5 mistakes you shouldn't make in Google Adwords - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
Adwords, the advertising system of Google, is an excellent option to place your brand in the first search engine results. Well used, you will ensure that users who need your products and services quickly locate your company, and go to your website to perform actions on it, such as buying, registering or requesting a quote. But in the case that you do not execute it effectively, you will run the risk that your campaign will bring you waste of money and very few conversions. In CWT Advertising We tell you 5 of the most common mistakes we have seen in Search Network campaigns (Google search engine), so you can learn from the experiences of others and optimize your advertising account.

1. Do not define concordance exactly

To advertise on Google, you must choose the keywords for which you want to appear, such as: motorcycle insurance.

Now, the agreement you choose will allow you to also appear for “motorcycle insurance in Córdoba”, “which is the best motorcycle insurance”, “motorcycle policy”. Although you could also appear for “safe motorcycle handling”, “motorcycle insurance in San Luis” (where you do not market), “the worst motorcycle insurance”, or “reliable motorcycles”

To help you with the topic, we recommend this video from Google where it clearly explains all the matching options you have available.

2. Do not implement negative keywords

This point is closely related to the previous one. In Adwords you can choose which user searches you do not want your ads to appear, and do not spend money that will not bring you results. As we explained, if you don’t have an office in the province of San Luis, you can add “San Luis” as a negative word. And related to the agreement, the broader it is, the more likely you have to add more keywords to avoid.

On the other hand, there is a list of negative words that in most cases it is good to include, like “free”, “free”, “free of charge”, “free of charge”, and in many cases you may be interested in “cheap ”,“ Economic ”, etc.

3. Do not implement extensions.

Make different searches on Google about keywords that often have many ads, and see the results, and that different are seen with each other.

In our case, to exemplify we have searched “SEO software”. Look carefully at the image

seo software

Note that not all ads have the same number of lines. This is because they have used different extensions.

  • RankingCoach.com shows a “valuation extension”
  • Semrush.com a “featured text extension”
  • and Webceo.com, an “extension of site links”

These are just some of the possible extensions, there are also location, review, or prices. Implementing this functionality will allow your ad to stand out more than those of your competitors, more likely to get clicks.

4. Do not integrate with Google Analytics

Google allows you to integrate Adwords information with Analytics. For what? – you will ask yourself. Think about it for a few seconds:

In Adwords you know clicks, cost, impressions, or CTR.

In Analytics you know the time of permanence of the users, or the% of rebound.

Integrating them will allow you to have this unified information! For example, knowing which “keyword” means that users stay longer on your website, very valuable information to optimize your campaigns.

5. Gather campaigns from different countries

This may not necessarily be a mistake, but in many cases it is. Imagine that you want to advertise in Colombia, the United States, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. But you know clearly what% of your budget you want to provide to each country. If you carry out a single campaign, the creation will be much easier, but you will have left the choice of how the money will be distributed to Google. On the other hand, if you want it to depend on you, we recommend that you assign the corresponding to each place with independent campaigns with your own budget.

This is somehow the final message of this article. Google Adwords is really excellent. But we advise you to carry out your campaign in such a way that most of the decisions go through you, and minimize or restrict those that Google makes on its own, since it will never understand the business as well as you. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you choose a trained Agency, so that it can pursue your goals with excellence and keep you informed of the progress.