6 key elements to effectively share your articles 2020 -

The content is ROI, it’s a phrase that we hear a lot and that is true. Besides, SEO experts keep repeating it. And to position yourself well in search engine results, publishing rich and quality content is one of the keys. In this sense, developing a content strategy should be one of your priorities in terms of marketing strategy if you want to boost your traffic quickly …

Obviously, producing content is not enough for it to be shared or even found by your readers. A strategy should be put in place to effectively share your articles and attract new visitors to your website or blog.

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Here are 6 key elements to promote your blog articles effectively and boost your SEO.

1. Email campaigns

Email campaigns are an effective solution for sharing your content. They are particularly popular with small businesses as they are inexpensive and can reach a qualified audience. At the same time, they have a good conversion rate and are easily measurable in terms of ROI. There are however a few rules to follow:

  • Use a valid email address and not a type noreply (at) gmail (dot) com. Your readers will feel more considered if they feel they have an opportunity to respond to you;
  • Put your efforts on the subject of the email as well as an article title. It must be punchy, short and clear;
  • Choose the right time to send your emails. You can use A / B testing and know the time when your visitors are most likely to visit your website;
  • Don’t forget the Google update “mobile-friendly”. Your emails must also be able to be read on tablets and smartphones, because most users read them on smartphones;
  • Don’t spam your audience;
  • Use A / B testing with a few contacts to determine which message is the most impactful and best converted.

2. Bloggers

There are certainly many players who share the same interests as you and operate in the same sector of activity. Why not get closer to them to maximize your efforts? By contacting them, you will also have the opportunity to reach a larger audience, but just as targeted and who will be likely to like and share your articles. If you are promoting your business, it can also help build alliances or partnerships.

Beware, however, of link building: it is not a question of asking for links. This strategy is only to share your content and target a new audience. Here are some tips on how to do it right:

  • Identify blogs that are authorities in your industry and share the same interests and keywords. They have a highly qualified audience with a very high engagement rate;
  • Look for bloggers on Twitter. Thanks to the search tool, you can find accounts pointing to websites linked to your sector;
  • Use a valid address as seen above to contact them;
  • Never ask for links, it’s about gaining traffic;
  • Connect to their different social networks to show them your interest;
  • Read their latest articles for reference when you discuss them.

3. Influencers

In the same logic as bloggers, influencers have a wider audience and have more credibility. The content they share is often viral, which can give you a huge boost if your content is shared by one of them. Contacting one or more can also allow you to gain natural links, but never ask for them directly. You can use Buzzumo to identify influencers or go to events related to your industry and meet the stakeholders directly.

4. Bookmark sites

If your blogger and influencer strategy isn’t working, you can focus on bookmarking sites. They bring together a large targeted audience who might be interested in your content and share it in turn. They can thus offer a very interesting referral traffic if your subject is at the top of the list. There are many categories where your items can fit. Reddit, Digg and Delicious are some of the best known bookmarks and are well known. So why not take the plunge?

5. The communities

Following the same logic as bookmark sites, communities bring together experts, influencers, beginners or professionals interested in the same subject. They are therefore an ideal target for sharing your content, because they may be interested in it. In addition, these communities offer the opportunity to interact between members. It’s the perfect place to promote your blog and build engagement. Be sure to follow these few rules:

  • Know the “do’s” and “don’ts” of these sites;
  • Share with the community by answering questions. It will also have the advantage of valuing your knowledge and attracting influencers;
  • Don’t just share your content. Add snippets, these snippets of pages, which will add value to your content.

6. Social networks

We obviously can not not mention social networks to share your content. The larger and more engaged your community, the more traffic you will increase, and the more likely this audience is to share your content with their community. Social media is the perfect place to interact with your audience in a less formal way. To use them effectively:

  • Use the open graph to optimize your publications;
  • Don’t overuse hashtags;
  • Share your content when your followers are most active;
  • Start conversations with the most engaged followers or when they interact with your content;
  • Stay consistent in your communication strategy, don’t use social media just to be there.

In short, sharing your content in an optimized way is not that complicated by implementing the right strategies at the right time with the right target. This will allow you to develop your notoriety and your traffic naturally.

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