Twitter is an opportunity for entrepreneurs. This social network can play an important role in the communication strategy of a start-up …

Beyond being a source of information for your business (sectoral, technological and competitive watch etc.), this space allows you to present your products or services, enhance your expertise as well as to exchange with your customers, prospects and contributors potential. Clearly, Twitter can be a powerful tool to present and promote your business if you use it well …

Here are 5 mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid making on Twitter to improve their visibility and notoriety.

1) Misuse of hashtags

Using a hashtag (highlighting content with a keyword, marked with the pound symbol “#”) allows better targeting and more engagement with your subscribers or future customers, it is still necessary to choose them and use them correctly.

Hashtags can be keywords which enhance your offer. For example, if you run a jewelry store in Lyon, it would be interesting to use the hashtags #bijoux #solde #Lyon to arouse the interest of people interested in this publication. Limit yourself to 3 hashtags per post.

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In conclusion, your hashtags must be easy to remember, succinct, coherent for your target and unique (they represent you).

You can use the Twitter search engine to check the availability of hashtags, see which ones exist and use tools to analyze them (example: hashtagify).

2) Do not use the @ mention to your advantage

The at sign “@” Allows you to quote another user with a double effect:

If your tweet starts with the mention the reference @, it will not necessarily be present in the list of all your followers. This will not pollute the list of your subscribers when you engage in conversations. However, using a character (example: period) before the @ bypasses this rule.

The @ therefore allowsinteract with your subscribers.

3) Do not take advantage of the media on twitter


Tweets containing photos get 3 times more engagement than tweets that only contain text. Images on Twitter have many advantages:


Twitter allows you to share your own videos directly from the mobile app.

March 26, Twitter launched Periscope, an application that allows you to broadcast live videos from your smartphone to destinations around the world. It is possible to make these videos available for replay for 24 hours after their live broadcast.

When it comes to sharing videos on Twitter, do not try to show off at all costs, there must be a goal behind the content broadcast.

4) Retweet anything and everything

You have to be logical and consistent in your approach. Retweet a publication putting forward your political ideas is not necessarily wise when promoting your business. Know how to distinction between your personal ideas and your business. For your business account, rather bet on content related to your activity, even if the link is not necessarily obvious it must exist (article concerning your sector of activity, news which highlights the values ​​of the company etc. ). Be creative.

5) Be self-centered: the boss on Twitter: it’s me! (Is that so ? …)

You feel powerful and for good reason: you got 10 retweets today, positive feedback and earn new followers. Be careful, nothing is ever taken for granted! Tomorrow you can lose 10 subscribers, flop with a tweet, and receive negative comments and negative comments.

Feel free to meet your subscriberss: find out who they are look at their profile, respond to their comments, congratulate them for the mentions and retweets. Show them some consideration. Your wall may seem solid, but know that it does not build in a day, you are not alone on Twitter, each follower brings his stone to the building.


As an entrepreneur, promoting your business is essential. Adopt from the start a coherent and authentic strategy on Twitter, this will help you maximize positive feedback. Avoid committing the aforementioned mistakes and your involvement can only be rewarded!

Image source: Shutterstock