Let’s be honest, the “Perfect Blogger” is a utopia, just like that of the Prince Charming charming democratized by Disney. I’m far from being a perfect blogger (or even a prince charming) and I don’t know any! That said, it is possible to draw a robot portrait from all the good practices observed on the Web. So, here are 25 tips that will help you get closer to perfection…

The Perfect Blogger Prepares Before Going Online

1 – Determine your goals as a blogger

If the question “What is my goal with this blog?” “, Your answer is” Become a star “, so join the cast of Secret Story. You will be more likely to succeed (if we can speak of success).

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More seriously, to become a perfect blogger, you have to set a concrete and achievable goal like: share your point of view and initiate the debate, share your passion, help others, make yourself a portfolio to launch your career, earn an additional income, make a living … In short, clearly define what you are aiming for stick to it and know where you’re going.

2 – Choose the niche of your blog

We could also talk about a theme or an editorial line. Anyway, it’s about finding the topic of your blog, being careful that it is neither too broad nor too restricted, and that you can position yourself as an expert with this topic. It is important to do research to find a niche that suits you and possibly a profitable niche if your goal is to make money with your blog.

3 – Target your blog audience

If you say to a marketer, “My target is everyone! Then you will certainly see him smile. Even the largest multinationals in the world have never launched anything targeting everyone. As a perfect future blogger, you’ve taken the time to choose your niche, so take the time to define your target. Housewives aged 30 to 50? Small business managers? Backpacking enthusiasts? Your blog and its content should be adapted to this target.

4 – Name your blog and buy a good domain name

It seems obvious and yet, it is a consequent and super important work, even if it means spending several days thinking about it, even doing a real brainstorming and asking the opinion of people around you (ideally being part of its target). .

The name of your blog perfect must be clear and concise. It must match your niche, your personality, your tone, and must mean something for your target. The goal is to keep it in mind, to impact the audience, to be easy to remember, say and write.

The domain name must be personalized. So book it as soon as possible, even if it costs you a few euros a year. If possible, it matches your blog name and its characteristics are identical: easy to remember, read, say, write…

The perfect blogger takes care of his blog content

5 – A blog post is just one topic

There is no perfect blogger without high quality content, he will be your workhorse, your identity and proof of your expertise. And for that, avoid losing your readers and treating several subjects in a single article. Each article must address a question, a problem, a subject: never again ! If you ever want to tackle another topic, then make a new article and insert a link in the previous one.

6 – Adapt the tone of your blog

The perfect blogger is one who knows his target, who understands him and above all, who speaks like her, with the same words. If there is a mismatch between your target and you, you will not reach and interest them. Do not hesitate to use a serious tone with technical terms or conversely a relaxed and offbeat tone: adapt to your target!

Another piece of advice: don’t hesitate to speak directly to your target, to your readers. Generally, Vouvoyer is required. But the tu is possible and is not shocking, especially to give more proximity and build confidence.

7 – Give rhythm to the articles

Rhythm an article is to avoid large blocks of text, make paragraphs and arrange them well, nest them logically. It also means writing short sentences that are not overly convoluted. You do not do literature (a priori) and you are not Émile Zola who sometimes wrote descriptions of several pages. Be clear, get straight to the point: blog readers want quick, concrete information with no hassle.

To avoid breaking this rhythm, also remember to take care of the grammatical construction of your sentences as well as your spelling. We are all entitled to error, but it is not conceivable that an article would be difficult to read because of a catastrophic spelling or bad French.

8 – Treat your titles and keywords

A perfect blogger writes well, but he also knows the basics of SEO and SEO, or he knows how to surround himself and get advice from a specialist. The basic is simple: use predetermined keywords in a natural way, take care of your article and paragraph titles, adapt the article URL, write a good meta description …

The perfect blogger is part of one or more communities

9 – Integrate into a community that suits you

Do not stay in your corner, because you are obviously not the only one in your field. There are communities of fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, web marketing bloggers, etc. You just need to find and integrate your own (s) and integrate into it, whether through a Facebook or Linkedin group, a forum, or any other means, even off the web.

The objective? Exchange, share, collaborate… As with work colleagues! In this way, you are enriched with advice, techniques, opportunities, and you also make your blog known by other professionals in the field.

10 – Develop a community around you

I’m talking about a community around your name, your blog and your expertise. Like a singer who has a fanbase, you will develop and federate around you a community of people who are part of your target and are interested in the content that you offer.

This community will be your first circle of support, will allow you to make yourself known and share your content too. Today, this type of community is built mainly through social networks. It’s up to you to learn how to manage them correctly with this in mind (and not with the idea of ​​sharing your holiday photos with Tata Suzanne!).

11 – pamper your blog readers

Continuing from the previous item, a perfect blogger takes the time to pamper the readers of his blog in order to best develop his community. You’ll need be attentive, answer questions, comments and private messages… Keep in mind that it is your readers and members of the community that you build that will ultimately make your success.

12 – Know how to write for other bloggers

I’m talking about guest article or guest blogging for bilinguals. It’s a mean intelligent and trainer collaborate with other bloggers in your community while showing your expertise to a target audience that is close to yours. The perfect blogger writes a lot for his blog, but writes regularly for others too!

The perfect blogger can communicate around his blog

13 – Talk about yourself on the Web

The goal is to make you known on the Internet through your content and expertise. This involves communicating about your blog, whether on your social networks, in email campaigns, guest blogging or offering a free digital product for example. You can also comment intelligently and constructively on articles from other blogs, or offer your help and advice in discussion forums specialized in your field. Be proactive : a perfect blogger never stops at creating content.

14 – Talk about yourself outside the web

You are made of flesh and bones, so go out and meet the world ! A perfect blogger can talk about his chosen field and his blog without taking the lead to others. You can start by talking about it around you, your family and your friends, but the ideal will be for example professional meetings or conferences where you will be able to converse with people being part of your target. Show your passion in public as much as on the Web!

The perfect blogger takes care of the technical aspects of his blog

15 – Take care of your blog design

Does that seem obvious to you? And yet, there are still many blogs that we want to close immediately because of a design that gives a headache or that is not at all user-friendly. Aim for something simple or minimalist, while staying modern and professional and bringing a touch of personality to be recognized. Without exaggerating of course, no need for a small plane instead of your cursor if you specialize in travel!

16 – Submit a quick blog

Loading times that are too long will undoubtedly make you lose readers: a perfect blogger therefore has a quick tool to use! Sometimes, it will be a question of technical adjustments or the choice of a good host for example. But often you can play on this speed yourself, including limiting the number of heavy images or large designs that take time to load.

It is essential to pay attention to these technical specificities, but as in the previous item, know that to delegate is not to cheat ! Professional bloggers often surround themselves with technical specialists who can help them (designer, programmer …).

The perfect blogger thinks of monetizing his blog

17 – Make arrangements from the start

Obviously, I’m talking about the case where your goal is to make money with your blog whether it’s to pay for your hosting and domain name expenses, or to earn real income. And since your goal was determined first (see item # 1), you should be able to make your arrangements from the start of the creation of your blog.

For example ? Plan space to place advertising inserts, treat your articles to show that you can be trusted for sponsored articles, write a page intended for advertisers who would like to set up a partnership with you (ads, sponsorship …).

18 – Prepare digital products for sale

The perfect blogger always offers good digital products for sale (ebooks, video training, etc.). So make sure you work seriously on your own products, because they don’t get created in five minutes. Choose a format, a specific theme which you know to be expert and which will interest your target while being complementary to your blog. The goal is simple: sell your own products and derive passive income long-term.

19 – Think Lead Nurturing

I invite you to learn about what is Lead Nurturing, an essential link in a content strategy (Inbound Marketing), because this technique will allow you to monetize your blog by selling your own products. Clearly, generally thanks to a sophisticated emailing strategy, it is a question of gaining the loyalty of your readers, of transforming them into prospects by providing them with the content they need for in the end make them customers of your own products. The perfect blogger will create an email base full of prospects to whom he can eventually offer his products.

The perfect blogger is an organized worker

20 – Organize your article writing time

A perfect blogger must have a work hygiene perfect. So, you must determine the time slots during which you will write (Wednesday evenings, weekends, Thursdays and Fridays morning before work …), because your goal is to produce content regularly and efficiently, not to work in dilettante. Make an editorial plan, and stick to it.

21 – Plan your article publications

Depending on your production capacity, make a publication plan, like one article every Monday evening, two articles per week, etc. Determine what your publication objective is, even if it means changing this plan as your blog goes on. Then, to save time and keep up, use the tools available to you on your blog to schedule automatic publication articles.

22 – Plan your communication

Keep a specific schedule for communication around your blog. When to post on your social networks? How many publications per day or per week? What type of publication to post (blog article, self-promotion, news or other)?

In the same vein, plan to write X comments per week on articles from other blogs, or answer X questions on specialized discussion forums.

Finally, give yourself a moment each day (or each week?) To reply to your emails and other Facebook messages, for example. Responding as you go can take you a long time, because you have to stop what you are doing every time.

The perfect blogger is himself and knows how to put himself forward

23 – Show your personality by blogging

You are a blogger, not the webmaster of a medical news site or the manager of the Social Security site! A blogger is a real person, a human, not a machine. So show it. Maybe dozens of people have already written on the topic you have chosen, it’s your personality that will make the difference.

You are not just a signature at the bottom of a page and your readers will be delighted to put a name on a face: dare the photos, dare the videos. The more a reader has the impression of knowing you, of getting to know you, the better it will be for the success of your blog.

24 – don’t be too inspired

Learn from the best, why not, to start, to learn the techniques. But be aware that the perfect blogger offers original articles, which he was not inspired elsewhere, with personalized advice of his own. Seriously, do you imagine that Picasso would have been known if he had chosen to make reproductions of Monet instead of letting his personality speak? Clear, be yourself, think for yourself, create for yourself.

25 – Be passionate about making your blog last!

There is no secret, the perfect blogger loves what he does, he is passionate and it shows in every line of his articles. To last in blogging, you have to be passionate. The moment you force yourself to write, you will be bored, your audience will be bored and you will eventually give up. Take it for granted!