5 innovative solutions to boost your organic reach on Facebook 2020 -

With the new Facebook algorithm update, many are wondering if it’s still worth having a Facebook page. After all, the average organic reach of a Facebook page is well below 5%. This drop in organic reach is not recent at all when you think about it. In fact, it has been going on for years …

Since 2012 (6 years ago already), the organic reach of Pages has been in free fall. See for yourself:

Facebook encouraged you to create a Business Page and make it grow over time in order to “create a committed community”.

But in recent months, Facebook has decided to prioritize (even more) the publication of profiles to the detriment of those of Pages.

Obviously, Facebook is gradually “forcing” brands to pay to be visible.

If you’ve had a Facebook page for several years, you must have it bad.

Fortunately, there are (still) strategies for get good organic reach (well above 10%).

These strategies are not yet all well known.

Some require effort and others require you to step out of your comfort zone, but I can assure you that they make a difference in the medium and long term.

1) Create a video from a blog post

There was a time when you could share a blog post (link in Facebook) and get dozens of clicks for free.

Now it doesn’t really work anymore. You have to sponsor such publications to get the correct number of clicks.

On the other hand, I found that what is currently working is to take the key points of a blog article and make it an animated video:

  • Article teaser;
  • A little longer video with details.

The teaser consists of taking the different parts of your article and making it an animated video with images or video clips.

The goal is to encourage the person to click on the link in the description (or in a comment – you see).

This is what I do more and more regularly on my Facebook page rather than just sharing the link of my article.

You can then put a link to your blog article in comments or description.

It’s a more interesting way to do it than just posting your article link.

Plus, just watching the video teaches your fans something. In any case, they are winners!

The other way is to resume the content of the condensed article and present it in a video composed mostly of text, as Buffer does.

The video will be longer and this time you won’t even have to put a link to the article.

To create this type of video, I recommend 2 software that I tested and approved:

Both are interesting.

I recommend a little more Animoto because it’s also useful for creating promotional videos for social ads.

Some tips if you decide to create this type of videos:

  • Make short videos (max. 60 seconds)
  • Attract theBe careful from the first 3 seconds
  • Go straight to the message and shoot your video like a short story (when you can)
  • Prefer the square format. The square format takes 78% more space in the mobile news feed than on the desktop. So you have the full attention of the person

2) Refine the potential audience of your publications

Since 2015, Facebook has offered businesses the opportunity to target their organic publications.

This allows you to narrow your audience and target the right people, even for organic publication.

Facebook has promised better reach companies that use this feature, so you might as well test it.

Originally, the feature was only available for Pages with more than 5,000 fans, but since then has changed.

You can activate it by going to your page settings.

Here’s how.

First, go to your Page settings and look for the “News Feed Audience and Post Visibility” option.

Click on “modify” and simply activate the functionality by checking the box.

Then you just have to target your next posts.

If you are not convinced, think again about Facebook advertising, which allows you to obtain ultra-precise targeting. Only you have to pay to take advantage of this targeting.

Here it’s free.

Also, think a little about your fans. They are not all the same as robots!

They do not all have the same interests.

I give you an example.

You market clothing for men and women.

It makes sense that you were not going to address men the same way as women.

If you post a Facebook post that is only for men, you make sure that only men will actually see this post in their news feed.

You increase your chances of obtaining maximum organic engagement since the relevance of this publication will be higher (you are targeting only men).

The segmentation options that Facebook offers you are quite interesting:

  • Age ;
  • Gender;
  • Region ;
  • Relationship Status ;
  • Language ;
  • Level of education ;
  • Hobbies.

On this last point, one would think that a blog like CWT Advertising & Co’m which deals with several subjects (SEO, social networks, ecommerce, blogging, growth hacking,…) would have everything to gain from adapting the targeting of its publications organic.

For example, targeting only people who are interested in SEO, when a new article on the subject is shared on the Page.

3) Create a Live show

Many companies and media appear to be successful with live Facebook.

Sources say Live videos are watched 3x longer than pre-recorded videos.

Lives generate 10x more comments than pre-recorded videos.

In addition, Mark Zuckerberg warned us a month ago by announcing the update of the algorithm:

These are the publications that generate long comments and thoughts which will be given an organic boost.

Creating a Live broadcast is therefore a solution to take into account to take the engagement of your Page to a whole new level.

Catherine Daar does that very well with her weekly show where she comments on digital news.

You know it as well as I do, digital is changing all the time, every week!

For your Live to be successful, you need to find a topic that interests your audience (why not ask them through a survey?) and find the right time (What day? What time?).

Find more ideas for your Facebook Lives in this blog post that explains how to animate a Facebook Page.

4) Create a “see page first” video

With the new Facebook algorithm update announced in late January, big names in the industry (Hubspot, Hootsuite, etc.) have suggested an interesting strategy to make sure they stay visible.

Ask fans of a Page to select the “see first” option in the news feed.

You may not have known, but Facebook lets you select the Pages for which you want to see their new content first in your news feed.

I heard that you could only do this for 5 pages only, but I couldn’t do the verification.

Regardless, Eurosport has applied this advice very well by pinning this publication at the top of their journal.

On my Page, I did even better.

I created a video that explains step by step how to activate this feature!

Obviously, you can sponsor this video to fans of your Page and exclude from your targeting people who have already seen the video until the end.

With just a few clicks, it’s done.

Boost this same post once a week to fans of your Page.

Always give your fans a good reason to activate this option, it could be to stay aware of:

  • Your news
  • Your weekly advice
  • Your promotions
  • Etc.

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5) Boost your best publications

My last advice is to boost your best publications.

Facebook is gradually becoming a paid platform for businesses.

We are not going to lie.

The strategies that I presented to you first are interesting for taking advantage of “organic Facebook”, but currently there is nothing better than the publication booster.

The first reason that makes me say it loud and clear is simply that Facebook puts more emphasis on Pages that spend money on advertising!

Yes, you read correctly.

Boosting your posts shows your seriousness as a business to Facebook and you will be rewarded with better organic reach.

This is not the only reason that urges you to boost your publications.

By boosting your best posts, you’ll get even more interaction with your existing posts.

Good news, Facebook’s algorithm look again and again at previous interactions with your fans to show off your next posts in their news feed.

Now, you may be wondering how to boost a publication AND which targeting to choose?

To boost a publication, it’s quite simple.

Click the “boost post” button just below a post.

Let’s move on to targeting. Be very careful on this point because your targeting has a direct influence on the cost of your Facebook ads.

Favor a “warmed up” audience to have a lower cost per engagement on the publication, I recommend these 2 audiences:

  • Fans of your Page : to hire them even more!
  • People who interacted with your Page, but haven’t yet become fans of your Page. If they have interacted once, chances are they will interact a second time.

To create the second audience, go to the ad manager and choose the “create an audience” option and then press “personalized audience”.

After clicking on “create a personalized audience”, click on “Interactions” and finally “Facebook page”.

In this way, you will be able to create an audience bringing together all the people who have interacted with your Facebook Page (you choose the duration yourself).

All you have to do is use the personalized audience you have just created in the selected audience to boost your publication.

Some advice if you decide to boost your publications:

1) Boost only the best publications. By that I mean you are not going to pay for a publication that has had no organic success. She won’t get much more even if you pay!

2) Invite people who have interacted with your boosted post. To do this, click on the link below the post to view the profiles of people who liked your post.

You will then see this window appear.

Click “invite” to make these people like your Page.

From my experience, 1 in 5 people will respond to this invitation. And the faster you are, the better your results will be!

3) Allocate your budget depending on the size of the audience. The larger the audience, the larger the budget you will need to allocate.


There are more than 1.4 billion active daily users on Facebook. Thousands of content are published every minute.

It is normal for Facebook to try to show interesting and relevant publications for its users.

So yes, it’s true:

These are just the rules of the game.

Accept them if you still want to stay in the race.

Post more videos by turning your blog posts into video mini-clips or launch your own Live show to follow the trend.

Refine the audience of posts that will not be relevant to some of your Page fans.

Do not hesitate to invest a few euros to boost the best publications on your Page.

If you want to go further and learn the new rules of Facebook marketing, I invite you to download and read my free guide on the Facebook marketing.

I explain in detail how the “new” Facebook algorithm works (since the recent update) and I give you the strategies to adopt to remain visible on the social network in 2018.