6 business maxims that you should start meeting this 2017 - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
maximas-for-success-in-business Because of technological, cultural and generational changes, the rules for running a successful business are constantly evolving and changing. We share 6 essentials for this year that begins.

1. Your audience is mobile

The life of the consumer is today 100% mobile. We woke up with the smartphone. We see our agenda, notifications and emails there. We communicate by WhatsApp. And while the PC is still used, and especially to work, more than 80% of purchases are made from our phones, or they start their searches from there.

Make sure your websites, your email marketing campaigns and your landing page have an excellent presentation on smartphones, so as not to lose future buyers on the way.

2. Content is king, only if you know how to use it

Having a content marketing strategy is essential to attract new visitors to your brand, in addition to showing your knowledge in order to get a loyal audience, which at some point will choose you for advice or a purchase. Now, it is essential that you do not replicate other blogs or social profiles, either in their aesthetics or in their content. Do not get into the fashion of the passing waves curing foreign materials, because the only thing you will achieve is to discredit the image of your company.
The ideal path: think of a good strategy, focus on your target audience, and the message you want to convey, and then verify that you have the right team to carry it forward.

3. Multichannel is the only channel

Thinking about which channels you should be (Radio, TV, Paid Advertising, Social Networks, email marketing, etc.) and defining a particular strategy for each of them, is a totally obsolete scenario.

At present, a consumer goes through multiple platforms until finalizing a purchase, and all of them have contributed to his final decision.

Tip: Define a single strategy, and apply it to each of the channels where you will be present, adapting the message to its particularities.

4. He who does not invest does not win

Beyond looking like an unquestionable dogma, in this era of predominance of digital marketing is more accurate than ever.

Social Networks or Search Engines are essential for our businesses, and although they show their results for free, paying is essential to have a prominent and prominent place in our target audience.

5. Bet on experience marketing and micromoments.

Offering a quality product, at a good price and with proper attention, seems to be the panacea of ​​any company. But today, it is no longer enough. Consumers want to live positive experiences with each purchase, which they can also count and share through social networks. Further, Providing a positive and real experience to a consumer is the key for his brain to associate the product with the brand in the future.

Offer innovative experiences in your premises, support charitable causes, make your clients feel important, and play with the senses.

6. Seek excellence

Audiences are nowadays increasingly demanding. They no longer shut up as was the case before, when the only possible channel of complaint was an inhalable book, or the ignored consumer defense office. Today, no slippage is allowed, and social networks are the place to express disagreements, and an invitation for other users to share theirs.

Conclusion: It is no longer possible to advance in stages, and improve the quality over time. You must from the beginning seek excellence in all facets of the company, from production, customer service, meeting dates, communication and after sales service.