In all activities, we absolutely must know how to succeed in the prospecting phase in order to hope to find new clients, whether we are just starting out or whether we are an expert, having clients remains the sinews of war …

We will see in this article, 7 strategies from my experience to prospect effectively without wasting time and thus optimize this prospecting phase (If you know of others, consider using the comments area to expand the article).

1. KYC strategy

Everyone knows KFC the famous sign of Colonel Harland Sanders, but do you know KYC ?

No ?

Obviously otherwise you wouldn’t be here, KYC stands for Know Your Customer.

So, yes, I know.

Easy said like that, but we have to put the first stone in the building.

Knowing who our clients are is the first strategy to adopt, because you can’t imagine how many people are going into entrepreneurship or even already working without asking themselves:

  • Who is my client?
  • What are his fears?
  • What are his desires?
  • What do they want?
  • What problems prevent them from sleeping?
  • Where are my clients (on the Internet – in town?)

Without these first answers, it will be difficult to prospect effectively since all the people become your potential customers, while all these people do not have the same problems.

Which brings us to the second strategy.

2. KYB strategy

It would be more missing that I add an umpteenth strategy with a G in the middle so that it opens a judicial investigation …

Good, as you can see.

I like the abbreviations.

They still need to be properly explained.

KYB stands for Know Your Business.

I hear you shout: Bouuhouuu !!


Again, this is the basis.

An example ?

Macdonald, what business do you think they’re in?

  • Fast food ?
  • Immovable ?
  • Dietetics? (I’m helping you out a bit.)

Golden arches are in the business of …



Real estate.

Under McDonald’s conventional franchise agreement, the company typically owns the land and building or obtains a long-term lease for the location of the restaurant and the franchisee pays for the equipment, signs, seating and decor. The Company believes that real estate ownership, combined with franchisee co-investment, enables it to achieve some of the highest levels of restaurant performance in the industry.

Source: McDonald’s 2018 Financial Statements

Yep, no fast food here, even if it’s a big part of their image, Macdonald is one of the most exploited franchises in the world, what are they looking for?

Privileged locations to attract new customers and convert occasional customers into more engaged customers with coffee and snacks for example.

So ?

Have you really thought about your business model?

  • What problem are you solving for your customers?
  • Can your solution be applied online or should it be done in person, both?
  • Are you in a blue or red ocean? (in terms of the competition, do you have a strategy to stand out, do better or do different?)
  • What are your communication channels? (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Phone?)

Why do you know all this?

Because knowing yourself (your company) and your customers already allows us to establish stable foundations and subsequently build a beautiful structure.

A structure that works.

Since we know which direction to go.

We may be able to reach our destination.

3. EALC strategy

One of the strategies I put in place to find my first clients?

It’s this one.

After doing some work on what I wanted to offer and who my clients were,

It’s time to go get them.

One by one (this is my strategy, it does not mean that it is the best) – But, for me, it is.

With e-mailing of course.

But not just any e-mailing.

Write With Heart. (here is my strategy)

Yes, you read that right.

Simple, basic as Orelsan would say and yet terribly effective.

Why ?

Quite simply because by having done the work mentioned above, you know what to say to your potential customers, you sometimes know them better than they themselves.

And that’s why, one by one, you will send them personalized prospecting emails, explaining and detailing their potential problems – delivering your unique solution.

Indeed, it takes time to do that.

But what do you want …

Working with people who are truly committed to your solution takes effort, time and sweat.

I can guarantee you that if you are THE person able to write with the heart, detailing perfectly THE your prospect’s situation by delivering THE solution he’s looking for (yours) – you’ll never run out of customers.

In any case for me,

That’s how I approached my first clients, and when I talk about clients, I’m talking about someone who can make more than 2,000,000 pounds a year. (It’s palpable.)

At a time when everything is going fast:

  • Where we seek to minimize our working time;
  • Where we want to optimize our customer research time.

Take the time to write from the heart and you will become THE difference that makes THE difference for your customers.

4. CA strategy

One of the most common mistakes in our prospecting is to want to sell something directly.

But let me ask you a question.

When you met that girl or that man, that your eyes met – that you felt your heart speed up – and that by looking at her / him you slowly swallowed your saliva – did you immediately propose to him?

The answer seems obvious to me …

Cold prospecting is the same.

Your potential customer must first feel Recommended by offering avenues of reflection for the resolution of its problems.

Then, after going through your mail, it should feel Accompanied towards the solution that suits him best, give him the choice.

I insist on this strategy, because it makes it possible to create this relationship of trust at the first reading.

It will also show that you are there for help him, that you have it including and that you have the remedy which will eliminate all its evils.

5. NSN Strategy

Nice as a name, isn’t it?

This strategy is not really one, it is rather an opportunity for me to have a more motivating message here.

When you get ready to prospect, keep going until you reach your goal.

In this article I am speaking to Independents, Freelancers, heads of small businesses, not multinationals who have 6-figure budgets and a service dedicated to prospecting.

No, No, No… YES!

Prospecting is more about persistence than anything else, and it often works that way.

You prospect and you receive 1… 2… then 3 negative responses (see more …)

And on a good day you will receive a YES ! (Then 2 … then 3 …)

The whole point here is not to go quickly in prospecting, but rather to be constant, to plant seeds every day, to have a fixed, stable strategy and to be patient.

Remember that the power of acceleration of a rocket is done on the ground and when it is in gravity, the principle of inertia is enough for it.

6. Strategy (L)V(M)H

For those who know the LVMH house (Louis Vuitton) then you may have already grasped this 6th strategy.

I’m not a fan of automation when it comes to prospecting, knowing that if we have done most of the work with the first two strategies.

So, we were able to really define what our English friends call “buyer persona” our buyer profile (know my English …).

And so, this allows us to send our emails to our target audience.

Remove the L and the M and you will have real luxury.

The Human value.

Back to basics, your prospect is human, with his psychology, his problems, his character, his ideas.

Address him human to human (it’s crazy what I’m saying anyway …)

However, it is a startling truth. How many people automate their mailings and send hundreds, even thousands of people, copy-paste prospecting emails …

The answer ?

Too many, still in 2021 …

I’m sharing my experience and maybe a little common sense here, and I can assure you that when you receive a personalized email – that you feel a real urge to help and improve your business from your side. interlocutor – you can only send them an email and want to know more about their solution.

Now that I have found my recipe, I apply it and the percentage of positive response is increasing week by week.

Favor the quality to the quantity.

7. Content strategy

“If you can’t fly, then run.” If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving ”. Martin Luther King

He’s never been so right, especially in 2021 in the information age where content is king.

I’ll paraphrase it like this:

If you don’t want to create videos then create podcasts, if you don’t want to create podcast then create images, if you don’t want to create images then create texts » Hero Mike

As you would have understood, everything is from create, watch what is best to be visible in order to attract your customers to you.

Keeping in mind to have your style, your differentiating element so that your customers can notice you directly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin or Skyblog … you should be where they are (your potential customers.)

By asking you the question: if I were my client, what would I like to see / hear / learn today to solve my problem ?

It is a strategy that I use, which requires investment, but which in the long term pays off since you have managed to reverse the wheel and ensure that it is your prospects who come to you and not the reverse.

It is time for me to wish you courage and better prospecting.

I hope I have been helpful,

I tell you see you soon in a new article.

We are together,