5 key steps to make a product or service addictive -

To know how to make your product or service addictive, you just need to take inspiration from the marketing practices used by the marketing giants to master the art of making a product or service addictive. In this article we are going to discover together what are the steps to put in place to succeed in your communication …

  • Find a profitable product;
  • Create a brand image around the product;
  • Choose a communication channel;
  • Create social proof;
  • Have good after-sales service.

Find a profitable product

This step is arguably the most important and the one that takes the most time. Indeed, product research is the fundamental element for selling on the internet. To succeed in find your winning product (including physical and digital products), simply ask yourself the following questions:

Is there demand for this product?

Does my product meet an existing need on the market?

Is there competition for this product?

The offer must match the demand of the existing market, make sure that your product is sought after by an audience and draw inspiration from the competition to adopt an effective marketing approach to stand out in this existing market. How exactly to stand out from the competition on the internet?

Create a brand image around the product

It is proven that 8 out of 10 buyers make a purchase emotionally, not rationally. It simply means that the presentation of your product or service must capture the attention and seduce your audience. Everyone wants to have a sense of belonging to some brand or some entity.

If you are doing e-commerce in 2021, you must bet on branding or brand creation, the goal here being to create a particular identity around your product and the values ​​it communicates. This principle also applies for infopreneurs (sale of online training), although the content of the training is of quality, an infopreneur less experienced on the subject will have a better chance of succeeding on the internet by applying the principles set out in this article.

It is thanks to branding that you will be able to create a long-term relationship with your customers by bringing added value to your product or service. Large successful companies like Coca Cola or Amazon have applied this principle and are recovering the largest market shares in their sector of activity.

Choose a communication channel

The choice of your communication channel or traffic source depends mainly on the product you want to sell, for example if you sell house items (home and garden decoration), the most interesting source of traffic is Pinterest. If you are an infopreneur in digital marketing, the source of traffic adapted to your audience is YouTube and Webmarketing & Co’m.

If you have the right product and you’re presenting it to the right audience using the right source of traffic, that means you’ve already taken the necessary steps to successfully sell on the internet. The choice of your traffic source will also depend on your budget and your communication strategy and your marketing expectations, for example advertising on Facebook is less expensive than advertising on Instagram.

Create social proof

One of the factors that influences the failure of many e-marketers is to take shortcuts in their communication strategy. Social proof (Social proof) is a very powerful marketing argument, but neglected and little known to the general public. This strategy consists of setting up trust indicators to make your product credible to your audience.

A shop full of people is 10x more likely to attract buyers compared to an empty shop, even if the latter offers quality items, this is explained by human psychology, the human brain is programmed in such a way that we are drawn to what attracts a large audience.

To implement this strategy in your communication, you must focus on all the aspects that can attract the notoriety of your product such as having a Facebook or Instagram page with more interaction (Likes, comments, shares…); Have a visible YouTube channel (number of subscribers; lots of views and comments).

For those who do e-commerce, you can add appearances of your product on popular platforms such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, “elected product of the year” contests or by making partnerships with personalities public for the promotion of your product or service.

Have good after-sales service

After-sales service is a step that is often overlooked or taken out of the equation. The goal isn’t just to make a sale and move on, but rather to retain buyers by further enticing them to purchase your products or training updates.

How it works ?

For those who are e-commerce, you can offer free delivery of your products. The refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product or recommend a similar product to your customer. Remember, it’s the little details that will make all the difference between your products and the competition.

For infopreneurs, you can also offer reimbursement if a member is not satisfied with the content of your training. You can offer future training updates for free and support support to meet the needs of training members.

All these small steps will allow you to get closer to your audience, to retain them and to make them addicted to your product or service.