6 sales tools to split processes and teams 2020 -

Sales stack is a set of sales tools essential for any company to develop its process to acquire, nurture, qualify, sell, retain and delight customers. The choice of platforms is very important and can determine the success or failure of your business process.

Technology advances at a pace that we often cannot keep up with. Literally overnight, what we had as belief or good practice may have been overcome.

Companies that have not gone through the digital transformation are really susceptible to feeling this impact more quickly – and in a heavy way -.

However, when you have a complete sales stack, integrated into your entire process, you shield yourself in several ways.

In fact, you yourself can be the promoter of this change, having better and better processes, attracting and enchanting more and more customers.

All of this is, of course, about choosing the right sales tools for your business.

But, after all, which ones to choose? Well, today’s article helps you in this mission.

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First of all, what is sales stack after all?

Sales Stack Sales: how to choose the right sales tools?

Companies that have their sales operation structured, focused on the customer and with maximum productivity have, in all cases, the technology within their processes.

Sales stack are the tools that will help you to carry out all the activities proposed within the company’s sales process.

Their choice is extremely important as they will help you to remain not only relevant and competitive, but to grow and improve each stage of your operation.

In order to make the right choice, initially it is necessary to understand the characteristics and profile of the ideal customer (ICP) of the company.

His habits, where he travels, his pains and challenges in choosing the right platforms that will help him on his shopping journey.

Technology companies that sell service (SaaS), for example, necessarily need a help desk for the support team to do customer service.

Telemarketing companies, in turn, need a webphone and a dialer to be able to carry out routine activities.

So, you already realized, right? Depending on the segment of operation and the types of customers that your business has, your sales stack will be higher or lower.

But, in any case, it has to be complete. Technology needs to be there to really help you sell more and better and retain customers.

How to build an efficient sales stack? 6 sales tools to help you!

Sales Stack Sales: how to choose the right sales tools?

But after all, how to create a sales stack that really helps companies to enhance their sales process?

Well, the first step is to have it really well defined: the steps, the necessary activities within the sales routine, an organized pipeline and a team assembled.

From there you will realize your needs. See where technology can fit and help your team be more productive.

In general, however, the sales stack has some sales tools that are recurrent in the vast majority of companies.

We have separated 6 of them for you to understand better:

1 – Google Drive

It is important to have a platform that can organize and centralize some important documents for the entire company.

PPT presentations; cost spreadsheets; text documents; PDFs, among many others.

Sharing your company’s sales playbook is another possibility that Google Drive, with a few clicks, allows.

Leaving all this to the access of the company’s sales force is important so that knowledge and information are available to everyone.

The cloud sharing that Google Drive has makes it easy to access any documents wherever the person is.

To do this, simply have either a Google business account or your personal Gmail email.

Use this feature to share documents and files with everyone more quickly and assertively.

2 – Online chats and chat bots

Sales Stack Sales: how to choose the right sales tools?

Every company wants to have excellence in customer service at all stages, right?

Caring well determines whether a customer will trust and continue to trust the company.

It is the water divider between:

Therefore, a good sales stack has online chats, chat bots and / or WhatsApp to quickly organize and account for the demands that your customers have.

It is also essential in lead generation strategies – or else qualifying them.

Here, it is important to have integration with your sales CRM to speed up negotiations.

Among the main platforms to serve the client, we can highlight:

3 – Marketing automation platform

As much as the sales team does not use it directly, having a marketing automation platform is something extremely valuable for any company and needs to be in its sales stack.

It is through it that the marketing strategies for lead capture flow.

You create:

It is this platform that will make your rich materials produced (eBook, infographics, research, etc.) generate customers for you.

You nurture leads and, when they are ready to hear an offer, you carry out the so-called “baton pass”.

It is the time when the unqualified lead becomes qualified and passes into the hands of the SDR.

Among the marketing platforms, we can highlight:

4 – Sales CRM

If you really want your team to be productive, for the sales operation to constantly improve, then having a CRM in the company’s sales stack is essential.

Managing sales through spreadsheets, whether in the office or in the sales home office, makes you delay your negotiations, lose information, data and don’t have business metrics.

That is why having cloud-based CRM software, with all the resources to see, control and accelerate teams and sales is so important.

CWT CRM is the best Englandian CRM according to the B2B Stack portal and has integrations with several tools from its sales stack.

You can, for example, have your WhatsApp conversations recorded at each customer’s opportunity.

Thus, you keep your interaction history centralized – which facilitates, for example, a recurring sale, a subscription renewal, among others.

Not to mention, of course, all the features that CRM has and that make you, with less effort, sell more.

5 – Webphone and dialer

Webphones and dialers are important for those who work with an inside sales model and deal with many opportunities.

But they are especially useful and indispensable for companies that manage sales with an eye on the relevant metrics and performance indicators.

It is important not only for the salespeople’s activities but also for prospecting, for example, if the company makes cold calls.

So, to make activities more agile, assertive, with centralized data, it is essential to have VoIP telephony integrated into your CRM in order to be able to approach the customer from the inside of every opportunity.

All calls or attempts are logged – which is important to improve the process based on the numbers it will generate.

Some phone providers:

6 – Videoconferencing platform

Sales Stack Sales: how to choose the right sales tools?

In-house salespeople, especially those who sell systems, need video conferencing platforms to demonstrate with customers.

It is important to have a tool, within the sales stack, that allows screen sharing and, if possible, record the call.

Among the main ones, we can highlight:

For this, however, understand the needs and the type of negotiation you will have to choose the right tool.

In this way, you always make the customer more comfortable and guarantee greater persuasive power at all times.

So, how can we help you?

If you have questions about how to build your sales stack or want to know better how a CRM helps companies, talk to a consultant when you need to.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you better understand technology within the sales industry.

The first talks about the importance of having process automation in the commercial area.

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