3 steps to revolutionize the agency model 2020 -

This blog post is part of the release of my first book “Grow or Die, you have to choose! 14 steps to get out of the ranks and go into hyper growth “and the launch of the second step of the hyper growth strategy of the agency 1min30, leader of Inbound Marketing in England. In fact, the week of June 11, 2018, we are going to present, during 5 exclusive webinars, a new offer and a new approach that will, I hope, revolutionize the business model of agencies. All actors in marketing, communication and sales are concerned. Entrepreneurs, managers, managers, agencies, consultants, freelancers or simply curious, subscribe to hypercroissance.fr

The strength and problematic of agencies

For 6 years that I created the agency 1min30, I have the deep conviction that the strength of an agency comes from its capacity to offer to its clients mixed support services:

Training & Co'm
  • Quality advice, both creative and pragmatic;
  • Rigorous and agile project management;
  • Execution of expert services and minimizing back-and-forth (graphics, PR, CM, tools, events, etc.).

Successfully proposing this mix with competent and available teams every time is a real challenge for agencies which are still organized in a very artisanal way. Our hypergrowth project aims to structure these 3 levels to offer a better quality service for our customers in an efficient working environment for all stakeholders on a project: consultants (internal or independent), project managers, and service providers freelancers (graphic designers, PR, CM, etc.).

I will now reveal to you in preview some key elements of our launch which will be enriched and clarified during the 5 webinars scheduled for the week of June 11, 2018.

Train and certify versatile Growth Consultants on all levers of marketing, communication and sales

As you may know, but since I created the agency, I have been fighting against silos that separate the different growth levers that are marketing, communication and sales. I deeply believe that these different functions must be united in a common direction in charge of growth. I have also written a book on this subject “Grow or Die, you have to choose!” Which you can order in preview once registered on hypercroissance.fr and which will be on sale in good bookstores, including Amazon and the Fnac, from June 11, 2018.

Thus, I consider that to support our clients well, a consultant must be versatile on these 3 levers to successfully create bridges between the teams in place and recommend the most effective strategies taking into account the maturity of the clients.

Of course, such consultants with this versatility, in addition to enough professional experience to be able to lead workshops with business leaders (founder, marketing director, commercial director, etc.) do not run the streets and do not necessarily want to join an agency as employees. They prefer to found their own agency or work independently.

This also hampers the development of agencies which often do not have other consulting directors than their founder. Thus, to exceed this glass ceiling, we decided, as part of our launch, to train and certify independent consultants in our methods so that we can get them on our new support programs.

We have therefore created a training program that is both innovative and intensive in partnership with the MCI MBA from the Leonardo da Vinci Institute (1st digital MBA in the Eduniversal ranking) which we will reveal to you during the webinar on June 13 (register you on hypercroissance.fr).

We’re meeting next week to show you step 2 of our revolution: Organize. Until then, I invite you to register for our launch on hypercroissance.fr and to discover my book there.