6 actions for easier sales management and routine 2020 -

Remote sales work, in times of forced pandemic such as Covid-19, became a necessity for those companies that were able to do it. However, for management and commercial routine not to be a burden, some actions are necessary.

It is not uncommon, at these times, talking about sales management, for a leader to feel that she is losing control, sometimes, of what happens to her teams.

The crisis will pass, have it clearly. And when that happens, you’ll want to be well positioned to get your business back to full steam as it was before, right?

In the meantime, however, you need to have focus, discipline and a lot of management during remote sales work.

It is up to managers, at this time, to take care of everything around them: the company, the customers and, of course, the employees.

The mission is not easy, but it is very necessary.

The purpose of this article is to share with you some actions to make the management and routine of remote sales work easier.

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What is remote sales work? And how it works?

Remote sales work

Remote work can be known by two other expressions: telework or home office.

The meaning is the same: working from home.

Something previously restricted to a few professionals and segment, due to the new coronavirus ended up becoming a necessity.

And it’s only possible thanks to the so-called digital transformation that the companies’ sales sector has gone through.

Those businesses that really manage to be productive, make sales management assertive and constant, have the technology present in everyday life.

It is through it that managers are able to play their role and, above all, the sales team does not change their routine at all.

That’s because, from home, and with a cloud-based sales system, any team member can, from anywhere in the world, access the software they work on.

And in it have all the information, resources, data and functionality to keep the focus on the customer.

Remote sales work is possible and efficient for companies that operate in this way.

Which, with spreadsheets, emails, registrations and decentralized information, makes sales management a herculean job.

Why, let’s face it: if this way, in the company, it would be difficult, imagine each one in your home?

6 actions to make remote sales work easier

Remote sales work

More than controlling the sales routine, it is necessary to worry about the people who make it happen in the company.

Customers are important and always will be, but your team needs to have conditions (physical, psychological and technological) to work.

The so-called VUCA world moves our society – and each responds differently.

We are individuals and have different reactions to the same things we are exposed to.

Employees and customers need special attention at this time. There is no time to leave any task for later.

Therefore, a good sales manager (but this applies to any area, in fact) needs to be aware of all these details.

Below, we have separated 6 actions for you to make the routine of remote sales work more assertive and even “light”.

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1 – Stay in constant contact with your team

How can you, as a sales leader, keep your team together, productive and engaged during remote sales work?

Avoiding dispersion and loss of focus are undoubtedly two of the main missions here.

To do this, use communication tools such as Hangout, Zoom, Slack or even WhatsApp.

But not just to talk about the mandatory activities of everyday life.

Use these channels to reinforce the company’s values ​​and culture, to keep your professional motivation high and, of course, to listen to existing demands.

You can make team and individual video calls with each member of your sales force – also include the marketing team, if necessary.

So don’t just talk about work. “Make conversation.” Set aside 30 minutes at the end of the day for this.

It doesn’t have to be daily. Twice a week is great. Encourage people to talk about their routines. Show your pets on the webcam, anyway.

Encourage this constant exchange. Keep the synergy intact. This will be reflected in the quality of work and, consequently, in delivery to the end customer.

2 – Organize your business

Remote sales work

When things change, when normality is no longer “normal”, it may be time to go back to basics.

After all, your customers are also going through adaptations just like you.

Churn, at these times, comes in a much larger volume.

Therefore, it is necessary to look also internally to meet and better understand the reality of its customers.

Ask yourself about:

  • What can we do to better understand our customers’ pains and help them right away?
  • Are there any changes that we can make to our sales process to make it more efficient and useful?
  • Are there routine activities that are demanding a lot of time and resources and do not bring satisfactory results?
  • What steps can you take to preserve your current customers, you and your team?
  • What are the main customer acquisition channels you have and how can you focus more on them right now?

Look: it’s time to look at your process as a whole and see how you can do more with what you have at your disposal.

3 – Support your own customers

You need to understand how you can do more for your customers right now and prevent them, for example, from canceling with you.

Is it possible to offer discounts? Exemption from tuition for a while? Empathy is key. With all.

Then, activate your customer success team. Get them to talk to your customers.

Even if financially there is no discomfort, psychologically there can be damage.

And your company needs to be a reference not only in selling a product or service, but also in providing structural support to consumers.

Talk to your customers, talk about business, yes, but show yourself available, that you are there to help you overcome all kinds of challenges.

If your company is managing well with remote sales work and this new reality, your customer may not be.

Then share the good practices you are doing. Help him to restructure and face the day to day.

Take advantage and be flexible in customer service hours, in sales statements, at basically every moment of contact with him.

4 – React positively

Remote sales work

Positive attitudes, especially when problems arise, can raise the spirits of those around you at this time of forced remote work.

Likewise, if you contribute negatively to actions or speeches, it will make this current situation even more burdensome.

It is always up to managers to set an example by actions. Talking is easy. But being a leader by example is what really captivates people around.

The word “resilience” fits well at this point. It is the way you respond and get back to what happens.

The mission is clear: to be positive at all possible times and to stimulate these reactions in all those around you: employees and customers.

Instruct your team to do this when talking to your customers too. It is important to try to impact as many people as possible.

5 – Connect with your prospects

Remember all the leads you were working on before reality changed? Don’t let them stand in your sales funnel.

Okay, we’re all experiencing a major disruption to our business, but that doesn’t mean that sales activities should stop.

What this means is that you will need to spend more time figuring out which of your prospects is still fit with your business today.

And also, which ones will need to go back to the nutrition stage with marketing and only then move on to the pre-sales funnel and so on.

So, as much as you’ve done a thorough sales plan for the year, set bold goals and objectives, it’s time to set them aside for a bit.

There is no need to pressure anyone – neither team, nor customers – to achieve a close of sales at all costs and guarantee the projected numbers.

Someday the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic will pass.

And when you’re done, you’ll be grateful to have kept in touch with your potential customers right now, especially those who, for now, can’t buy.

Enjoy the features of your CRM right now. Freeze these opportunities but continue to relate to the customer.

Sending your weekly newsletter, with good content, is already a simple and very efficient action.

6 – Support your partners (and build something with them!)

Remote sales work

As important as supporting your customers and employees, it is to unite with your strategic partners.

And if you can do that by offering a differentiated solution for your market, even better.

CRM CWT did this and, together with other companies, launched the SALES MANAGEMENT PACKAGE.

The result of the project is to provide joint customers with a complete model for marketing and sales management.

A model that is even more effective and productive for inside sales (supporting remote sales work) and also being support for external sales.

So, if you have strategic business partners, reflect: how can we deliver even more value to our customers?

This is the way to generate even more value for those who trust you.

So, how can we help you?

If you want to know more about the management package or have questions about remote sales work, speak to a consultant.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you produce more and better on a daily basis.

The first talks about how to excel in customer service on a daily basis.

The second brings some important sales methodologies to be applied.

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