4 stories to sell on Instagram - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Instagram is making a great impression on social networks, attracting the attention of many users, and the most incredible thing is that just being a social network to upload photos, it has become the springboard of many new entrepreneurs.

Today we will show a technique widely used to sell on Instagram using stories, although it is important to remember how important it is not to fail potential customers and always be constant uploading content that catches the attention of the consumer.

This technique serves so that they can sell any type of product and / or service in this social network. If you do not have a product, you can sell someone’s, using affiliate marketing, such as Amazon, for example. Choose the product with which you feel most comfortable and start promoting it, that way you will generate commission income.

This strategy consists of 4 stories, and may vary if you want to add more parts, it all depends on your creativity, but the main column is the one we will show below:

The first story Try to present the opportunity of the product in the market. If our product, for example, is to sell exercise routines, the first thing that must be created is the need, so that the user is drawn to the product by showing him the opportunities he will have to improve his physique.

Remember that each story should only last a few seconds and have to get the attention of the consumer in that short time, so it is recommended that they be brief and accurate.

In the second story We must demonstrate and give value to our product, making it known to all interested customers. In this step you can also give advice, so they will show that they really know the subject

This is the most important story.If the consumer does not like what he sees, he will not follow the chain of stories.

In the third story We will use the tools that Instagram gives. In its latest updates this social network has helped many entrepreneurs with the question stickers with yes or no answers, or the sticker of what they think about what we post.

For example: here you can place, did you like the steps I just showed you? They will answer yes or no, so there will be interaction between the user and the seller.

And finally, the sales funnel. In this story we will have to specify the business by filling the sales cart. A clear example is to put in the story a message that says: “write to dm if you liked the message I just gave, that I have something incredible to show you.” In this way interested users will leave a message, and we can detail the product.

Source: Wwwhatsnew