Have you thought about taking WordPress training? With 25% of websites managed worldwide and 59% of the CMS * market share, WordPress is undeniably the benchmark for website creation. Mastering WordPress is therefore an advantage for your professional life whether you work in an agency, advertiser or on your own account. How about you do it?

If you read us, you already know Alexandre Bortolotti, specialist in WordPress site creation. He teamed up with two other CMS professionals to create a WordPress training over 6 weeks.

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On the program of this WordPress training

From the installation of the CMS, to its configuration, through the creation of the content, the customization of the appearance and the advanced management of its site, this training will allow you to be completely autonomous in the creation and management of a WordPress site.

The courses take place over 6 weeks and the next training session will take place very soon. Registration is open until May 19. So don’t delay too long.

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During 6 weeks, you will have access to 25 hours of video lessons and 6 web-conferences to deepen your knowledge. After this time, you will keep access to all the videos in order to revise when you want. All for 6 monthly payments of € 69, which spread out the payment and thus have a reasonable cost.

There is also a “pro” offer adding bonuses that allow you to go even further, especially if you want to take the next step, ie create WordPress sites for your customers. The “pro” offer also adds corrected homework to validate your practical knowledge and a certificate to enhance the training on your CV.

The “pro” offer is available for 6 monthly payments of € 129.

Here is the detail :

WordPress training

This new WordPress Wpchef training session is already the 6th session, more than 250 trainees have already followed it. With an average rating of 4.5 / 5, the training seems to fulfill all of its objectives!

Here are some returns:

The WPChef training was more than what I expected: specialized in print, I now feel comfortable for future web projects. Without forgetting the confidence and professionalism of our 3 chefs, without them this training would not have been as pleasant.
– Béatrice, freelance graphic designer in Paris

“Until now, I worked on existing sites, mainly for content modification, without really understanding the functioning and possibilities of WordPress. Now things are much clearer, I will be able to consider offering my customers the creation of their site or the optimization and securing of existing sites. “

– Christophe, consultant at La Roche-sur-Yon

The profiles of the people trained are varied, from the real beginner to the more experienced profile who needs to structure his knowledge and organize his way of working with WordPress effectively.

Join a community to learn more effectively

By following this training, you will not be alone! Of course, you can ask questions to the trainers but you will also access a community of people wishing to learn WordPress. At each session, dozens of trainees join the training, you can chat with them to learn together in a more convivial way.

And, icing on the cake, if the training does not suit you, you have 30 days after the start of WordPress training to withdraw. But having seen the courses, I can assure you that the training will meet your objectives and that you will not need this option 🙂

So ? Convinced? If you want to get into WordPress, consolidate your knowledge or take it to the next level, this training is for you!

You can find the full program and all the modalities of participation in the WordPress WP Chef training by following the link below. Please note that registrations are open until Friday, don’t hang around!

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WPChef WordPress training program

Week 1: Install WordPress (3h)

We start smoothly with the basics for this first week. If the jargon impresses you, we will take the time to explain everything to you. Hosting, domain name, HTML, PHP, MySQL… will no longer scare you!

But this is not a theoretical week either! You will take in hand the essential software for the creation of Internet sites then you will install WordPress on our exercise server.

This week is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Introduction to websites;
  2. Introduction to WordPress;
  3. The software we will need;
  4. Install WordPress on a server.

Week 2: Configure the site and manage the content (5h)

Now is the time to explore WordPress administration for the finer details.

Beyond that, we will focus on the most important aspect of a website: content. So we will see how to write and manage articles, pages and comments.

This second week is made up of 3 parts:

  1. Discover the administration;
  2. Manage content (pages, articles, comments);
  3. Use the WordPress editor.

Week 3: Personalize the appearance (5h)

Now let’s start increasing the pace to address something you’re always looking for: design.

Indeed, the first thing you notice on a site is its appearance. This is why you have to take care of your images and choose the right theme.

This week is divided into 5 parts:

  1. Manage the media;
  2. Crop and resize images;
  3. Install and configure themes;
  4. Manage the menus;
  5. Manage and customize widgets.

Week 4: Improve WordPress with extensions (5h)

Next, let’s add new features to your site.

What are the most popular extensions? How to choose them well? How do they work? We will see it all during the fourth week.

It consists of 3 parts:

  1. Install and manage extensions;
  2. The 14 essential extensions and their handling;
  3. Extensions that transform WordPress.

Week 5: Advanced management, security and migration (4h)

Let’s end in style with a week a little more arduous. We will give you all our pro techniques to overcome your apprehensions.

This last week includes 6 parts:

  1. Manage users;
  2. Secure your site;
  3. Perform updates;
  4. Discover “the tools”;
  5. Install WordPress locally;
  6. Migrate a site and put it online.

Week 6: bonus

In addition to the training, we pass on our expertise to you on more specific subjects.

It is knowledge that you will need to fully understand your work in creating websites.

You will find the following themes:

  • Write for the web;
  • Search and optimize images;
  • Find the ideal theme;
  • Find the right extensions.

But also in week 6:

  • Understand the challenges of e-commerce with WordPress;
  • Choose the right page-builder;
  • And after the training, what remains to learn?

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* Source: AurelienDebord.com