Inbound marketing is a strategy whose goal is to bring customers to you rather than to seek them. By creating quality content, whether through blog or social media, to attract potential customers to your website …

Here are a few examples to get results with this strategy.

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1) Identify a keyword or phrase “Long Tail” with a high search volume

Long tail keyword

“Long Tail Keywords” are highly targeted search terms, typically three or more words. The advantage of these expressions is that they direct very targeted traffic because of their specificity and that they are also much less competitive than other shorter terms. Try to identify an expression, preferably something educational, that will really benefit your audience. Then create content around it. You will be surprised how quickly you can improve your ranking and generate traffic.

I did this with the following expression: ” domain for SEO “. After identifying this as a major concern for my clients, seeing the sheer volume of search around this term, and without finding content resources properly explaining how to do it, the opportunity became clear. Although starting from a simple concept, it is one of my most successful articles, having allowed me to achieve a large increase in traffic and conversions.

2) “Newsjacking”


“Newsjacking” is instant. Keep up to date with news, preferably in your area, and find opportunities to create a rapid influx of traffic and amplified social reach.

If you are not familiar with newsjacking, it is about surfing popular information, such as a major change in your field or someone of influence who makes an important decision that will change the game in your sector. activity, either by being the first to cover it, or by finding a coverage angle specific to you, or both.

3) Develop a free tool


Free tools are a gold mine for two things: Lead generation and inbound links. If you have internal talent to develop tools or a budget to outsource development, consider a simple tool that people would find very useful. These tools generate buzz – therefore inbound links – and can bring you an increase in your transformations.

To help you get started, these are some of the free tools that other companies have launched. See if you can apply similar concepts to your industry!

Hoping that these few techniques will benefit you to increase your traffic on your site and your sales.