Meet 7 benefits of electronic commerce for your business.

People are changing their buying habits. A study by the Mexican Internet Association (Amipci), showed that Mexico has 51.2 million users on the Internet, of which 50% have made an online purchase.

Sales generated by electronic commerce in 2013, according to Ampici (Mexican Internet Association) reached 9,000 million dollars, representing 42% in the sale of products and consumer goods.

Advantages online

1.- Reduce costs. Opening a virtual store is logically more economical, as it allows companies to grow with fewer resources by avoiding the payment of local rent, services, salaries, and so on. It is also cheaper because when they advertise their products online, they are advertising on the Internet, which is a cheaper means of promotion than advertising which is used in traditional media.

2.- Generate customer loyalty. There are not many companies that offer a good electronic shopping experience, there are even thousands that do not have an online presence. This is an opportunity to make your customers enjoy that experience, through offering them a wide range of products, good prices and ease of use of the platforms, as well as the various payment options mainly.

3.- Attention and Guarantee of Total Satisfaction. The e-commerce sites know the importance of customer service and know that in most cases until you see or touch a product is how the final purchase decision is made, so it has a chat to advise you during the product choice, as well as a Total Satisfaction Guarantee, in which customers have 30 days after the product arrives to return it and ask for their money back if the items did not meet their expectations. If a customer is satisfied with their experience of buying a product, they will surely return to the site and make their recommendation through the word of mouth.

4.- Greater public reach. When buying and selling online, the products are available to everyone from anywhere, anytime, 365 days a year. In addition, there are more than 350 million active users on the Internet, that is, it has a much larger audience than those who could transit through a physical store. Without a doubt, the possibilities of growth and the reach of the internet are spectacular.

5.- Security for the seller and the buyer. One of the main reasons why Internet users do not dare to buy online, is because of the lack of knowledge and / or distrust in the use of online payment systems; However, by selling through electronic platforms you have the assurance that it has the seal of trust granted by Amipci. With this you protect the data of your users and prevent that of your card from being used for malicious purposes. If users have the security of making purchases online with their credit card, sales therefore increase, as customers can enjoy great benefits such as rebates and / or payment facilities.

6.- Ease of delivery of products. Some users consider that a risk of online purchases is that the goods do not arrive well or on time, but there are more and more logistics companies that offer fast, efficient and safe delivery services, with affordable prices. You can also use a platform that has order tracking, so that your customers check the shipping status of your product, and have the confidence that your purchase will arrive in a timely manner.

7.- Greater participation in the client portfolio. Another of the benefits that companies receive when selling online, is that they generate greater participation in the client portfolio, since 50% of users research the products on the Internet before looking for them in the physical store, so it is important For any company to create links and interaction with the consumer through the Internet, as it is an important part of the purchase process. –

Source: Forbes