4 lessons of 'Content Marketing' to learn from 4 cult series 2020 -

All the ingredients for a good Content Marketing strategy are often used before our eyes in most of our favorite (US) series. The result is there, many of us are addicted! One of the reasons is that these series show us sometimes complex facets of our humanity that directly echo our experience. And today content marketing is based on a fairly similar form of authenticity. So that’s what 4 iconic series can teach us about how we design content. Small precision for fans of these series: this article does not contain a spoiler!

Impeccable quality

BBOKThis is the basis. Indeed, you will not deceive anyone on the goods. You have to bet on the quality of the content, like Walter White from the (best) Breaking bad series that reigns in its market with almost 100% pure “meth”.

Training & Co'm

Put the human resources and the necessary budget on the production of relevant content that highlights all your expertise. Attention, quality does not always mean quantity: better is 1 video of professional quality than 10 videos tinkered in a hurry which will have no impact and therefore no visibility. In addition to the intrinsic quality of the content, and to put the odds on your side, this excellence must exist in all aspects of the marketing actions linked to this content: design, promotion, dissemination…

“Kill” your hero

GOTOKEven excellent, your content has a limited lifespan. Make the most of it, get the most out of it, but keep in mind that sooner or later it will have to be adapted to a changing market: a new product range, a new version, new customers, rebranding…

George R. R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, against all odds, does not hesitate to remove Ned Stark from his series which nevertheless seemed to be the undisputed hero. So be sure to anticipate the content’s life (and death) cycle. Nothing worse than outdated, false, or outdated content that can harm your image. So be inventive, constantly develop new ideas, new formats … In short, constantly innovate.

Impossible to survive alone

TWDOKIn the famous “The Walking Dead”, the last survivors of the Apocalypse come together in a micro-society where everyone, with their assets, contributes to survival and the fight against zombies. In “Content Marketing”, it’s the same thing (well almost … :)). By that I mean that content production is not systematically the business of one and the same person (or service), isolated from the outside world, who designs and realizes the content in complete autarky. The creation can be entrusted to an agency, or co-produced with a partner, a client, etc. The main thing is that each stakeholder benefits. Some ideas: develop guest-blogging actions, solicit your best customers for testimonials, launch joint operations with a partner for the drafting of a white paper. So many different contact points which will also be useful for a wider dissemination of your content. In a hyper-connected world, surviving on your own is doomed to failure.

Everyone has a key role to play

TWOKTo dismantle the Baltimore drug network run by the Barksdale clan, each member of the drug team has a key role to play. Inspector Freamon analyzes the eavesdropping, Carver is in a hideout, Greggs questions his code, and Mac Nulty … drinks … :-). Copy this model on your content marketing device, because each content does not necessarily have the same objective. A downloadable white paper will allow you to collect leads, a corporate video will have an impact on your brand image, a webinar will educate your customers, etc. Define your objectives beforehand before launching into creation, by adapting each of your content to the different stages of conversion.