7 online businesses to start with WordPress 2020 -

Did you know that you can develop a business using WordPress? Did you also know that the potential of WordPress today exceeds the simple creation of blog or showcase sites? If you are one of those who still believe, and this, wrongly that WordPress is only used to create blogs, then you are old game or “has been” as the Anglo-Saxons say …

In this article I’m going to show you in this article 7 profitable business ideas that you can launch on the web using this revolutionary platform and that can change your life.

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Today WordPress is a great machine. Few platforms can take pride in having made so much impact in Internet history. Perhaps being part of its era prevents us from realizing its value and its exact influence on the digital world. WorPress has allowed a category of entrepreneurs to be born, it has fostered the birth of many craziest businesses and projects.

WordPress began in 2003 under the initiative of Matthew Mullenweg. The intelligence of this man is to have had the futuristic vision that this platform was going to become the gratin of the management of web contents. And like all the other visionaries the Earth has known, he has done hard and intense work to propel WordPress to where it is today.

The numbers speak for themselves. WordPress is 25% of the world’s websites and 57% of the CMS used worldwide. You might as well say that WordPress powers part of the web.

However, in the evolution of WordPress, false ideas have been conveyed:

  • It’s just for enthusiasts who want to share the fruit of their passion;
  • It’s for people who have nothing to do and tell anything;
  • It’s for dreamers;
  • It’s for the little guys on the net.

By looking at reality, WordPress allows you to do surprising things, because gigantic projects have come to life using this tool.

Its new capabilities are interesting on several points and make it possible to realize various projects: blogs, web applications, e-commerce websites or not. The real asset that makes WordPress strong is its multiple advantages. See for yourself.

The advantages of WordPress


The cost to launch a project on WordPress is minimal compared to Zero development. With 1000 euros or less, you have your project on the web + accommodation.


To use WordPress, it’s 0 euro. The platform is registered under a free license, that is to say that you can use it as you wish, modify it as you want, do what you want with it. You are entirely free.

Highly customizable

The other strong point of WordPress is that you can change the appearance of your design as you see fit. There are shops on the web that sell thousands of themes for all tastes. Also, thousands of professionals around the world can assist you in customizing your project.

A large and enlarged community

Another special feature? It works for the smooth running of its evolution.

Easy to use

WordPress would not be what it is today if it had been one of those tools reserved for hardcores programmers, keen on mathematics, physics and advanced knowledge in algorithm. No, no and no. WordPress is for idiots like me. No need to know HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript to use it. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, I bet that in no time you will be able to use WordPress. So, what projects carried out with this platform? From the simplest to the most complicated, from the most exciting to the most moody. But don’t take my words for granted, see for yourself with these few examples.

wordpress jobtheme

Want to be a challenger to Remixjob or Mycmjobs? Have you always dreamed of launching your own recruitment site? What if the solution had been before you for years? With WordPress, you will find many themes and web applications to launch recruitment sites according to your desires. Even better, with a fraction of the price of a pair of Sneakers, you have the hosting and the site ready online, plus a few dollars to advertise. The cost: less than 300 dollars!

Freelancing platform

freelancing theme

Do you admire platforms such as Upwork, Hopwork, Redacteur.com so much? You say to yourself, “What if I start mine?” Well, it is possible. With WordPress, you can launch a competitor of Fiverr or Upwork. The advantage always remains the overall cost which is minimal.

coupon theme

Did you know that couponing sites act as intermediaries between consumers and online sales sites? Why not participate in this juicy business? With WorPress, you will find simple, effective and robust themes that will allow you to be a shock intermediary and start pocketing your first dollars without breaking your head. What are you waiting for? Oops! Go quickly and take your share of the cake.

ecommerce theme

Private sale makes you jealous? Why not start your own online store? Stop believing in the myth of expensive and exhausting e-commerce. On WordPress, you have e-commerce sites that make thousands of dollars a month. And if you’re tired of struggling in your business, from 8 am to 5 pm, quickly set up your own business and become a budding entrepreneur.

E-learning website

elearnign theme

Do you have skills in a specific area, especially learning skills? Why not fill your pockets with online training? With 60 dollars, you have a well done theme that does its job. One hosting, one or two configurations, and here is your e-learning platform launched to attract candidates destined to succeed. Udemy and opensclassrooms, for example, make thousands of dollars. Don’t you want your share?

comparator theme

In online shopping, consumers are always looking for the best opportunity, the best price, always the lowest possible. How about helping these greedy consumers? WordPress lets you do it.

news theme

Lemon squeezer, Phonandroid, you know? They are both leaders in their field. If the idea of ​​having an information site has always clipped your mind, WordPress gives you the opportunity to do so today.

In conclusion

Becoming an entrepreneur in the 21st century has become relatively easy. With WordPress, everything becomes much simpler and accessible with really huge possibilities.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m using WordPress to publish the article you are reading right now. In my content marketer and web copywriter activity, he helps me share the passion of my profession and propel the digital strategy of many companies on a daily basis. Without him, I very much doubt that you are reading this publication.

Here’s the lesson for you: When a solution or platform exists, make the most of it to get the most out of it. Success is often a result of bits of information that can lead you to an explosive life. So, this is the best time to be an entrepreneur today.

What will you decide after this article? Are you going to think about starting your next startup? I can’t wait to read you.