5 Ideas to renew your Website - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
Do you want to surprise your customers in a quick way that attracts attention immediately?
We teach you how to renew your website with these infallible tips!

1. Modify your website template and make a radical change

This is undoubtedly the fastest way to get deep changes to your site. Choosing another web template in CWT Advertising allows you to completely alter the aesthetics, without any impact on the contents or the functionality implemented. You can make this change permanently, or for a certain period, for example on a special occasion or holiday, choosing a design according to the date.

We recommend that you use CoverPage (Cover) designs, one of the predominant trends in web aesthetics, which include a large top image on the home page.

2. Add a video background and captivate your users

Have you made a video for your brand that makes you proud? Do you love a video uploaded to YouTube for your website? Does one of your suppliers or partners have excellent material that you would like to show your visitors?

If you reflect in any of these three situations, we recommend that you include videos on your website. In CWT Advertising you can do it as a background, or accompanying a specific section of any page.

3. Change the typography and convey new emotions

Do you find it monotonous to display your texts always with the same classic typefaces? Modifying the fonts, either on a complete page, or in a particular phrase, is a simple way to convey values ​​and emotions on your institutional website.

You can choose between multiple typefaces, such as the carefree style of “Indie Flower”, for the handwriting of “Pacifico” that is inspired by the culture of surfing, or also for “Montserrat”, whose muse is the Barrio de Buenos Aires of the same name, and that rescue the beauty of urban typography from the first half of the 20th century.

indie flower font how is it

4. Includes 3D Transitions and generates more contacts

This is a great alternative to make an excellent impression on your visitors, in addition to multiplying the possibilities of obtaining new contacts or budgets, since you can include different calls to action in this striking space.


5. Apply Instagram filters, and beautify your brand

Applying these effects, you will be able to make your website stand out with surprising professional quality endings that will contribute to increase the time of permanence of your users on your page.