5 Keys to a Successful Article 2020 -

We are witnessing a completely astounding phenomenon: the generation of millennials (Generation Y) represents a demographic group larger than those which preceded them. As a result, it becomes the priority target for marketing professionals …

At the same time, the advent of the Internet and social media has completely transformed the face of marketing. To hope to break through, you must now be trendy and create buzz to get a small fraction of the attention of this generation.

Because it must be said, millennials are hyperactive: assailed on all sides by the numerous advertising stimuli and the gargantuan amount of information which is projected on their screens, they become more quickly insensitive to traditional strategies than their parents. Writing content for this audience therefore requires a lot of discernment and a good understanding of their reality. Here is a short guide to make your task easier when you create content for the millennial generation.

Be trendy, without being caricatured

The virality of the web is a great way to capture their attention. However, you will need to exercise good judgment and discernment. The Internet is traveling at breakneck speed, and for someone who is not fully aware of what is going on on different platforms, it can be difficult to follow this TGV. The use of memes and references that make the buzz can be a double-edged sword. This can attract praise for your knowledge of the environment, such as making you look like a completely out of phase brand.

Be concise

As I mentioned above, millennials are notorious for getting from one topic or interest to another very quickly. That’s why your text should be no more than 800 words. Content that reads – and shares – quickly, this is what you need

Adopt a familiar tone

Depending on the subject of your article or your text, it might be better to adopt a familiar tone. Texts with impersonal appearances are not popular with millennials since they do not feel challenged. One of the important facets of this generation is the emphasis they put on their individuality. So you absolutely must talk to them directly to them so thatthey consider themselves the unique correspondent of your article.

Address key topics showcasing values ​​close to their own

The content you write must imperatively reflect some of the values ​​that this generation has at heart. Based on egalitarianism in all directions: as much on a gender level as on that of cultural and sexual identity. Also, millennials are very concerned with environmental and humanitarian issues.

However, it is not enough to instrumentalize these values ​​for the target audience to accept your content. On the contrary, they will soon realize this deception. Be authentic ! Rather, try to approach these issues in an organic, natural way.

Interactivity: social networks and influencers

Being THE most technological generation to date, millennials have a very deep relationship with the web and IT tools. Your text must first be engaging, that it requires interaction with readers, whether in relation to comments, a survey or sharing. Secondly, get to know the different influencers in your field or your subject. Millennials are very sensitive to this type of sharing and see these people as markers of trust.


The principle behind writing for millennials is the same as for all audiences: respect. If you manage to grasp the reality of this generation and this shows through in your content, without arrogance, without caricature, you will be able to hang them.