5 tips to write better on your website - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
Writing for writing, and thinking that for some reason we are doing well, it is something that cannot continue happening in this era where competition is always present. It doesn’t matter if your page is about sports, politics, cooking recipes… every website needs excellent writing quality (if you want to level up, of course). To achieve this you don’t have to be Shakespeare himself, because with just implementing a few tricks, you can see the improvement remarkably.

As you may have noticed, the theme of writing is one of the main points to grow your website. With so much competition, writing poorly and cumbersomely can take you to the abyss, so before this happens, it is better that you put into practice the following tips.

Find an attractive title.

The opening of a text is its title, so it is the first section that will connect your post with the reader. SEO plays a lot in favor and also against it if you don’t use it correctly.

Ideally, the title has several things: the advancement of what will be seen in the article and attractive words that emit curiosity to read, among other things. Titles in the form of a question also usually work very well.

Use simple and easy to understand terms.

The main trick that you should implement in your articles is to write as simply and pleasantly as possible. Remember that the reader does not always know what you are talking about, so here you must speak with terms that anyone can understand.

An exercise that always works is to show your article to a family member or friend, much better if they are 2 or more. This way you can tell if the reading is easy to understand, at the same time it is attractive. If you notice that this is not the case, it is time for you to start spinning to improve it.

Read a lot and stay informed whenever you can.

The more paragraphs you read, the more you will be learning, both at a personal level and at the level of writing quality. This is also another essential trick, because thanks to it you will know how some words are written and you will understand the way in which ideas are exposed.

Use synonyms.

Another that is not too much is resorting to synonyms when talking about any topic. For example, you can say “cell phone” in an article, but also “device, smartphone, terminal, telephone” and so on.

Today there are quite a few tools that can do this job for you.

Create lists (when you can).

Google’s algorithm welcomes the idea of ​​creating a post and explaining the steps for a tutorial or some topic with features through listed lists. This, in addition to being productive for the SEO of your website, is also great for readers, because they see the paragraphs with a better visual aspect, since it gives a contribution that the information is being well structured.

Source: Wwwhatsnew