Among the content offered by brands, the video which wins the preference of Internet users at 76%. Today, it has become essential to make a digital content strategy dynamic and viral. Not only does it situate the messages in a lively way, but it is more easily memorized and often plays the entertainment card, which is more appealing than a simple article …

You might wonder why a majority of brands are still staying away from video production? Many questions arise when we approach this privileged media channel: what story to tell, who will produce, how long, what cost, what broadcast, etc …

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In this article, find out why video has become so central and how it can truly enhance your brand.

1) The video puts you ahead of your competitors

Why is the internet a strategic place to talk about and get people talking about your business? Simply because it has become “The” essential place in the consumer buying journey, that is, taking information on an offer, comparing two products or reading testimonials from other buyers.

So, how to encourage Internet users to consume your offer rather than that of your competitor? With a video, you have 50 times more likely to appear on the first page on Google. The more visible your brand is, the more it will be present to the mind of your audience and the more likely it will be adopted. So enjoy it !

By making video, you’ll capture people’s attention differently. You will get in touch with them in a concrete way and strengthen the confidence they have in your brand. Besides, did you know that 71% of consumers find that video gives a positive image to a company?

The video is a rich media because it offers images that speak to your audience. It will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors by becoming your own media. You will be able build your identity and give your brand a unique personality. Little tip, do not hesitate to involve your employees and your customers! Some of them will be delighted to become brand ambassadors and help you cultivate the difference.

2) The video gives value to your offer

Do you have a website and want to promote your offer? The image is your best vector. When we know that articles containing images are 94% more viewed, we understand that video is even more effective in presenting its offer. Impactful and reassuring, it will expose the benefits of your products and services by making them alive. Take the example of EDF in its last saga humorous video. We discover the commercial offer in a funny way without losing the reinsurance arguments. By making videos, you will facilitate the understanding of your products. You will also establish a relationship of trust, by showing that you have the audacity to present your offer in all its forms. Also, did you know that 96% of consumers find video to be a real help in the purchasing decision process?

There are however some rules: your video should not be too long (less than a minute), otherwise you risk losing the interest of your audience! Imagine that you want to buy a mixer. You type on Google “multi-function mixer”. The first link referenced is the video of the latest M10 super mixer. You click and you start to watch it. Only, after 3 min it is still not finished. What are you doing ? You close your tab and move on. So, you understand, to capture the attention of your prospects, be attractive from the first seconds and get to the point. Moreover, 70% of people remember what they see or hear!

Also be aware that a video reduces the return rate of your sales. Your customers are aware of what they are buying because they had the demonstration beforehand. Video works for the benefit of your profitability!

3) The video promotes engagement

Video is not only an engaging medium, it is also the most requested form of content and the more shared by Internet users on social networks. No wonder when you know that Youtube is the 3rd most visited website in the world! Video is particularly suitable for deploying interactive communication and generate engagement Web users. Besides, did you know that 77% of consumers consider that a company that distributes videos online is more committed to its customers?

Take the example of the Nivéa ad “the stresstest” which created a real hit on the web. The principle is simple. Tourists on departure become “Suspects # 1” in an entire airport. The victims are already on the verge of stress when “someone” arrives with a box of Nivéa deodorant. This online video generated more than 3 million views on Youtube. It allowed the brand to gain very quickly in visibility and develop its sympathy capital with internet users.

Content is king today! Submit a quality content to your audience will give your business credibility and therefore allow you to gain the confidence of your prospects. You will understand, thevideo has become an essential media to integrate into your content marketing strategy. A video is simple and quick to consume. It allows the user to “snack” your content while learning and having fun.

And you ? Have you integrated video into your digital strategy? Now may be the time! Boost your content marketing by getting started!

If you have come to the end of this article, is it that you are not among the 80% of Internet users who prefer to watch an online video rather than reading an article? So thank you reader and see you on the screen!