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Teleworking, also known as home office, is the way of working in a place far from the office, from the headquarters that employs it. When we talk about salespeople, this is a modality that, with the help of technology, can go as smoothly as possible.

Working from home was often surrounded by mysteries. In some companies, even a taboo.

Employee productivity has always been on the agenda: is it possible to produce, have all the resources and do the same work that you would do in the office?

Teleworking in sales, however, thanks to technology, allows salespeople, from anywhere in the world, to perform their tasks in full.

More than that: managers maintain total control over the sector. That’s right: the physical absence in no way prevents the day-to-day work cannot be monitored.

But, how is this possible? Well, some strategies are necessary. But the first one is: having a complete CRM that helps you.

In it, you have features that allow productivity and control of teams and sales.

Want to know how?

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Sales telework: first of all, what is CRM?

sales telework

The first step in understanding how technology helps companies in teleworking sales is to know exactly what a CRM is.

More than that, understand the importance that digital transformation has within the sales process of any business.

Ah, teleworking, by the way, is regulated by law. It is common in the Covid-19 pandemic season, but it is a practice that may extend after it passes.

Yeah, well. CRM stands for: Customer Relationship Management. Translating freely from English: customer relationship management.

From this understanding, we started to have a slightly broader view of technology in the processes in companies.

After all, relating to customers is a basic thing that all companies need to do.

You can count on the fingers of one hand those segments that do not need this to be able to sell, right?

As fast as the connections and contacts with your prospects may be, it is essential to give them the necessary confidence during the purchase journey.

The relationship, by the way, is human nature. Since we were little we look for connections that make us comfortable and safe in different contexts.

And history shows that. We are only who we are and we are here because of our ability to relate and adapt.

So, in times of “forced” teleworking, this remains a truth and also a necessity.

5 CRM features that help sales telework

sales telework

CWT supports customers who need to use the tool in this home office period, which is practically mandatory due to the new coronavirus.

But, in truth, any time a sales team needs or wants to work remotely, it can – and without being deprived of anything.

The system is prepared – including with legal devices, to protect its customers from possible labor problems due to teleworking.

For you to better understand how CRM helps you, we have separated 5 characteristics / features that explain better.

Check out:

1- Rules of use times

sales telework

CWT has access control:

  • by users;
  • per day;
  • by time range.

This functionality prevents the use of the system at unauthorized times. That is, outside the working day.

This helps in controlling the schedules, respecting what was agreed in each employee’s employment contract.

Note: This option was restricted only to companies that acquired the Corporate Plans.

Because of the need for teleworking, it is free for all customers at no additional cost.

2 – Integrated email system

sales telework

CWT has integration with several email providers (national and international) through the SMTP method.

With this option, you send emails through CRM and ensure assertiveness in all stages of the sales funnel.

Be sure to take any important steps:

3 – Telephony integrated directly into web access

sales telework

Telephony functionality is native to CRM CWT. The system has a webphone and voIP / SIP integrations.

They are fully integrated into the system, which makes tasks within the sales routine much more practical.

With this functionality, the sales team, the SDR team and everyone who uses CRM can continue to operate remotely in their telework.

The entire structure is at your disposal so that no one fails to carry out any programmed activity in any of the stages of the funnel.

Pipeline management continues smoothly, as if you were working at the company’s headquarters.

It is important to say that CWT has several integrated and approved partners that work in the internet telephony infrastructure.

Note: This option was restricted only to companies that acquired the Corporate Plans.

Because of the need for teleworking, it is free for all customers at no additional cost.

sales telework

4 – Account reservation rule (external salespeople, channels, partners, remote employees)

CWT has an account servant system by CNPJ, with official data validation at the IRS.

This helps with sales management and the opportunities that each person on the sales team has at hand.

You can take advantage of reports with alerts and restrictions for not including opportunities for reserved customers.

There is also the restriction of access by teams, groups and user profiles.

Within that, it is possible to have:

  • data visibility;
  • opportunities;
  • companies;
  • contact people;
  • restricted proposals;
  • control and visibility of operations by teams with leaders and groups for directors.

These items make it possible for several people to operate the CRM during their teleworking.

All of this without generating any complications of regionalized sales, by micro-regions, cities or even by accounts and / or customers.

Note: This option was restricted only to companies that acquired the Corporate Plans.

Because of the need for teleworking, it is free for all customers at no additional cost.

5 – Loading the pages

sales telework

As with any cloud-based SaaS system, an internet connection is required to perform all sales activities.

In the case of CWT, as it is a modern system, with optimized pages and high processing capacity, the internet bandwidth consumption is low.

This, we know well, is one of the most sensitive items for those who do teleworking.

Therefore, the system helps you perform your work as if you were in the office, without any loss.

Sales telework: the focus is on customers, always

sales telework

You have certainly heard that phrase (which is also a cliché), that the “first impression” is what remains, right?

In sales, whether in the office or in telework, it is a truth that is very difficult to counter.

From the first contact that the potential customer has with the company, it is necessary that it conveys an image of trust.

When we talk about selling, building trust, and delighting, we need to understand that CRM is essential to:

If you achieve this, whether in the office or telecommuting, you will be able to improve your business results at all times.

Have precise management and people focused on the client: to serve you well at all opportunities.

So, how can we help you?

If you were unsure about the article or want to know more about how CRM helps companies in teleworking sales, talk to a consultant.

Enjoy and read two articles that show you the importance of technology in the business process.

The first talks about how to increase sales with the integration between marketing and CRM.

The second talks about the importance of having accurate sales metrics in your business.

Good sales!

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