3 good reasons to use one 2020 Guide -

The VPN, Virtual Private Network or in French “virtual private network” is a tool allowing you to hide and secure the origin of your connection while surfing in complete confidentiality. Discover in this article 3 good reasons to use this type of tool …

The VPN masks your IP address and provides you with a new one. Your connection then goes through the servers of your VPN provider. Once the software is launched, the browser or other service using your web connection identifies you with the IP of your VPN provider.

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So you can have an IP from a country where you are not physically located.

Example, I am in England and thanks to the VPN I can simulate an American connection to access the sites of American television channels whose videos are usually blocked because my IP is based in England.

Although there are free VPN offers, I advise you to opt for a paid offer allowing to have more secure connections. The offers are generally around 10 € per month but you can reduce the cost by taking a longer commitment (prices drop up to 2 € on long commitments) see, if you are a site editor or have an active community, sign up for a VPN affiliate program to reimburse the cost and even get significant gains.

1: Secure my connection when I am on a public wifi

A VPN allows you to encrypt your data and, therefore, secure your personal information when you use public wifi. Public wifi is generally insecure and your data can easily be hacked without it.

Not to mention public wifi, you can also secure your connection at home by blocking trackers and other malware. If you play online, it can also protect you from practices such as doxing and swatting.

2: Access content from other countries

By simulating a connection from other countries, you can access the contents of these usually blocked countries.

This is the case for some video content. Some video on demand services, such as Netflix or Disney +, also have different catalogs depending on the country. With a VPN you access all of their catalogs.

3: Save money on my online shopping

Some products and services have different prices depending on your location. This is particularly the case for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals or even most products. Bypassing the geographic barrier, you gain access to more advantageous rates.

Example of a hotel with different prices depending on whether you are in the United States or the United Kingdom:


How to use a VPN?

It’s very simple, after taking out a subscription to a VPN solution, you have access to an application allowing you to simulate a connection. Just install it and enter your connection information provided to you by the VPN.

Then you can simply surf your usual browser.

It’s your turn !