5 ways to wake up your most ingenious side - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Routines, methodologies, best practices, endless meetings, and habitual fatigue undermine your creative capacity. It should be noted that from the great space exploits, to scientific discoveries or successful entrepreneurs, it was always that dose of ingenuity and lateral thinking that has led to their achievements, accompanied by talent and knowledge. That is why, being aware of the importance of being able to take automated habits from mind to make way for a more innovative type of cognitive process, we give you the most important tips to keep your imagination free, essential for many aspects of your business or profession.

1. Imagination is the key

Banish from your mind the belief that spending time thinking, imagining and daydreaming is an unproductive task that leads to nothing. On the contrary, a restless mind capable of dazzling in front of a fictional world, or inventing scenarios for your life that feed your inner child, will have the practice that you can gradually apply in the business world, and that will allow you to be a great publicist , create a great piece of email marketing, develop a global marketing idea for a new brand or design a novel concept.

2. Let yourself be surprised daily

Surely, like 90% of humanity, when you wake up you receive the notifications of your favorite apps, you choose the best path guiding you through the GPS, and you have an agenda that says to cover minute by minute.

And while technology is a strong ally for many business fields, we don’t realize that our day becomes boring without allowing us to put our instincts into practice. And it is then that when the time comes to make a decision, we do not have the habit to face it. Surprise yourself by going to work or the gym on new roads, buy a bike, or go for an activity that has nothing to do with your profession.

3. Sleep as a child to win as an adult.

As the philosopher Theodor Adorno, one of the greatest representatives of the Frankfurt School, said, leisure time is the most precious asset. And as there are so many stimuli that we have daily, such as trips, series, family, children, hobbies or social networks, many times in the attempt to want to cover and develop each of our facets, we neglect one of the aspects of the primary psychic health , which is sleeping and resting properly.

Not only do we mean bedtime, but quality. Try therefore to fall asleep in a pleasant environment, thinking of some idea that motivates you, and do not steal hours from the dream thinking that you will achieve more. It should also be noted that a recent scientific study conducted at the University of San Diego, revealed that people who spend more time in a deep sleep, get better results in problems whose resolution is based on creativity

4. Be true to your internal clock.

There is a scientific discipline that you may not know, chronobiology, which studies how biological functions vary with time. And while the human species evolved based on the effects of daytime and nighttime hours, not all of us are equal. There are those who when they get up are already prepared to create, and who have their best hours in the evening. Be aware of your own rhythm, and try to adapt the organization of your day according to your own nature.

5. Laugh more.

Remember the conversations you had in your teens, and how many times you had those attacks of laughter that made you hit the table and make you want to laugh even more. With the passing of the years and the obligations, many people mitigate the desire to laugh, or the actions that cause bursts of laughter, without realizing the impact it has on their capacity for innovation. Find laughter with friends, with your family, with beings or with videos, and you will benefit not only your ingenuity, but as a study by the University of Indiana explained, your muscles will relax and your stress will be reduced

Below we share a compilation of the best phrases to find the best path that will lead you to develop all your potential and creativity

“The only way to have good ideas is to have many ideas,” Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Nobel Peace Prize
“Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from others,” Steve Jobs
“Creativity is intelligence having fun,” Albert Einstein
“Changing response is evolution. Changing the question is revolution ”, Jorge Wagensberg, Spanish physicist
“The brain is not a glass to fill, but a lamp to light”, Albert Einstein
“Creativity requires having the courage to part with certainties,” Erich Fromm
“A creative adult is a child who has survived,” Ursula K. Le Guin, writer
“If you have enough information to make a business plan of your idea, it’s already too late,” Bill Gates