5 reasons to manage sales through CRM 2020 -

A sales teleworker is a professional who acts as a salesperson – or pre-salesperson – remotely, from home. That is, he is not physically in the company. However, he should not stop having resources and tools at his side. And CRM is the main ally in this mission.

Whether from home or office, without a doubt, salespeople and companies want to increase their sales, right?

They want to positively impact more and more customers, generate value and, of course, have good results from that.

The sales teleworker obviously fits that reality.

And when you have a CRM as an ally, the task is much easier. In fact, it becomes possible.

A very different scenario from those who still insist on managing their sales through spreadsheets.

The distance requires even more organization of companies to remain relevant, competitive and growing.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to clarify and be didactic about what benefits a sales software brings to companies and, obviously, to sales teleworkers.

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First of all, what is CRM and why does the sales teleworker need it?

Sales teleworker

Before we understand the benefits that CRM brings to sales teleworkers and companies, we need to take a few steps back.

CRM, in English, means “Customer Relationship Management”. In a free translation: “customer relationship management”.

In order to have a positive relationship with its customers, it is essential that companies therefore go through the digital transformation of the sales process.

It is, without a doubt, one of the main tools for home office sales that anyone can have.

With CRM, you have a system that includes:

  • actions;
  • analyze;
  • strategies;
  • management;
  • policies.

All of this acts to better organize the sales routine and assert assertiveness in all stages of the process.

The focus on the customer is, without a doubt, one of the main points of attention that the teleworker has.

Especially because, you can count on your fingers the segments that do not need to have a lasting and positive relationship with their consumers.

This is a decisive element for the potential customer to choose your company – not the competition.

5 reasons why teleworkers sell through CRM

Sales teleworker

The sales teleworker, when working with a CRM, has all the conditions to attract, relate, delight, sell and retain customers.

We will talk, in this topic, about the benefits that a sales system brings in the day to day telework.

But, at the same time, we will address the features that provide these advantages.

In this way, you will have a global view on how the software works and what it can bring gains for everyone – salespeople and companies.


1 – Centralized customer and contact information

A successful salesperson is, above all, organized. And a CRM provides this organization at all times, especially with the customer portfolio.

And here, we are not even talking about the fact that I can, by hand, record any contact that you got from an event, for example.

A good system has integrations with the main marketing automation platforms.

What does that mean?

Well, all leads from your marketing strategies automatically appear in the funnel you’ve set up.

In most cases, in the pre-sale for the SDR qualify them. But, of course: it all depends on how your sales process is structured.

Ah! You achieve this through the automatic actions that CRM has.

In other words: a person registered interest on your site for a trial period, asked to speak to a specialist or asked for a quote, for example, two things happen:

  1. An opportunity is opened, with the data provided, in the programmed funnel;
  2. The customer is registered within the system and keeps the name, email, segment, position and other data stored.

This makes the job of finding your buyers and potential buyers much easier.

In this way the teleworker is able to not only organize customers but also have them centralized and available to apply the sales methodology that makes the most sense for each type of customer.

2 – Vision about sales opportunities

Another important factor that helps the teleworker’s routine is the fact that he can see all the sales opportunities he has – and their status.

In addition to being able to create several types of funnel – which makes the process more complete and detailed – the fact that the pipeline is in the kanban model facilitates visualization.

You divide each action in the process into stages and you can see, in the card’s thumbnail, the main information about each opportunity.

This makes your decision-making more agile and saves you from having to search for long time for simple information like prospect’s name, negotiated value, etc.

On top of that, by having several funnels, you can follow the opportunity at all times from the time you are involved with it.

So, for example. For those companies that work with technical pre-sales, after the salesperson negotiates with the customer, it’s time to adjust the scope of the project.

The sales teleworker is able to view the status of the opportunity and see its evolution until the sale is, in fact, consummated. That is, payment occurs.

3 – Agility to make contacts and activities

Sales teleworker

Here, we enter two more features of CRM: integrations and automatic actions.

They streamline any and all activities that the teleworker needs to do.

And, in addition, there is the fact of having templates for: emails, commercial proposal and contracts.

So, think about the following scenario. The lead converts to your website’s form asking for a quote.

The following automatic actions run, there are 3:

  1. customer registration in the portfolio;
  2. opportunity opened in the first stage of the specific funnel;
  3. alert to make a call to that prospect.

All of this in a matter of seconds.

Well, you call from your integrated webphone (that is, from within the opportunity) and talk to the prospective buyer.

If he gives the go-ahead asking for a quote for your product or service, you drag it to the next step.

This will trigger an automatic action that will send a proposal (created with your templates) to the client through an email – also created in your template.

Easy right? All with one click, with the simple drag of the opportunity card to another stage of the funnel.

And this operation, this way of acting, is replicated in other stages and activities necessary within the sales routine.

4 – Increase in sales and teleworker commission

Look at the example we gave in the previous benefit.

Do you notice the agility in all this? Do you realize how many more opportunities a day you will be able to work?

And do you realize how much this can result in more closed deals and, consequently, more sales commission for the teleworker?

You did it all from home, without having to be in the office, without having to visit the client.

Thus, the inside sales model is so efficient, when it is supported by the technology of a CRM.

By spending less time to do bureaucratic tasks such as registering customers, filling proposals, writing emails, you can deal with more opportunities and in a much more positive and constructive way.

You can have time and patience to focus on business. To be didactic in your contact with the customer and show the value of the product or service you sell.

It is in this way – and only in this way – that you pave the way to gain your confidence and delight you with your solution.

5 – Performance reports

Sales teleworker

No process is 100% ready. And even if you think about it, customer requirements change. It increases.

The focus and the need are constantly evolving. That is why it is so important to be aware of sales performance.

Whether from the teleworker individually, or from the team. In CRM, you get complete reports.

See the conversion rate for each stage of the funnel, have the sales forecast based on your earnings history at each stage, in addition to, of course, measuring performance by type of customer, product, among others.

This way you will know exactly what is going well and what is lacking and you will have information to correct, almost in real time, the defects in your process.

So, how can we help you?

If you have any questions or want to know more about how CRM helps sales teleworkers, talk to a consultant right now.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you sell more and better without being in the office.

The first brings tips and strategies to have a more productive home sales office.

The second talks about how to structure a routine and management for remote sales work.

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