After the publication in April 2014 of a report on citizen digital mobilization, the think tank #culture_numerique reiterates and publishes the results of its work on relations between large groups and startups …

Entitled “How to multiply the sparks between large groups and startups? “, The document was produced under the aegis of Dentsu Aegis Network which brought together experts from all walks of life for the occasion in order to decipher” the means at our fingertips to develop a real win-win relationship “, according to the initiators of the report. The latter highlights 6 proposals to facilitate cooperation between large groups and startups:

1- Open a single digital window available to startups wishing to publicize their innovation and to companies seeking to cooperate with small creative structures.

2- Create a European fair of international dimension on cooperation between large groups and startups, of which England could be the engine.

3- Promulgate a “Small Business Act” simplifying the access of small innovative companies to markets and public tenders.

4- Develop a new function of ambassador for startups in large companies to facilitate the spin-off of innovations in all business units.

5- Sign a charter of relations between large groups and startups, discussed together and defended by all companies.

6- Imagine a fixed-term cooperation contract, from three months to a year, balancing the contributions and commitments of large groups and startups.

Thierry Wojciak