5 things to know about Google Expanded Text Ads 2020 -

Following the disappearance of ads on the right side on Google, this search engine is testing a new, much longer ad format: Expanded Text Ads. This is a very important change that will have consequences for your Search strategy since you will have almost twice as much space to write your ads!

1. What are Expanded Text Ads?

New Google ads will be twice as long as current ads. New ads are also designed to maximize your mobile presence. They will therefore be implemented on all devices.

2. Why is Google making this change?

This is one of the most significant changes in the history of Google Adwords. But why ? Even if Google remains very discreet about the reason for this development, this change comes only a few months after the removal of the ads on the right column of the search engine. The massive growth in mobile use (in the US, there are now more requests on the mobile than on the desktop) is certainly for something!

The evolution of the ad format seems relevant following the disappearance of the ads in the right column. Advertisers will benefit from more space to attract the attention of users.

3. How big will the ads be?

Expanded Text Ads will be approximately twice as long. Currently you have a space of 25 + 35 + 35 characters.

The Ad Title, which is currently 25 characters long, will be replaced by two 30-character “Title” spaces for a total of 60 characters.

The two 35 character description lines will be replaced by a single 80 character description line.
At the display URL, you will be able to specify a path. However, the domain name will be automatically extracted from the URL.

4. What will this change for my Adwords account?

Concretely, the change will have an immediate impact on the click rate. Google gives you the option to add twice as many characters just at the ad title level. We don’t yet have enough perspective to assess the performance of this new format, but we are sure that writing ads will become a very strategic exercise for advertisers looking for the highest click rate possible.

5. How to stand out on Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising platform that ranks ads based on a quality score. As we’ve seen, this year the locations and formats are changing. Result: 4 ads at the top of the page and longer ads.

Thus, it would seem that the quality score and therefore the structure of your Adwords account as well as the relevance keywords / ads / landing page are more important than ever. In order not to succumb to the competition and keep your ads in the top positions, I advise you to spend more time analyzing your account and your website.

Don’t panic, Expanded Text Ads is still in Beta. Google “whitelist” Adwords accounts drop by drop! You still have some time!