3 Smart Steps To Promote An Affiliate Link Without Paying To Advertise -

In this article, you’ll discover a simple 3-step strategy to properly promote an affiliate link. It is an approach that allows you to factor your efforts, to share this link in a professional and ethical manner and to increase your results tenfold …

This procedure will help you to:

  • Maximize the efforts made in the promotion work;
  • Obtain lasting and stable results;
  • Boost the frequency of your earnings;
  • Build a predictable and successful affiliate business.

As a reminder, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular models on the internet. It allows people without special skills to create a business and generate income without getting lost in the most complex techniques.

To obtain an affiliate link, you must create an account on an affiliate platform.

Without making you wait …

Let’s attack directly.

Step 1: Define the winning trio

When new to affiliate, most people rush to search for products, get the affiliate link, and straight away start sharing it everywhere.

It is the most rudimentary and obsolete technique.

If at one time, it allowed to earn commissions, it was on a fluke.

Currently, with all the complexity of the matter, it is necessary to proceed differently.

Success in an affiliate business starts from the start. It consists of defining a winning trio.

To be honest with you, this is not the easiest step. It is almost abstract, but highly recommended for building a business that produces results.

What is it exactly?

This trio includes:

  • A supporting niche;
  • A perfect audience;
  • A perfect place.

1. A profitable niche

The main objective is to stand out, to stand out, to specialize, to become an expert in a very small field. What may not be possible if you decide to address everyone

One of the ways to better understand the importance of nesting is to simply compare a general practitioner to a specialist. Without the intention of making you espouse my position; but I hope you know who to go to when you have a toothache.

Sometimes locking yourself into a small estate feels like you’re shrinking your market and therefore reducing your earnings.

Listen for a little while …

It is a received idea which does not meet reality at all. If it is on a small village scale, it may be true. But the internet is borderless.

2. A perfect hearing

Sometimes just nesting isn’t enough to be very impactful. We will have to go in depth.

To do this, you have to control the specific person to whom you are going to deliver your messages.

The persona method is the best suited. It allows you to collect a set of relevant information that can help you later.

Specifically, it is necessary to answer the following 4 questions:

  • Who is my ideal client?
  • What is his desire?
  • What obstacles prevent him from achieving his desire?
  • How can I help him?

This is the minimalist version. This exercise can be taken very far.

3. A perfect place

After the previous step, you started to see your business logic take shape.

You know your niche and you know what you are going to talk to your target audience about.

Now, you have to locate the precise places where you are going to broadcast your messages. The places where your ideal client is present.

The Internet is filled with media that can help you get your messages out. Without a minimum of information, it is easy to adopt the wrong strategy. The one that risks diluting the efforts you provide.

To avoid this, it is strongly recommended to choose two platforms where your target customer is present:

  • One that allows you to reach your prospects in the short term (example: social networks: facebook, instagram, quora, LinkedIn, twitter…). What will help you earn your first commissions quickly
  • The other, to acquire customers on a regular basis. In this case, depending on your preferences, you have to choose between a YouTube channel or a blog.

This is the system that helps factor efforts and automates the process of sharing your affiliate links. A very interesting feature, because it allows you to focus your efforts on the most productive tasks (finding new prospects).

For this, you have to set up a sales funnel as well as all the features necessary to distribute your affiliate links.

When it comes to promoting affiliate links, this tunnel is as easy as possible.

He understands :

  • A email capture page : otherwise called landing page or landing page. It is the gateway to your sales system;
  • A thank you page (optional): its role is to inform visitors that the process to enter the tunnel has been successfully completed. And possibly, some useful links;
  • The email campaigns : these are sequences intended to add value to those registered on your lists. They also allow you to share your affiliate links.

The process of setting up a complete sales funnel is laborious. It may require some technical knowledge.

Fortunately, it is possible to proceed otherwise. Thanks to the affiliate tunnel, you can relieve yourself of all the technical constraints that are necessary if it is to create your sales system.

Step 3: Attract qualified traffic

The success of an affiliate business depends heavily on your ability to attract qualified traffic to your sales system.

In this chapter, you will learn how to get noticed to attract people who are genuinely interested in your affiliate products.

But first, know that no one is interested in the products or services you are promoting.

Rather, people are preoccupied with finding solutions to their problems, overcoming their difficulties, and enjoying the benefits of the situation that they desire.

This is why just talking about your products cannot help you progress.

Your job as an affiliate is to help them with simple advice, easy tips, accessible strategies to move them forward in the direction of their expectations.

This is only how your prospect will see your expertise and can decide to trust you.

How to do that then?

Remember that during the step of defining your trio-winner, you were able to detect a set of information concerning your target (ideal client). This is where this information will come in handy.

To do this, bring value (create interesting content for your target) on the communication platforms (social networks, blog or YouTube channel) that you have chosen during this step.

The goal is to bait them to get them to join your email list.

An example may be more telling …

Suppose you have discovered that your ideal client wants to start an organic garden, but they don’t know how to go about it.

Through your content, you will help him with simple and practical advice to further qualify him. At the same time, you can offer to download a free ebook that gathers your best tips in exchange for their email address.

In your emails, continue to give it value. And sometimes, send him an affiliate link to training, coaching, a physical product that can help him move faster and achieve the desired results.


This is the basis of a winning marketing strategy to promote an affiliate link easily. As it is simple, it is easy to ignore it and continue to do as everyone else does; i.e. sharing affiliate links in a wild way and relying only on luck to earn commissions. Of course, these 3 steps are still theoretical, but that’s all you need to know.

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