Whatever your business, your first objective is to meet more customers (buyers or readers). With l’webmarketing evolution, the way you meet them is constantly changing. The secret formula…

The creation of relevant content is the best way to publicize your offer. It will make you more visible on Google and Facebook, to name a few.

The equation of web marketing is simple:

Quality content + Promotion of this content = More customers

Start by following these 5 tips to improve your content marketing.

1. Understand how content marketing works

The best content is the one that brings real added value to your readers. No matter how it is shaped, if your message is educational and informative, it will hit the target.

Next, make sure your content speaks to your readers. Think of your target : 16-18, professional executives, retirees,…? Also think of the sites by which it could be propagated: Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo?

  • Your press releases must be objective, clear and direct.
  • The content on your site should clearly inspire your reader to take action. Has it arrived on your site? What do you want him to do now? Ask him to download an ebook? Subscribe to your newsletter? Tell them what to do!
  • The content you post on social media should be more informative and call for discussion. It should be easily shareable and not overly “promotional.”

2. Use different media

The press release is a very good way to promote your news. And why not add some interaction ? For example, consider promoting your site by:

This content will encourage your readers to interact. They will also improve your SEO on search engines. You could even see the content of your website appear on the first page of Google in different forms: link to the page + image + video + Google Map. Increasing your visibility can only strengthen your leadership position.

Web content marketing

3. Optimize your internal referencing

Content creation is just one piece of your puzzle. For it to be clearly visible on search engines, you must optimize your internal referencing of your website, your SEO.

Integrate the words sought by your target. Put them in your title, in your content titles (), on your links,…

4. Always think ‘Conversion’

Content remains the best way to attract people to your site. What does it mean if your company wants to meet more customers through its website?

Relevant content and bringing real value will allow you, for example, to create a community. But don’t forget your main goal. You need to optimize your conversion rate and your content can help.

When writing your content, always think about what you want your reader to do. What action do you want him to take? If your goal is to sell, no need to create a long text explaining ‘how to ….

5. Think of mobiles

Do not forget the use of the mobile which is more and more frequent to browse the web. It’s the 4th most used visual media, after cinema, television and the PC. It will allow you to reach an ever-increasing number of potential customers.

According to The social media bible, within 5 years, more than half of the big brands will spend between 5% and 25% of their advertising budget in mobile marketing. The first step is to make sure that your website is well distributed on mobile.


The ultimate key to internet marketing is quality content. No matter how you distribute your info, your advertisement. The most important thing is to keep your target audience in mind. Give them something that gives them real added value. Your online presence will be strengthened and ultimately, you will meet more customers.

Do you use other tricks to promote your content on the web? Share them in the comments.