Digital Jobs: Finding a job today is like hitting on Kim Kardashian… In 2016, are you still looking for your next job? It’s that the crisis has indeed passed through there. It even seems that she is still there by the way …

When Pôle Emploi talks about an unemployment rate of 10%, some say that it is more like a masquerade, that the rate would be much higher than you would think. The proof: who doesn’t have a brother or friend who is actively looking for a job? No one escapes this crisis, we all agree on it.

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The job market today is different. He changed his face. To those who believed that it was enough to have a baccalaureate + 8 with an Excellent, he replied “you’re lying”. With these 5 million unemployed, there is a good chance that you too, ultra-qualified and competent as you are, are in this case.

So, whether you are the smartest or have had your Master with an average of 15, the job for you will not wait for you as docile as a lamb waiting to be devoured by the wolf. But I have good news for you. You can reverse the trend, you can be one of the lucky ones.

The key to success is: you have to attack, be proactive, be creative.

I even have a secret for you: to find a job in 2016, you must be a marketer, growthacker, social media specialist, and Internet research expert. If you find this to be too much for you, then drop it and go home to watch Netflix. Others will take the job that was intended for you.

Next to the prerequisite that you already know: write a good letter of request – design a nice CV with a professional look – highlight your achievements and achievements, we must now also rely on digital technologies, the web, the Internet. Because apart from liking photos of sick cats on Facebook, holding night conversations on Whatsapp and watching the latest nonsense of Enora Malagré on YouTube, you can also use web services to propel your job search process.

The Holy Grail will be intended for those who will be able to use the new tools available on the web to organize and find their job. Exit the popular and archi job sites crowded with populaces that you have been browsing for 7 years without ever having sent you a small polite refusal email. Make way for web services and tools that will give you a helping hand. They’ll turn you into a geek and web job seeker so your friends will beg you to show them how it works.

So, ready? Go!

LinkedIn: the tool to attract recruiters


If you sleep on Facebook or Snapchat and don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, be aware that you’re out of the job market. Because recruiters, I’m talking about the real ones here, they are on LinkedIn and not on Facebook. I know you already knew that, but you said “ah” like the others. But as I like you, I will again urge you to create your account today.

Listen: in the battle for a job, you have to give yourself every chance to succeed. And being recruited or poached by headhunters is the assurance of power:

  • Work in dream companies;
  • Negotiate rather pleasing wages;
  • To have the opportunity to meet beautiful people.

But there is one condition: you must make yourself visible to the hiring managers. Creating your profile on LinkedIn allows you to gain visibility. Remember, several important people are on LinkedIn: all professionals, headhunters, international business leaders, Bill Gates, and even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

To succeed on the platform, here are some tips to implement:

  • Create a neat profile with a professional photo of you;
  • Fill in your professional and personal information properly;
  • Put your achievements and achievements;
  • Connect with other professionals;
  • Share findings from your research that may be of interest to others.

Besides the recommendation function, LinkedIn also allows you to publish articles via its LinkedIn pulse service. Excellent option if you want to demonstrate your expertise in your professional field. So what are you waiting for? Quickly.

Adswish: a new and promising tool that compiles job vacancies available on the web


Adswish is a new type of search engine that specializes in ads. With a simple, elegant and sleek interface, Adswish is full of options that usually annoy visitors to search sites.

This is the site to visit in the coming weeks if you want to find a job. Its founder really hopes to make it easier for job seekers to find a job, and to make the platform the number one engine for finding his dream job.

Despite being a multifunctional engine, Adswish provides access to hundreds of job advertisements in England. Like Google, it has an efficient search engine based on the volume and relevance of the results. To be effective, it will search, group and compile on dozens of job and business sites the jobs you have selected.

To visit as soon as possible.

Yesware: the mail tracking tool


Yesware is one of those tools used by brands to do business on the web. But nothing prevents you from using it for your various needs. As a freelance content marketer and copywriter, this is one of those tools that I use on a daily basis. In your job search, sometimes you have to send emails to resource people. But after sending, how do you know that this person has opened your email? The solution is Yesware.

This tool is a small extension to install on your computer if you use Chrome or Firefox browsers. It will let you know who opened your email, and who did not. This is necessary to determine in what context or when you can restart your contact. Precious, don’t you think?

Boxmyjob: the job search organization tool

I don’t teach you anything (or almost). Finding a job today is not easy. And if you are one of these professionals in the populous profession (marketing, communication, secretarial, etc.), you will need to send at least 150 CVs to be able to hope to get an interview. Suffice to say that the battle is more than tough.

It is in this context that Boxmyjob comes to your rescue by helping you organize your job search.

Once registered on Boxmyjob, you are entitled to a personal and private space which will allow you to:

  • Save in the same place a listing of ads from different job sites (jobboards, companies, HR firms, headhunters, institutional sites, etc.);
  • Associate practical information with an announcement (CV already sent, response received, call received, contact details of the employer, etc.);
  • Associate an appointment date with an advertisement;
  • Receive alerts (on your computer, tablet or smartphone) so as not to forget an appointment or to forget to restart an employer.

Note that this tool is free for everyone. So, to use without moderation.

Jobthis: the tool to be the first to apply


There is a truth that you are not told, here it is: recruiters sometimes receive more than 200 CVs per published advertisement. To be successful, so be visible, you have to be one of the first to apply. Why ?

  • Recruiters are sometimes less demanding with the first CVs received;
  • The first resumes received are less buried in the crowd;
  • Employers often have more time to devote to examining profiles at the start of recruitment.

The big battle is to be the one to find an ad and apply for the top position. This is where Jobthis shows his fangs. He will monitor the entire web to find job advertisements published or posted on social networks, Twitter in particular. So, as a user of this service, you will benefit from new offers to which your competitors have not yet responded.

As you can see, its great advantage is that it allows you to respond to an offer before your competitors, even before your grandmother if she is of course one of your competitors. Great and practical, right? Go quickly to register.

Weegid: A tool that facilitates spontaneous local applications


If you never apply spontaneously, you must have already lost huge opportunities.
In any job search tactic, unsolicited applications are a method not to be overlooked. Why ?

  • No competitor to fight with;
  • Recruiters will appreciate your initiative;
  • The employer is exempt from expenses for recruitment costs;
  • And be aware that in England, a good part of the announcements is never published. So you have everything to gain by adopting this strategy.

Weegid will allow you to find the places to submit your requests even if no advertisement has been published. This will allow you to cut your competition foot.

To conclude

Finding a job in 2016 is no longer just a question of talent, experience or skill. It is a whole that requires skill, creativity and the use of computer tools.

Did you like this article? I have a quick question for you: if you have already obtained the job that you are passionate about today, what strategies have you used? I look forward to hearing from you !