On the internet, those who are successful know it: you should spend half of your time just on your introduction. This is the first impression. The moment when your listener may become a fan of you … or hate you completely. Each word account. Each gesture account. Each picture account…

I could give you a structure to copy and paste

Trainer training

Unfortunately i won’t do it

Why ?

Because it’s the best way not to progress

Remember your presentations in 6th copy and paste on Wikipedia. Not very useful, eh?

Well, it’s the same!

To become good at any field is not rocket science, you need to understand the basics !

But, overworked as you are, you don’t have the time (and the inclination) to take hours each week to analyze what makes content compelling.

And that’s great, because I did this job for you!

In today’s video, we go deep into the introduction to Breaking Bad.

Together, we will try to understand what are the ingredients that make this introduction one of the best ever

And, as a bonus, I prepared a few hooks for you (don’t thank me!)

Now watch the video:

Mentioned link:

Pyramid of human needs

Once you’ve seen the video:

As we have just seen in this video (really go see the video by clicking here, otherwise you will lose most of the content!), The introduction is broken down into 2 parts:

  1. Capture the attention ;
  2. Make you want to see the rest.

Of course, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of techniques to achieve both of these goals. Some more effective than others.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to cover everything in this bonus!

But, good news, I have prepared for you 9 catchphrase ideas to capture your listener’s attention in the first few seconds.

Test them out, and see what works best for you!

1- Describe the problem

This one is the most powerful all !

Nah, without laughing.

Imagine, you have a very specific problem, like you are stressed when a teddy bear of 1m19 is on your right (each one its fights eh!).

And there you click on a video, and the guy starts like this:

If you are stressed by the 1m19 teddy bears on your right, then this video is for you. We will see blah blah blah

100% you stay!

2 – Show the solution

Very similar to 1, this approach consists in describing the benefits.

Imagine, since you were a child, you dreamed of a 1m19 teddy bear.

And there the guy comes in and says:

At the end of this video, you will know how to get a 1m19 teddy bear! For that, blah blah blah

Pouf! You stay.

3 – tell a story

We like them stories.

100,000 years ago, our ancestors gathered around the fire to tell each other about their adventure.

So, do like them, start with a story!

For example :

Last week, something crazy happened to me. I was doing blah blah blah

4 – use a quote

Simple, efficient, fun. The more famous it is, the more attention it attracts.

Let’s say you (randomly) want to do an article on copywriting:

You always have to find a market first, then create a product ”

It’s not me saying it, it’s Gary Halbert. That’s why blah blah blah

5 – The numbers

No need for 30,000 explanations.

Our brains like what is precise.

You do not believe me ? Okay…

If you are faced with these titles, which one do you click?

  1. They told me it was too expensive;
  2. 103 people told me it was too expensive.

We all agree.

Want to make a video on the Facebook ad? Start like this:

Last month, the number of revenue generated by Facebook advertising increased by 261%. That’s why blah blah blah

6 – The facts

Give facts, it catches our interest. It is a fact ! (What a beautiful setting in abyss)

The more specific you are, the more attention you get from your prospect.

For example :

On August 26, 2019, my cousin bought his first building, he was 16 years old at the time. Look how simple it got blah blah blah

7 – The “counter-intuitive”

This one is my little darling! And well used, it is arguably the most powerful of all.

The idea is simple: start with something counterintuitive.

But more concretely: how to do it?

Identify a popular belief, and start the video by announcing: “this belief is false”


If you consider your left brain to be more functional than your right brain, then you should know that is wrong. Be careful, I am not denying the fact that you are a creative. I’m telling you that right and left brains don’t exist. It’s a myth, because blah blah blah

8 – Metaphors

This one doesn’t break a duck’s four legs (you have it!).

But, always nice when you lack inspiration.

And then, it starts off on the hats with a striking image if it is well chosen.

And as we saw in the video (really, go see it if you haven’t already!), The visual is effective in capturing our attention.

For example :

Investing in real estate without a coach is like wanting to fly without a plane, it is only possible if you are a bird. Lucky for you; blah blah blah

9 – make a joke

I will make you a confession … It’s the one I like the least.

Not that it is ineffective, quite the contrary.

But, it is the hardest to use!

It is a double-edged sword.

Because on the one hand, you don’t want to look like a clown by selling your training …

But on the other hand, laughter creates norepinephrine. What?

It is a chemical substance released in your brain, which you use (among other things) to (super) memorize information.

It’s like the super sticky brain!

If you make the (dangerous) choice to use jokes, you must understand that they will be useful for you to remember the important points of your content.

To be used in moderation therefore!

And of course you’re all waiting for me to play a joke on you, so let’s go:

What’s it called, 3 friends in Silicon Valley? A start-up. And speaking of start-ups, blah blah blah


Well, after this joke (to die for laughter), what should we remember from all this?

One thing: To create great introductions, the best thing you can do is figure out what is already working, analyze them, and replicate those techniques to practice.

That’s (unfortunately) all for today.

PS Seriously, if you’ve read all of this without going to my Breaking Bad video, do it now by clicking here!