6 PERSUASION TECHNIQUES in The Social Network 2020 -

Persuasion is a handful of fundamentals that are easy to learn, but difficult to master. If you want to become better at persuading to gain more customers, convince investors, or better motivate your employees, the best way to do this is to break down several examples to understand how the main principles apply in each situation. This is why in this 2-part video, I analyze for you 6 persuasion techniques used by the character of Sean Parker in the film The Social Network so you can reuse them for your business…

How to convince your prospects with 6 PERSUASION TECHNIQUES

At the start of the film, Sean Parker already has a reputation for founding Napster, a music sharing site … When he discovers Facebook, he immediately understands his enormous potential. But since he has no more money, the stake lies for him in his ability to persuade.

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