From a simple novice to a social media expert, if you are on several social platforms, you should spend time thinking about your Social Media strategy. The pervasive dilemma when one is a director is between quantity and quality. Of course, quality is essential to be credible, but for some, quantity increases visibility. Remember one thing: the content of the publications is essential. To not waste time on writing your publications, here are the 5 steps to follow to create a real writing strategy on social networks …

1. Adapt the content and the hook to the network

There is a multitude of social media and for each, there is a specific editorial style. Content is not visible in the same way on different networks. When writing your post, think about who will be looking at it. A user can see your content on various media, but if the social tag is not relevant, then he will not be interested. To optimize your writing time, first think of making a file with the tone to be used depending on the social network used.

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Trick : this is an example of catchphrase on different social networks with a common theme, a crescent.

social networks explained infographic

2. Schedule publications

When you start writing content for social networks, it is essential to proceed step by step. One of the most important is the creation of an agenda to know:

  • What day to publish?
  • What time to attract more audiences?
  • What to publish depending on the context?
  • What is the target of the publication?

Once these questions are resolved, you can complete a schedule. The latter allows you to anticipate and know precisely what you are going to write. Determine a day, hour or period of publication also allows you to schedule writing sessions. This will save you time and energy.

schedule social media posts

3. Divide and conquer

Alone or accompanied, you can delegate the task of writing on social networks. The creation of the community manager profession exists, because posting on Facebook or Twitter among others is a real area of ​​expertise. As far as possible, it is therefore preferable to dedicate a person to publication on social networks. A second person can also assist the community manager internally to give a different opinion.

The person in charge of social media also has the responsibility of monitoring. The purpose of this task is to look at what others are writing, either to be inspired or to stand out. As we must be vigilant on the Internet, the community manager will have to respond hot during a crisis to detractors. Sharing roles between formulation, writing and publication dramatically improves response time on social media. Thus, you create a feeling of closeness with your readers.

split tasks for social networks

4. Establish an editorial line

Under this above all journalistic notion hides a real strategic approach in social media. Indeed, define an editorial line for all of your posts saves you time when you start writing. In addition, this has the effect of enlarging or create a real community which identifies itself through your content on social networks. Do not try to please everyone on the Internet, keep your soul, your identity. At critical times, your community can help you. The editorial line removes the weight of “how to write?” “To free your brain on” what to write? ”

Social networks, 5 steps to optimize writing

5. Build a model

You have just spent several minutes on the realization of the background, don’t waste hours on form. For this, nothing is smarter than making a model. The trick is to choose the form of your publications at the start of your social media communication campaign. depending on the content and the message you want to convey. Once the matrix is ​​done, all you have to do is copy and paste the text. Remember, what works best on the Internet is posting pictures and videos in addition to text. Then make the necessary changes and voila. Optimal performance of your publications on social media!