Once your contacts are turned into leads, the most important step is to convert them to make your campaigns profitable. Lead nurturing is a delicate operation to which you should pay maximum attention. During this step, you must maintain and strengthen the marketing relationship with your target prospects who are not yet mature to get into the act of buying. This is where the subtlety of an inbound marketing approach comes in. Through this post, discover how to deploy a effective lead nurturing strategy

Have a solid database to process your leads effectively

The lead nurturing aims to help the prospect in his decision making without commercial push. This action can only be accomplished by having good contacts in your base.

  • Generate leads to feed your database : adopt a good Content Management strategy to encourage your visitors to fill out your contact forms;
  • Set up Calls-to-Action and design good landings pages : encourage your targets to act by judiciously placing your call-to-action buttons. Also design good landing pages to encourage them to discover your offers and provide you with more information about them;
  • Choose value-added and personalized content by profile : offer informative content corresponding to the respective concerns of your buyers personas. Also, keep in mind that not all of your leads should be incubated in the same way, as they are at different stages of their purchasing decision-making process, respectively.

Define a priority target by detecting the hottest prospects

  • Have a good CRM : The tool helps you better understand the profile of your prospects. Otherwise, you can establish an archetype of prospect profile (if you do not have one, obtain the one offered free of charge by Hubspot without delay);
  • Define your personas : personas are a fictional representation of your ideal prospects. They are based on your databases, represent precisely the core target on which you must focus your entire lead nurturing strategy;
  • Automate your marketing actions : Adopt a good marketing automation solution to send targeted messages by categorizing them on the basis of predefined criteria and scenarios;
  • Score your leads : lead scoring allows you to know the degree of maturity of each prospect in their journey through your conversion tunnel.

Diversify your communication channels and interact with your targets

  • Highlight your expertise thanks to the blog : addressing your prospects to make yourself known is enough to arouse their curiosity and encourage them to discover your offers;
  • Take advantage of social media : these platforms have now become essential, because they allow you to stay connected with your prospects, to encourage them to discover your new products and to contact you later;
  • Diversify your digital tools and content : increase your chances of reaching your target audience by diversifying your content: white papers, E-Books, Videos, Podcasts, infographics, interviews, surveys, business cases, information on trends in your sector …

Measure the performance of your lead nurturing strategy and adjust your plan if necessary

To verify if your lead nurturing strategy is working, you must measure and analyze the impact of your marketing actions.

A-NA-LY-SEZ: use good key performance indicators like:

  • The opening rate of emails sent;
  • The click rate on your messages relaying the premium content offer;
  • The conversion rate of your landings pages;
  • The rate of clicks on the links inserted in your emails;
  • Adjust and correct targeting : to succeed your lead nurturing strategy, you have to deliver the right message, to the right target, at the right time. To do this, you must imperatively master the good editorial practices of your mailings. Customize them respectively by profile.