The success of your content strategy often depends on the posts you post on your company blog. These must have a high added value for Internet users, and especially for your marketing targets. The subjects of your blog articles condition, in part, the traffic generated on your website, but also the conversion and retention of your customers and prospects. They therefore need to be the subject of significant research to bear fruit. Discover 5 Ways to Identify Attractive and Relevant Article Topics for Your Company Blog …

1. Associated and suggested queries from Google

The most famous of the search engines can help you find keywords for your blog, but not only that. By automatically completing your request, or by offering you additional navigation tracks, Google often provides you with indications of choice on expectations and issues of your audience.

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The suggested and associated queries sometimes contain whole questions, which you can transform into article topics for your blog.

Start by selecting a keyword that is generic enough to cover your industry, then let Google tell you what your target needs are.

Feed a professional blog: 26 questions and answers

src=”” sizes=”(max-width: 428px) 100vw, 428px” srcset=” 1200w,×157.png 300w,×314.png 600w,×236.png 450w,×402.png 768w,×536.png 1024w,×364.png 696w,×559.png 1068w,×420.png 803w” alt=”” width=”428″ height=”224″ />Are you about to start a professional blog for your company or have you just started? You may be asking yourself some questions such as: What is the optimal frequency of publication? How long should an item be?

Or again: how to plan the content of the blog? How do I know which subjects will attract my target customers? How long does it take to see results? What tone should you use?

Feeding a blog is more complex than it seems. This white paper provides a solid knowledge base that you can use to move forward with confidence.

2. Social listening

If you’ve deployed your company’s social media presence, social media can also provide you with first-hand information about the interests of your digital audience.

Get inspired posts, comments and shared content by members of your digital community. Take the questions most frequently asked by these Internet users, and make them the subjects of articles for your company’s blog.

3. User-generated content

Beyond publications and comments on social networks, your customers and prospects can express themselves on many digital platforms. This is particularly the case for price comparators, who often publish customer reviews, as well as forums. This is also the case for your customer support, if your company has such a tool.

These digital platforms are all sources of inspiration for your article topics. They will help you answer the real questions of your digital audience, in a fun or educational way, on your company blog.

4. News

With an effort of imagination, thelocal, national or international news can quickly become a breeding ground for article subjects! All you need to do is keep a regular watch, and identify the events that make your audience react the most (on social networks in particular).

Then, all you have to do is take inspiration from these milestones to write your blog posts. You can thus divert a current event to present the challenges of your business, one of its products or services, and even its values ​​and commitments.

5. Professional events

The conferences, seminars and other professional events that your target audience can help you find many article topics. Be particularly attentive when it comes to questions / answers: they will help you identify the real expectations of your digital audience, which you can then answer with one or more blog posts.

As you can see, the research of your article topics must above all be based on a fine analysis of your audience. Only your target can effectively inform you about their expectations, needs and problems; however, the best blog posts are those that answer these questions.