Technology has changed the world. Before, small companies competed with large ones. Now the game is over. Big companies compete with thousands of small businesses with voice over the internet. That changed everything. However, it is vital that you also do not try to clash with giants over the internet. They have great teams and spaces on websites and other very popular digital media.

The Internet must become an ally of your business today, tomorrow and forever. But for that, you always have to keep up, try to understand how these technologies work and seek the best practices. That’s why we have a tip and an invitation that will save you 25% on learning about digital marketing at the biggest event of its kind in Latin America: Click here to learn more!

Thus, it is possible to forget the crisis and focus on today’s challenges, using technology to do more with less. This includes looking into the various ways that marketing can be a pro and con depending on how it is used in business, with conversations such as the use of walled gardens being a hot topic. Websites like Epsilon can delve into this further for those who are just starting out and need more of a base to begin on.

I’m sure these micro and small business marketing tips will help your business gain more customers and sales.

Good reading!

Micro and Small Business Marketing Tips

7 Marketing Tips for Micro and Small Business

How to use online marketing strategies for your small business? Is it possible acting alone? This is a doubt for many entrepreneurs, after all, there are thousands of tools available. And master the marketing for micro and small businesses it’s not easy.

Resources are more limited and the margin for error is much smaller. This is the factor that makes the internet the solution. economical and efficient for micro and small businesses who want to increase the visibility of their business.

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Do you already use the internet to sell more

The internet is no longer new. Every day, we use business email, visit websites, chat with customers, shop at online stores, use social networks.

But because we have incorporated it into our lives so quickly, we sometimes forget that these Internet users are also our customers and consumers. More than surfing the internet, users are dictating rules and trends, shaping consumers’ relationship with brands.

>> Here’s a list of digital marketing tools for small businesses.

The great thing about the web is that it provides the chance for the little one to compete healthily with the big one, with the same tools and strategies.

That’s why you should leverage the Internet for your business without wasting money or resources and establishing more competitive advantages. permanent through a coherent, efficient and effective strategy.

Tip 1: Research the Opportunities

DMarketing Tip 1: Research Consumers and Current CustomersFind out who your customer is, what they are looking for, what their expectations are about the brand, where they are and why they need your product.

The internet offers thousands of tools that can help you collect and compile this information quickly and accurately. These tools can even help you create new products.

Knowing this, you won’t waste time and money trying to sell something to someone you don’t need and will have a secure decision-making foundation.

In this other post, we share some free digital marketing tools.

Tip 2: Build Your Online Presence

If your business does not already have a website or profiles ontag-presence-marketing-for-business s main social networks it’s time to take action. Your first step can be creating a website, perhaps with the assistance of professional ditital marketers. In today’s world, almost every brick-and-mortar business is in need of a marketing agency to make the shift online and showcase their product in the best possible way to a larger audience. If you are based out of or around Denver, you can check out this Denver digital marketing agency that can assist you with your online presence.

More and more people are buying and discussing brands and products over the network, and companies that are left out of this movement will lose new consumers.

In addition, through social networks you can listen to customers, find points for improvement and make changes in the business following the demand of those who buy.

Tip 3: Make a Practical Marketing Plan

Omarketing_marketing plan for businesses marketing planning is so important as the business plan and the tax.

The first step is to analyze the external and internal factors that may influence company performance. Understand how customer buying behavior works and know others well players (competitors) in the market.

This helps define company positioning and outline marketing strategies, objectives and goals. Every marketing plan must have a schedule that assigns a responsible person for each action.

Tip 4: Consolidate your brand into potential market

branding_marketing for businessEven if your business does not become known on a large scale, it is important that you consolidate yourself in the potential market, whether that be in your local city or region, or even internationally. For example, with cannabis marketing new york is often a good place to start as it is fully legalised there. There may be plenty of competition, but with solid marketing you can stand out amongst the crowd, which is what marketing is all about.

To consolidate your brand, once you have created your web page, look for strategic partnerships. You might also consider hiring a digital marketing agency like iTonic, for example, that can help you outreach on pages other than just through your own, so your audience can easily reach you.

Having your profile linked to other recognized names, for example, gives your brand trust and credibility.

Tip 5: Sell Benefits, Not Just Products

selling business_marketing servicesOnce the potential customer becomes aware of your brand, it is essential that they have good customer service during and after the sale.

The impression a customer makes is just as important as their satisfaction with the product itself.

With a well defined service, it is easier to receive suggestions for changes and improvements.

This allows you to create a competitive advantage to exploit in your campaigns and generate positive engagement from your online community.

Tip 6: Calculate the return on marketing

Calculate Small Business Marketing ROIOne of the biggest advantages of digital marketing It is the possibility of clearly and accurately measuring the return on your investments, and can be quickly perceived in the course of business. Before an action, accurately define who you are public and what is It is made expected.

Have an organized spreadsheet that compares the purpose of the new strategy with the result achieved. Also compare the figures from the previous period to calculate the impact of the effort made to publicize the brand.

Tip 7: Be careful of ignorance!

Ounknown_marketing-for-business that drives many micro and small business owners away from the internet is the lack of information about how digital marketing works.

If you have no business education or in-depth marketing knowledge, the internet provides a wealth of content to inform you about news, trends and tips.

Be sure to devote a few hours of your time to this. Surely you will see results in the future!

The Blog CWT Advertising brings all your expertise in other interesting articles on the subject so you can always stay up to date. Keep reading!

13 more quick and practical marketing tips for micro and small businesses:

  1. Continues studying more marketing tips for micro small businesses;
  2. Map a digital marketing planning;
  3. Position yourself on the internet unlike all its competitors;
  4. Invest at least 1h a day tracking and optimizing your digital marketing;
  5. Create a website blogging and sales-oriented social networking with a weekly update routine;
  6. Work hard and enjoy using the internet for your business (it is a continuous and sometimes time consuming construction);
  7. Do not center your office marketing. Use your smartphone to record videos, make live streams, post photos and foster your communication;
  8. Meet your real audience (what they think, sites they visit, what they do when they’re not buying something from my business);
  9. Set practical digital marketing goals (how many followers on how long, how many hits on each page, how many sales you need to make to justify the investment);
  10. Organize and unify your communication (it is very common to say one thing in every online media);
  11. Of voice to your polling audience and consider each opinion;
  12. Value for the quality maximum and transparency (lying on the internet is never a good idea for companies of all sizes);
  13. Transform Challenges in opportunities being creative.

Bonus Tip: Inbound Marketing for Micro and Small Business

Inbound is attraction marketing. In it, instead of pushing often unsuccessful ads, your company creates content such as videos, blog posts, and other compelling media. So your customers come to you spontaneously.

Content is certainly a great way to build and strengthen your online presence. The so-called Content Marketing can be used for the brand to provide useful information to its target audience, as many players already do. Another common practice is to help Internet users with specific problems that the company can solve. It is a way of creating authority in a given segment.

For a company with a low marketing budget, good positioning and online presence can be the way to compete with the big ones. And there are already several services that specialize in creating corporate content, such as Redaweb, Rock Content, Gummy and others. This kind of service helps entrepreneurs who have no arm for content production.

Learn more about inbound marketing and how it can help your business grow more by using marketing automation. Click here to know the Inbound Marketing Methodology.

How to choose a marketing company?

A specialized digital marketing company will help you design the best strategies and especially execute them. This saves a lot of time and resources for your business that you don’t have to rely on a large local marketing industry to operationalize and monitor marketing strategies. In addition, outsourcing marketing brings a new point of view of someone in various markets.

But how to choose a good marketing company? The first tip is not to consider only the amount charged for the service. The cheap in this market can be expensive. So, look at the characteristics of the best marketing agencies to make no mistake in this decision and end up wasting money:

  • Ask to view your clients’ latest results reports (digital marketing is built on ROI and not vanity metrics)
  • Evaluate the time the marketing company has in the market
  • Chat with at least one of your active clients with more than one year of contract
  • Visit the marketing office if it is near your city
  • Request a small initial consulting and planning contract, then extend the contract if the marketing company proves effective.

Conclusion on Marketing for Micro and Small Business

digital marketing for micro and small businesses

Keep learning and growing in digital marketing.

The internet is a very powerful weapon even in times of crisis. Today there are 168 million smartphones with internet access. This means that your audience is almost certainly online and available for a relationship with your company. To do this, you need to be on the internet, in the right place, with the right message and the right solution.

It is very important to know the tools, to have time for planning and execution of actions. In this context come digital agencies. Allied for companies to increase credibility, strengthen brand and sell more on the web. By hiring an agency, you delegate your company’s communication to a specialist. Thus, you focus only on growing the operation of your business. And that’s a good idea, isn’t it?

If this is not yet possible, continue studying. I will leave a series of links below for you to deepen your knowledge about marketing for micro and small businesses:

If you enjoyed these micro and small business marketing tips, leave your comment below. This way I can answer your questions and continue helping your company to develop. Oh, and enjoy complementing reading with our free step-by-step digital marketing ebook.

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