33 motivating reasons to keep a professional blog 2020 -

The blogging ? It’s this job that makes people fantasize so much. For a long time, a lot of Marketers made us dream by this job. The blogging, It’s awesome. It’s total freedom. You are going to fire your boss to work where you want, when you want and go around the world. You just work five hours a week, etc. Yes, that’s right, the blogging is a fascinating profession that allows you to work from anywhere and therefore travel where you want and when you want. But what is hidden from you is that in return, it requires a personal investment on your part, in time and skill. In any case, if you plan to keep a professional blog

And it is precisely this work that you are going to do on yourself that will allow you to grow, which leads me to list 33 motivating reasons for keeping a blog.

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Not in dream seller mode, but much deeper reasons ranging from your personal development to the change in people’s lives, through the development of your relationships.

Let’s go !

Blogging for your personal development

1. Overcome the fear of uncertainty

keep a blog to overcome the fear of uncertainty
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Yes the blogging is full of uncertainty.

You can write the best article in the world, taking care to choose the subject well, tout promoting me mais with a result not up to your expectations.

The reverse is also true. You can write an article out of the blue (do not take care to choose the subject well) and have exploding results.

Keeping a blog allows you to overcome the fear of uncertainty, a quality salutary with an entrepreneur.

2. Accept being criticized

Blogis also to give his point of view, mbut not everyone will agree with you. So much the better.

It’s a way to filter your audience pIf people who are not part of your target group will unsubscribe. Only those you really want to work with will remain, vour typical audience.

On the other hand, the critics coming from this typical audience will allow you to improve your skills better.

3. Have an open mind …

… In a society where we always try to be right, quitte to criticize the others, to give them wrong.

Blog allows you to have an open mind, to bebeing more tolerant even if it means being part of a minority of people who respect the opinion of others.

4. Accept being rejected

Yep, it’s not always rosy with the blogging. Sometimes you write a great article, spending hours on it, mbut few people read. You work for days to get out a product that nobody or few people buy.

For example, two bloggers refused me the same guest article. ButBeing rejected allows you to back up to jump better.

5. Getting out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone… I like this expression. Yes, blogging allows you to get out of your comfort zone to go to your exercise zone. And therefore to progress, to grow.

6. Fight stress effectively

Indeed, the best way to make depression disappear is to help someoneWhen you focus on another person rather than yourself. And we in our business help thousands of people.

Blogging, an extraordinary profession

7. Have more time

You will no longer be forced to work at times that have been set for you. You have more flexible hours.

If you are efficient, you can take care of your next day’s tasks por then enjoy your leisure time or spend more time with those you love.

8. Save your back…

You can actually save your back like Olivier who was diagnosed with chronic low back pain, that is to say that he can no longer sit for more than 2 hours in the same day if he wants to continue walking. Blogging has saved his back. Here is the case study article written by Mehdi of Blog Booster.

9.… or even save your family

André, for example, was dismissed because of his repeated absences from the office.given that her son is autistic. This is what drove his wife to stop working to take care of him.

The blogging saved his family. he allowed André to work at home, to take care of his disabled son and his wife to take up a new job.

Here is the article that tells about this adventure: Work, humiliation and the frightening risk of creating a box

10. Get paid for doing a job you are passionate about

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What could be more comforting than being paid for treating a subject that makes you love it.

Our job allows it.

11. Changing people’s lives

If you do your job well, you will receive email thanking your readers, ou positive feedback. That vto motivate you to continue on this glorious path.

12. Practice a fulfilling profession

This article lists the top 10 professions that make you happy. By analyzing them well, we see that these trades have one thing in common: helping people ou develop your creativity.

Well, our profession falls within this framework and fulfills these two criteria. We are paid to help people change their lives. In addition, the blogging stimulates our creativity as we will see later. So our job deserves to be part of this ranking.

13. Being independent: no boss who tells you what to do

Even if working for your own account is not easy, even if it request discipline on your part, nobody tells you what to do at least.

14. Work from anywhere

You can either work on your balcony, or work on the beach or even in a coworking space. And why not on a plane if you are a digital nomad? Whatever. Your only limit is your imagination.

I, for example, wrote this part of the article on a beach on a summer Sunday since it was hot at my house.

15. Enjoy a scalable business

If you have a large email list and start selling downloadable training, you have a scalable business. In other words, recruiting the first client is expensive. On the other hand, the second costs less, and more than the third, etc. Once the machine is started, it’s exponential growth.

Blogging is an effective form of learning

16. Learn to organize yourself better

Running a blog is like having a mountain of huge tasks to accomplish. This pushes you to organize yourself better, to identify the priority tasks of others.

17. Learn quickly and well

The best way to learn something is to practice it.

If you keep a blog, you have to learn a lot of things like WordPress, write impactful texts, attract traffic, etc.

For example, my blog let me know what the stereo mix is (if you want to know what this thing means, ask me in the comments).

18. Know the ins and outs of your subject

Sometimes your audience will ask you questions that you don’t have the answer to.

This forces you to do research on the subject, cwhich will increase your general knowledge in your field.

On the other handif you offer money to someone, your money goes down. Whereas if you offer knowledge to someone, your knowledge increases.

19. Constantly meeting challenges

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Blogis also constantly taking up challenges:he challenge to be better and better in writing articles, in writingE-mail and sales page, creating new products, etc.

The question I ask you is which of these two lives do you want to choose: A rewarding life where you constantly face challenges and therefore you are in constant progress? Or udoes routine life where you always do the same thing?

20. Transforming bogus ideas into strong ideas

Sometimes it happens to me that ideas come to my mind, eI don’t want to turn them into an exciting articlewhen these ideas were downright stupid …

21. Learn to structure your ideas

This goes to the point I just touched on. To write an article is to structure a set of ideas. A bit like the painter who composes several colors to make it a legendary masterpiece.

22. Have a balance of knowledge

To learn knowledge is to accumulate information in your brain. To transmit knowledge is to copy this same information from your brain to transmit it to a new brain.

Blogging allows you to keep a balance between what comes in and what comes out. And you know better than I do that nature likes balance.

23. Learn to communicate and negotiate better

Communication and negotiation are essential skills in almost all areas. Between the emails you send or receive and the comments, blogging teaches you how to communicate and negotiate better with people.

And so at …

24.… Better understand human psychology

If you keep a blog, you are going to be in contact with several types of people. it will have the effect of better understanding the psychology of the human being, how it works, etc.

25. Develop your creativity

Chances are, the topics you are going to cover on your blog have already been covered by other colleagues in your field.

This is good news since it forces you to think about how you are going to do it, depending on your sauce,with a new angle of attack. And that will develop your creativity.

26. Learn to brainstorm


Another word that I like.

Preparing articles teaches you to brainstorm ideasespecially if these are list articles like the one you are reading.

27. Know yourself better

For example, you will know when you are most productive during the day. I, for example, jI’m in the morning.

28. Learn to combat sources of distraction

Writing an article is not an easy task for mostBetween we (at least for me). It takes focus and attention.

Result ?

To be more productive, you have to cut all distractions like day-long notifications that are productivity killers.

29. Have a taste for reading

Blogis looking for ideas. And among the sources are books that are goldmine for bloggers. Of course, you can be a professional blogger without being a fan of reading.

30. Learn to sell yourself

Brian Clark says, ” An advertiser uses marketing to sell us a car, clothes or laundry. While a good blogger uses marketing to sell his ideas“.

Keeping a blog teaches you how to sell yourself in your articles as well as in your emails.

Your blog, a door to a world of opportunities

31. Develop a community of fans and loyal customers

Keeping a blog is a way to build a community of fans who read all of your articles while interacting with you and loyal customers who buy all your products and services.

You can come back to this community to ask them questions, faced with a situation that blocks you, ou if you urgently need money, ccreate a new product useful for them.

It’s win-win.

32. Take advantage of many opportunities

Some bloggers have been contacted by a recognized book publisher to publish a book with them. Others have been contacted by companies for expensive services.

You can’t imagine the number of opportunities you can have with your blog. For example, Sylvain gave me test access to Netflix of CWT Advertising pBecause I am one of the editors of his blog.

CWT Advertising Netflix, Kesako?

You don’t know?

It is a training platform with multiple trainers on all aspects of web marketing, including conferences and many other benefits.

By the way, what are you waiting for to join the club if you haven’t already. Here is the link to register.

33. Expand your network

There are many ways to expand your network with your blog. For example, your blog may be an excuse to contact influencers, cwhich would be difficult if you don’t have a blog or online presence.

My blog allowed me to do an interview with Frédéric Canevet and André Dubois (who are big fish in web marketing).

Your blog is also a great way to recruit partners to sell their products through affiliate or even your own products.

It’s time to get started if you haven’t already

Chances are you’ve already read an article like this: X reasons to keep a blog. But you still haven’t started. You are always waiting for the perfect moment when that moment will never come.

Yes, I know, keeping a blog is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort especially at the start, and tenacity. But if there is at least one reason that I cited in this article that can motivate you, why not take the plunge? Don’t you think the game is worth the effort?

To help you get started on the adventure, I offer two free gifts. There is no point in having a blog if no one knows about it.

To solve this problem, I recorded a video in which I show you 4 ultra-efficient techniques to get your blog known quickly without publishing like a patient.

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This is the subject of the second gift entitled 12 tips for writing an exceptional blog post that brings you traffic

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It’s this way.

And if you have other reasons to start a blog that I have not mentioned here, I will be happy that you share them with us in the comments 🙂