6 attitudes that companies must have today to win over Millennial customers - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Many companies still have problems to modernize their brand in order to win over the public that ensures their immediate future.

Millennials are the generation of customers born between 1980 and the early ’90s. This means that in 2025 they will be the segment with the highest purchasing power of the population and, therefore, the target audience of many companies.

Millennials remain one of the main concerns of companies. It is not easy to reach them. They have their own characteristics, special and very different from those of previous generations.

Companies have no choice but to design their products and services, taking this type of audience into account. Otherwise, they are exposed to being left out of the market.

From here, every company must put into practice a series of attitudes in their day-to-day lives if it is intended to conquer the sympathy of both the Millennial public and the consumers that will come behind, the Z generation, and ensure the viability of their project .

Take risks, assume your mistakes and be brave

Millennials love brands that are prepared to take risks. But, above all, this type of public especially values ​​companies that assume their mistakes when they are made. The members of this generation have grown up with enormous respect for innovation and creativity. They expect the same from brands. Being up to it is not an easy task, especially if we consider that Millennials are considered the most creative generation in history.

Show the adaptability of your company

Millennials have had to adapt to a combination of economic uncertainty and multiple options. They love brands that reflect this dynamic, that are inclusive and that understand the various options that Millennials have when choosing the path of their life. Show empathy for the millennial life circumstances and make your brand a reflection of the diversity of lifestyles of this type of audience. This will make your firm stand out from your competition.

Show your company with total transparency

In this way you will get the Millennials to be judging and comparing you. In other words, you will get closer to them and be part of their lives. Do not be afraid to show the miseries of your company. If you are transparent you will have many more options to fit with this audience. Traditionally, companies have believed that sharing information was a sign of weakness or competitive risk. Now the situation has completely changed. Don’t forget that the Internet has given the Millennial a window into the world.

Focus your company’s branding on honesty

Millennials are defined by personal circumstances, so that they value pragmatic marks, which are useful to them and that build emotional bonds. This type of audience rewards the honesty and authenticity of the companies. If you are a local or independent company, Millennials will have more tolerance towards you. If you’re big, Millennials won’t let you pass one. They are more aware of brands than all previous generations. They have different expectations for large and small companies. They judge the experience and customer service of large companies with less tolerance than that of local and independent companies.

Create your company’s marketing and communication strategies from the Smartphone out

Millennials go everywhere with their Smartphone. Companies must be where their audience is. Make your brand a visual experience and learn from the actions and behaviors of your audience in social networks. See how Millennials use these digital channels as a show of collaboration. Collective experiences can shape your marketing and brand communication strategy.

Make your company known with content strategies and avoid conventional advertising

Content marketing strategies are the most effective tactics to reach Millennials. One of the things that customers of this generation take for granted is that brands will be active on the Internet and that they will produce content to make themselves known, especially in video format. Spread messages that are good, interesting, of quality and avoid publishing massively on social networks. Millennials value quality over quantity. These customers want the online content published by the companies to serve them for something or give them value beyond a mere advertising impact.

Source: PuroMarketing