5 reasons to bet on retargeting 2020 Guide -

For a company whose products or services are aimed at the general public, Facebook advertising is for many an effective acquisition lever allowing it to reach a specific audience, present its offers and find new customers …

But for a B2B company, Facebook’s advertising opportunities are much more skeptical. Which can obviously be understood, Facebook being a personal social network rather than a professional one.

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But Facebook’s advertising opportunities are far from inconsistent for a B2B business. In fact, according to Social Media Examiner, 65% of marketing managers in a B2B company use or will use Facebook advertising. And if so many B2B companies invest in this lever, it is because there are necessarily good opportunities to bet on.

We are not going to list all the opportunities here but focus on retargeting. We will see why retargeting should be your priority if you are a B2B company and want to launch your first Facebook Ads campaign.

Reason 1: Target a qualified audience

When advertising on Facebook, you have the choice of addressing two types of audience:

  • Cold audiences → These are people who have not yet shown an interest in your business. The goal is then to reach these cold audiences for the first time to give visibility to your business and capture an interest in your offers and expertise;
  • Personalized audiences → These are people who have already interacted with your company. These people already know you. And we can legitimately think that if someone has recently visited your website or interacts with your latest publications, it is that they have minimal interest in what you offer.

It is these personalized audiences that will allow you to set up a retargeting strategy. And you can create these audiences from:

  • Visitors to your website → For this, you must have installed the Facebook Pixel on your site (if this is not the case, I advise you to do so as soon as possible and you can find out more about installing the Pixel by consulting this article) . And this pixel will allow you to broadcast your advertisements to those who have taken the time to learn about your site. You can also personalize your communication by playing on the pages viewed, the last visit (knowing that the pixel accumulates data over 180 days), the duration of the visit …;
  • From your CRM data → From your data (emails, phone, name, etc.), you can match profiles and broadcast Facebook ads to your prospects and customers. (Attention, I advise you to ensure that the data collected can be used in compliance with the RGPD regulations);
  • Users of your mobile application → As for your website, you can install the SDK on your application, which will allow you to create an audience with the users of your application;
  • Video views → If you are used to posting videos on your Facebook page and / or your Instagram profile highlighting your customers, your services and products or more generally your business, you can target those who have taken the time to watch them;
  • Facebook and Instagram interactions → Create an audience of people who follow your Facebook page or Instagram profile, who “liked” or commented on your latest publications…

To learn more about this, you can consult this article: Facebook Ads audiences, how to reach your target?

Reason 2: Reward your efforts

If custom audiences allow you to focus your efforts on qualified audiences, they will also allow you to reward your marketing efforts.

As a B2B company, you already have to spend budget and energy on:

  • Other acquisition levers like Google Ads or Linkedin Ads;
  • Your community management;
  • Your natural referencing;
  • Highlighting your expertise via a blog;
  • The dissemination of press releases;
  • More traditional advertising placements such as the press, TV or radio;

All these efforts allow you today to give visibility to your business but also to capture traffic on your website.

And these efforts that you have implemented to increase your traffic, you can give them a “follow-up” with retargeting and Facebook advertising.

This is only a short analysis but illustrates quite well the type of approach to put in place:

Step 1 : Hubspot Attracts Qualified Traffic By Targeting Google For “CRM Software”

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2nd step : With retargeting, Hubspot can continue to communicate with those who have not finalized a registration by trying to convince them with another message and other arguments with a Facebook advertisement.

Facebook ads b2b why

Reason 3: Control your budget

The custom audiences we use to retarget are therefore qualified audiences. But depending on the traffic on your website, your CRM data and your Facebook and Instagram interactions, these audiences are often more or less small.

And of course, the budget you will need to spend to reach a small audience will be much less than the budget you will need to spend to capture the interest of a cold audience.

Retargeting on Facebook therefore allows you to limit your advertising expenses and focus them on a qualified audience.

Reason 4: Intervene at each stage of the purchasing process

In B2B, the people you have to convince are professionals, who have a budget and who have to make sure that each of their expenses is useful. Purchasing decisions generally involve significant investments and careful thought. The decision phases can therefore be long and span several months.

A professional will not only learn about your business, he will also take the time to study the offers of your competitors.

And if you’ve managed to get the attention of a professional for your business, retargeting on Facebook can tip the scales on the right side. With an inbound marketing and lead nurturing strategy in place, thanks to retargeting, you can intervene at each stage of the decision process and deliver the right message at the right time.

Reason 5: Seize cross-selling and upselling opportunities

As we have seen, retargeting allows you to distribute your advertisements to people who have shown an interest in your products and services. But retargeting will not only allow you to find new customers, you will also be able to continue to communicate with those who already trust you. By creating audiences corresponding to your customers using your pixel, SDK or your CRM data, you will be able to highlight products and services for which they are not yet customers.


As a B2B company, you may never have run a campaign on Facebook Ads. Yet the opportunities are numerous. But if you want to get started, I advise you to start by implementing a retargeting strategy because this will allow you to:

  • Target a qualified audience;
  • Reward your efforts;
  • Control your budget;
  • Intervene at each stage of the purchasing process;
  • Seize cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

However, be careful. Because a good retargeting strategy must be executed with finesse and control. If your campaign is set up incorrectly, you risk annoying your audience with a message that is too repetitive or running advertisements to the wrong people at the wrong time.