3D photos come to Facebook, thanks to a new system that uses artificial intelligence.

Facebook announced this new format some time ago, but now it is beginning to be implemented in some regions. Facebook’s proposal takes advantage of the boom in mobile devices with two cameras, to play with movement and depth in photographs, and give that third dimension thanks to the combination of layers.

Those who have devices with these characteristics, only have to take a photograph in portrait mode, and share it on Facebook, using the option 3D Photo, as we see in the image:


Facebook compiled a series of tips in this link, to help users obtain the expected result when trying the new function, for example, keep a certain distance from the object or scene that we want to photograph, make sure to achieve contrast in the different elements, play with textures, among other tips.

And, once the photo is published, users will only need to tilt the device slightly to bring the images to life. As mentioned by the Facebook team, the 3D Photo option is already available as of today for those with iOS devices, and will be gradually extended to all users in the coming weeks.

Source: Wwwhatsnew