In the medieval era of Game Of Thrones, the chances of chatting with a Marketing professional or coming across an interesting advertisement in the local tavern were slim! We weren’t discussing content strategy, public relations – or other alien terms to the protagonists of the show. And yet, there is a lot to learn from the different characters in the series in terms of communication. I promise, I try to keep the spoilers aside!

Hear like Lord Varys

Any good PR professional starts by listening. Lord Varys could keep the king informed of everything that was going on in the Seven kingdoms. Lord Varys is the Media Intelligence of his king. He keeps him up to date with public opinion, his image, the actions of his opponents and what is going on in his kingdom. In other words, digital media watch brings an essential base of information to think about your content strategy as well as your PR strategy.

Communicate like Daenerys

Game-of-Thrones-Season-4-Episode-10-Dany-1- If listening is the basis of your strategy, communication is based on two-way communication. If you send a message, You are in right to wait for a reaction. It’s important to communicate and connect with your community, with influencers and potential customers.[[Spoiler Alert]Even the Mother of dragon (or Mother of Dragons) had to fight to control his own city. She had to listen to the requests of her community to be accepted and appreciated. Hence the re-opening of combat arenas[[End of Spoiler]. Listening to digital media can ultimately help you develop better relationships with your audience. In addition, note that from the start, Khaleesi demonstrated – literally as well as figuratively – his communication skills by learning Dothraki. Remember that you were able to build your brand thanks to your customers, Do not neglect them !

Repeat like Hodor

Do you remember the first name of the last son of the Stark family? Or maybe the advisor to Stannis? One thing is certain, the one whose first name is not forgotten, is Hodor. And it is not a hazard ! Hodor keeps repeating “Hodor! Hodor! Hodor! “. Without advising us to only communicate your brand name or spam your audience, Hodor teaches us that by repeating a message, the audience ends up printing it perfectly. Whether it’s a tweet, a Linkedin ad, a sponsored article, or a magazine interview, make sure you send a clear and consistent message when building your content strategy and Communication.

hodor copy
Hodor is known worldwide! – Meltwater

Join as Petyr Baelish

Perhaps you find yourself in the same situation as Petyr Baelish? Your name is not necessarily known and your wallet is not necessarily very full. And yet, you manage to achieve your objectives because being ambitious & ingenious! The idea is to interact with the right people at the right time, as well as forge partnerships on the channels and with influencers most likely to reach our core target. Ultimately, and through his partnerships, Lord Baelish has become very important. Find your partners, and do the same!

Adapt like Margaery

src=”” sizes=” (max-width: 125px) 100vw, 125px ” srcset=” 300w, https: //×420.jpg 280w, /Margaery-Tyrell.jpg 500w ” alt=”Margaery-Tyrell ” width=” 125 ” height=” 188 ” /> The road to your content and PR strategy will probably be full of pitfalls and change of plans. The media landscape is constantly evolving and you will have to adjust your strategy several times. At King’s Landing, Margaery Tyrell has to face repeated twists and turns (I keep that for myself), while having to deal with an ultra hostile mother-in-law and a city where she doesn’t know anyone. And yet, she has managed to build her strategy and join forces with King’s Landing influencers to rise in rank and establish her influence. Your ability to adapt your content and to constantly innovate is an imperative success factor.

Don’t be as stubborn as Cersei

GoT-Cersei-Daenerys We can also learn from the mistakes of the GoT characters! Queen Cersei has too much confidence in his power and his money.[[Spoiler Alert]. As a result, she saw the danger coming only too late. A substantial budget allows you to offer yourself a certain visibility from Paid Media, but that doesn’t mean you have a lot ofowned and D’earned media ! On this point, Cersei has a lot to learn from Daenerys. Her storytelling was so solid that she managed to complete all of her goals without a ring in her pocket. All of Westeros is now talking about the Mother of dragons and his slave town. As for Cersei, perhaps she should pay more attention to her image and her PR. In addition, the deterioration of his image was not a surprise.[[End of spoiler]. Try to keep up with what people are saying about you, and shape your content strategy to support your brand image.

No reason I should do all the work! Do you have an example of a Game of Thrones (or any other TV Show in fact) to give in terms of communication? And above all, if you enjoyed the article, don’t hesitate to share it with friends!

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