5 tips to launch (or relaunch) an operational and 100% aligned business -

A few days ago, I spoke with a client who is about to leave her salaried job to set up on her own. We have finished our support and here are the 5 tips I gave him to launch (or relaunch) an operational and 100% aligned business…

1/ Slow down: lift your nose from the handlebars to build a long-term vision

Daily life often leads us to have our heads in the handlebars, whether we are employees or freelancers. To create a tailor-made life and be able to build a life project in the image of an ideal vision, it is necessary to take the height and ask ourselves what we really want:

  • In terms of quality of life (living environment, activities);
  • In terms of estimated income to finance this quality of life;
  • In terms of financing strategy for this quality of life (savings, investments);
  • In terms of obstacles to this quality of life objective (lack of time/money, alienating work, constraining family life).

2/ Have your eyes on your personal finances to define a turnover that makes sense

No need to define a theoretical turnover if it does not make sense to you. In sum, it is essential to ask yourself what the money you earn will be used for.

Here’s how you can define a CA that makes sense:

  • It must be used to pay you a salary that feeds your standard of living;
  • It must be used to pay your taxes (charges and taxes);
  • It must be used to finance your long-term investment projects (pro/personal savings);
  • It must be used to build up short-term emergency savings (personal savings);
  • It should be used to build up cash for your business.

3/ Build your offer according to your need for turnover

Once your turnover objective has been defined, you will be able to create offers allowing you to move towards this objective.

I insist on the word “tender”, because a business model is a theoretical modeling, and not an absolute truth…otherwise, we would all be billionaires 😉

To build your offers, the concept of alignment is an essential element: you must put in place services/products that make you vibrate and not provide services that will drain all your energy.

If you’re not aligned, you won’t attract customers (or at least not the right ones). This is the principle of energy marketing, which I talked about in an article on Webmarketing & co’m.

4/ Build your schedule according to your natural rhythm and choose your constraints:

The notion of alignment is also essential to manage your organization as an entrepreneur. Building your schedule around listening to your natural rhythm saves you day-to-day life.

You don’t have to be 100% for your prospects.

You don’t need to answer every incoming call for fear of missing an opportunity.

Instead, ask yourself:

  • By which channel/means would you like to be contacted?
  • At what time of the day ?
  • When do you saturate (time of day/limit number of customers)?

5/ Get out of your comfort zone if behind fear lies excitement

When you are an entrepreneur, the unknown often places itself in front of you. Fear too. But behind the fear, there is often an excitement of the unknown, or a taste for challenge. If behind your fears, you feel this stimulation and this pride of being able to leave your comfort zone, it is a sign that you have to go for it! At worst, you miss, so what?

Entrepreneurship is not the science of perfectionism, on the contrary.

To sum up, here is the equation of success: alignment (what makes you vibrate + entrepreneurial and personal vision) + regularity and rigor (content strategy) + visibility (SEO + RS) + notoriety (guest articles, interventions at events/ live + podcast)

Good luck !