6 sales incentives to motivate your team beyond the goal! 2020 -

Sales incentives are an additional fuel for your team to not only hit the goal but go beyond it. A good manager knows exactly what his team needs to be able to sell more and better. Therefore, resorting to some initiatives can be an excellent way to improve business performance.

Motivating your sales team month after month is not an easy task – nor will it ever be.

The payment of the sales commission, by itself, should be a factor so that everyone not only hit the goal but went beyond it.

However, the reality is not always this. And this is where the creativity to create sales incentives needs to emerge.

A good incentive is effective only if it is something the team really wants.

At first you can think about increasing the% commission for all sales made after the goal is hit.

Okay, it’s a way out.

But there are other ways to encourage your team to get more and more sales.

Want to know how?

Good reading!

6 sales incentives to motivate your team to go beyond the goal every month

Sales incentives for your team to go beyond the goal

The first step – not to generate frustration and create false expectations in your team – is to create a solid program for sales incentives.

To do this, it is initially important to know your salespeople – and pre-salespeople well – to find out what would really motivate them.

Then, it is important to have documented in the company’s sales playbook how this will work.

  • How many sales (or value) beyond the target will guarantee the incentive payment?

Also record the incentives and when they will be paid: at the end of each month? At the end of the year.

Put everything clearly and choose one of the 6 sales incentives below:

1 – Paid courses

A great sales incentive – and also a way to further improve your team’s capabilities – is to fund online courses – or even in schools or colleges.

It is a great opportunity for each employee to expand their knowledge base and bring valuable insights into the company.

Align with the CSO about the courses that the company can afford. But think of something like:

You can help finance part of your salespeople’s studies – regardless of their specialization.

Anyway, see the possibilities and structure something that makes sense to the sales team and the company.

2 – Give an extra commission

Sales incentives for your team to go beyond the goal

Another way is to let your employees choose their incentives.

If you are rewarding the best performances individually, the most logical option is to offer a cash bonus.

In this way, your employees can use the sales incentive as they see fit.

Then, increase the sales commission% proportionally without compromising the sales gains.

If the whole team succeeds in going further in its goals and objectives, then it is good to collectively reward them, right?

At the beginning of each month or quarter, gather your team and discuss an incentive that they will gain if they work hard and exceed the goal.

Define or value for each relative to each track in addition to the goal, document and hands on!

3 – Day off

What more could be attractive than extra time off – or a long holiday?

It is an opportunity that people on your team have to spend more time with the family, take a trip or simply rest.

Motivate them with some propositions, such as:

  • Extra vacation day in the year;
  • Day off before a holiday;
  • Birthday break, among others.

4 – Modifications in the office

Sales incentives for your team to go beyond the goal

Except companies that still operate in the field sales model – with street vendors – most people on your team spend more than 8 hours a day in the office.

Or, in some cases, working in the home sales office.

Especially in this second scenario, the incentive may come in the form of equipment.


  • more comfortable office chairs;
  • larger monitors;
  • new notebooks, etc.

Think of incentives that improve and make your sales routine more comfortable and easier to deal with.

5 – Something the company sells

How about a huge discount on products or services that your company sells?

If it is in the interest of your salespeople, you can put this as a sales incentive.

Of course, SaaS companies and any B2B business will have a hard time putting this as an award.

However, those who work with end customers can either give a discount or offer a fully subsidized product sold.

Think about it, it can be an efficient, fast, low cost for the company and great satisfaction for your team.

6 – Gifts

Sales incentives for your team to go beyond the goal

Another way to give your team a great sales incentive is to give them a gift.

And then, think of several options that make sense and that your salespeople have already shown interest.

  • tickets for concerts, shows, games;
  • ticket voucher, hotel, restaurant;
  • gift voucher;
  • books, records …

Anyway, there are a multitude of options that can help your salespeople have an extra push for the goal to be exceeded every month.

So, how can we help you?

If you are in doubt or have any pain in managing your team’s sales, speak to a consultant today.

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Good sales!

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