A figure: 95%. The percentage of my sales made through my email sequences. And who says email marketing says … squeeze page. Without them, my business crumbles. And if you’re here, it’s because you too have identified the importance; what am I saying, the VITAL importance of your squeeze pages. Here, in six concrete steps, how to create powerful squeeze pages, with very attractive conversion rates…


1- Present an irresistible offer

This is the key point. The essential step. The one that, badly thought out, will make others obsolete. Here are the three key points to respect in order to make your offer an attractive proposition.

Training & Co'm

Find the deep needs of your audience

Keep the operation of a squeeze page in mind. It is none other than an exchange process which must be ” winner winner“. The user is ready to exchange their email address in exchange for something useful to them.

If your value proposition is offbeat, if it does not meet the deep need of your audience, then they will have no interest in trusting you, and giving you their email address. It’s as simple as that.

How to find the main problem of your prospects?

The ideal would be to find a place where all the people meeting the same problem can ask their questions, exchange on this subject, express their fears… A place where they can express their deep needs, awaiting an answer or d ‘a help. And guess what? This place exists. And it’s called a forum.

No, the forums are not dead. And they bring together people affected by a common problem. So take a look at the forums on your topic, and observe the popular topics.

For example, you keep a blog on gardening. After going to the first forum appearing in Google and sorting the results by ” view“, This is what I get:

find deep needs on the forums

We can see that the question ” how to get rid of ivy? Comes back to mind. It might be interesting to create an offer on this subject to capture email addresses.

Choose an attractive format, and show it

Imagine. You browse a riding blog, and land on the squeeze page. ” Get 10 tips for learning to ride a horse “.

Okay. But in what form, you ask yourself. A Word document? A video ? Just by email? Yeah.

An attractive format is essential to present your offer is to make it attractive. Here is a non-exhaustive list of formats that highlight the content offered on your squeeze page:

  • Ebook;
  • Video training;
  • Private advice by email;
  • White paper (like the one offered by CWT Advertising & co’m).

But that’s not all. In addition to TELL the format of your offer, SHOW it. According to a Wavestone survey, the main reason people buy in stores rather than online is to SEE the product. The visual aspect is therefore to be taken seriously into account in your squeeze page.

How to do it concretely? For your ebook, white paper and others, insert a 3D model. On many online service sites, such as 5 euros or fiverr, you will find offers for this kind of service. Example:

squeeze page with 3D ebook

In the case of video training, you can simply include a screenshot of one of your videos.

Thus, this visual side will allow prospects to imagine themselves with your offer in their possession.

Create ultra-quality content

Let’s take the example of the horse riding blog again. Despite your hesitation, you have decided to enter your email address.

After a few seconds, you finally receive your ebook ” 10 tips for learning to ride a horse“. The home page is pretty dull. You go through the rest, hovering over the boards one after the other. It’s seen, seen and seen again. A few minutes ago, you had already read these tips on another blog. And without having to leave your email address.

Result ? Direction at the bottom of the mail: ” to unsubscribe“.

These are the consequences of a poor quality offer. And conversely, you understand that the value of your content must be maximum.

So take the time to put together your welcome offer, pamper it, and make it as complete and attractive as possible. So trust will automatically build up with your audience.

2- Formulate a catchy title

Warning. I mean catchy that attracts and makes you want. No lying or exaggerating your offer. In which case your prospects will be disappointed as soon as they receive what you promised them.

There are two important things to be present in the title of your squeeze page.

  1. The content of your offer: ” 6 free videos“,” my free ebook“…;
  2. The purpose of your offer: ” to succeed in your first equestrian competition“,” to overcome your performance anxiety“…

Here are some examples of attractive headlines for your squeeze page:

  • Receive a series of 5 free videos to develop your assertiveness “;
  • Receive my free guide to learn how to play chess in 7 days “;
  • Download the ebook 12 mistakes to avoid at all costs to invest in the stock market“.

3- Find an emotion-triggering background

There are two types of squeeze page: those that are sober, on a plain background. And those with an image in the background.

While the sober squeeze page is simpler and offers no other distraction, the squeeze page containing a background will play an emotional side (always through the visual), failing to disturb the exact purpose of the page: to capture email addresses.

So this is a purely personal choice that you will have to make. For my part, I use the background of my capture pages to insert an image reflecting the result offered by my offer.

For example, a capture page to receive a mini training on the law of attraction will see an image of a man on him in the background:

squeeze page with background image

4- Design the perfect call to action

In English call to action (CTA), the call to action is the trigger for your squeeze page. This is the last thing your prospects will read on your page. The call should therefore be simple and efficient. Generally, the call to action is located on the button to validate the sending of the email address.

Some examples of a call to action for a squeeze page:

  • YES, I want to receive everything now “;
  • Yes I want [[purpose of your offer] “;
  • Download now“.

The three golden rules of a good call to action:

  1. Think about what people want landing on your squeeze page. This is your conversion goal (example: people want to receive your ebook to build a sugar-free food program);
  2. Use action verbs, like ” I want to receive ” or ” register “;
  3. Speak directly to your audience using the first person.

5- Optimize your squeeze page thanks to the A / B test

The A / B test allows you to test different variants of a single object, which differ according to a single criterion. Thus, you will be able to improve your squeeze page over time, by testing different versions, and retain the one that captures the most email address.

Example of criteria to test:

  • Your title;
  • Your call to action;
  • The color of your button;
  • The background image;
  • Etc.

How to do A / B test on squeeze pages? You have mainly two options:

  1. Use paid options;
  2. Create them yourself.

To get started, you don’t need to invest in paid solutions. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create your capture page, which you will call ” version 1 “;
  2. Duplicate it in WordPress, and call it ” version 2 “;
  3. On your version 2, change a parameter: the color of the button, the title…;
  4. Share your traffic between these two pages: for example, on your blog, insert your two squeeze pages in different places;
  5. After two weeks, do your math: which page has captured the most email addresses?

This process is endless. If your version 2 converts better than your version 1, then compare your version 2 with a version 3, on another parameter of your page (example: the background image).

6- Remove all distractions

For months, I made the mistake of leaving distractions on my various squeeze pages. I left the navigation menu, letting visitors leave the page, and go anywhere on the blog.

Fault ! Your squeeze page should contain absolutely no distractions! The visitor’s attention should be focused entirely on the email capture form. And nothing else.

When it lands on your capture page, it has only one option: enter its email address.

Create your squeeze page that converts: summary to image:

create a squeeze page that converts