Mothers they teach us many things – basically we were not even born yet and they are there, taking care of us.

We were born, we grew up, we developed … all based on the teachings we received from them.

And, well: when you were a kid and did something wrong, your mother scolded you, right?

Sermons here, ear tugs there … we barely knew we were being prepared for life.

You grew up, went to college, and now you’ve become a salesman ready to put into practice what your mom taught you about sales.

We were very distracted drawing, or watching television, but sales lessons were being given – and you, in a way, absorbed that, you know?

But, don’t worry: we refresh your memory today.

We selected 4 sales lessons that our mothers unintentionally gave us (or not) throughout our lives.


So stay with us.

Good reading!

4 sales lessons that mothers have always given us

Sales lessons from mothers

It may have been difficult to admit when we were children, but the fact is that our mothers had a lot of wisdom to offer.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we will recall some valuable lessons that they shared (or still share) with us.

They are life teachings but they fit perfectly into the sales routine in companies.

They serve not only salespeople but also a sales manager who, like mothers, needs to take care of people.

Let’s check it out?

1 – You are not everyone

Who has never heard that expression, right? Your friends going to a party, outing, playing …

– “Everyone is going, mom”.

– “But you are not everyone”.

In sales, this applies perfectly. And in several situations – especially for those who apply benchmarking.

You analyze the competition and see that it works in a certain way. The other competitors too.

It may even make sense, at first, to repeat some strategies.

But is that differentiating? After all, you will be able to win customers and show your value when you “think outside the box” and execute ideas, right?

So, why be like everyone else?

Why have the same closed sales script, even handcrafted, that you already know.

Is this really what gives your potential customer “glue”?

To be differentiated is to experiment with negotiation techniques, to seek other ways on how to approach a customer, how to qualify him, how to achieve a sales closing.

Your mother was right, admit it.

2 – Money doesn’t grow on a tree

Sales lessons from mothers

Light on and no one in the room. TV on and no one watching … Then your mother lets go of that sentence:

– “Do you think that money comes from a tree?”

Yeah. You can’t. Have you ever tried to plant a coin and water it daily with all kindness? Not even a seedling was born.


So, if you already empirically know that money doesn’t work, why do you insist so much on a negotiation that doesn’t evolve.

Take a good look at the cost of acquisition (CAC) of this customer. Even if you fall short of your monthly goal (and that brings an emotional surcharge), you can’t keep pushing and forcing the sale.

It would have to be a really big account to be worth so much trading. But of course, we are not talking about giving up easily.

If you have a well-structured sales process, you know how many attempts you can make and how many follow-ups are needed before making a decision between freezing or giving up.

If you feel you are almost “pushing” the negotiation, freeze that opportunity.

Use your CRM feature and propose to the customer to call within a few months (don’t forget to set up an alert to notify you of the call when the time comes).


3 – This is not how it used to be

When looking for assistance for something your mother needs, it was common for example to pick up the phone and solve it – or else go to the place and look for a solution.

But technology has advanced and many people are unable to keep up with them, accept them or simply deal with them well.

So, when faced with an obstacle, it is possible for her to say that “something is not like it used to be”.

Whether this is true – for better or for worse – we don’t know. But the fact is, people were much more used to human contact.

Within a sales process, no matter how important the technology and digital transformation that companies must go through, nothing can replace customer service provided by one person.

Understand this and do not mechanize, for example, the time to qualify your leads.

It is important to have a person listen to the problems that the prospect has, understand their anxieties and even the intonation used by them.

All of this, moreover, serves as a mechanism to have greater persuasive power when actually selling.

So, be a little like the old days. Narrow this relationship with your leads. Speak with them. Listen to them.

This way, you can gain trust more quickly and deliver the value he needs to say “yes” to your offer.

Old is cool (sometimes)!

4 – Go greet the visitors!

Sales lessons from mothers

It could be that cousin chaaaaato. Or a friend of your mother who just kept saying “wow, how did you grow up”.

But the truth is, you had to greet the visitors. The famous (in some places in England) “make room”.

It was boring. Yes. We know. Passed on. But the teaching stayed.

Well, greet the visits, especially those that turn into your contact form asking for a quote, or with questions about your product or service.

And also those who apply in the trial within your site, obviously.

In sales, you need to approach the lead while it is still hot. While the pain remains alive and intense, and as long as he considers you as a solution.

So be agile when approaching who converts to your website or platform, especially who is SDR.

Take the approach, qualify the lead, understand your pain – and record everything in your CRM, of course, for the salesperson, at the time of the sales demonstration, to have all the crucial information.

So don’t be shy. Go say hi, go.

Bonus lesson: “you will still thank me someday”

And it wasn’t that he was right – just for a change: thank you very much! 🙂

So, how can we help you?

If you were in doubt about the article or want to share some other sales teaching, talk to a consultant today.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you perform better in daily sales.

The first talks about some important sales techniques for your company.

The second talks about different types of customers and how to sell to each one of them.

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