No, professional blogging is not just for big fashion and cosmetic brands! Many business sectors are now integrating this communication and visibility lever into their digital strategy. However, some executives continue to ignore corporate blogging because it would not be suitable for their professional field. What if one of these 5 examples of professional blogs made you change your mind?

1. Zataz, the IT security blog

Zataz offers digital watch and IT security services to businesses. The professional blog of this company therefore naturally deals with all aspects of IT security, while highlighting its expertise in its slogan: “Since 1998, being informed is already secure”.

Zataz’s blog focuses on a sober and professional design, a vector of credibility. The “Breaking news” banner, however, introduces an interactive element in the presentation of this corporate blog, and contributes to improve user experience (by scrolling to the most recent information in real time on the home page).

Feed a professional blog: 26 questions and answers

src=”” sizes=”(max-width: 368px) 100vw, 368px” srcset=” 1200w,×157.png 300w,×314.png 600w,×236.png 450w,×402.png 768w,×536.png 1024w,×364.png 696w,×559.png 1068w,×420.png 803w” alt=”” width=”368″ height=”193″ />Are you about to start a professional blog for your company or have you just started? You may be asking yourself some questions such as: What is the optimal frequency of publication? How long should an item be?

Or again: how to plan the content of the blog? How do I know which subjects will attract my target customers? How long does it take to see results? What tone should you use?

Feeding a blog is more complex than it seems. This white paper provides a solid knowledge base that you can use to move forward with confidence.

2. EspritBois, the professional wooden house blog

EspritBois is a Charente-based manufacturer of wooden houses. This company is illustrated in particular by the establishment of a quality professional blog, resolutely customer-oriented.

There are thus many practical tips on financial aid granted for the construction of a wooden house, information on the manufacturer’s guarantees or even on the different stages of such construction.

Each blog post is designed to answer any questions that prospects may have of the company, in order to facilitate their conversion into customers.

3. La Poule à Pois, the blog of original games and toys

La Poule à Pois is an online store of wooden toys for adults and children. His tangy blog offers many buying guides for parents, reminders of game rules and zooms on certain flagship products.

The playful design of this professional blog is perfectly consistent with positioning and brand image La Poule à Pois, while providing real added value to customers and prospects of the company.

4. Envouthé, the tea news blog

Envouthé is a commercial site dedicated to the world of tea. His blog lists many practical tips and recipes for endlessly declining tea, as well as interviews with producers and studies demonstrating the benefits of this consumer product.

The sober and zen design of this corporate blog well reflects the values ​​of the online store, while creating a pleasant user experience.

5. Incenteev, the blog of commercial performance

Incenteev offers a complete CRM solution intended to boost the results of commercial organizations. This company has therefore bet on the format of the practical guide for its content strategy: each of its blog articles offers advice, methods and tips to sales managers.

This strategy allows him not only to highlight his product, but also to adopt a advisory and expert role with its main target.

More examples of professional blogs?

In this article you will discover 8 additional examples of professional blogs in fields as unusual as swimming pool installation, feminine hygiene and hairdressing.

And you, when will you offer a professional blog to your company?