7 solutions to gain visibility 2020 -

Whether you want to highlight your products, your services or your business, the online advertising is a solution that has become almost mandatory to increase your sales and generate more turnover. What are they ?

Like many site owners or promoters, you are looking for ways to make yourself visible among this mass of online competitors, and most importantly, how to attract visitors.

Because you have to face the facts, for many of them, it’s not Byzantium and so-called natural techniques like SEO take a long time to bear fruit.

Warning ! I am not suggesting that SEO should not be done (or I shoot myself in the foot) but that if you need quick visibility, there are other solutions like online advertising.

What is online advertising?

The online advertising (also called e-advertising or digital advertising) means actions to promote a service, product, brand or business to a group of Internet users in exchange for remuneration.

In itself, it represents only a transposition on the web of traditional media advertising. Before, you bought a space in a magazine and the following month your advertisement was printed and distributed to the general public. Now buy yourself a virtual space.

But with online advertising, the big advantage is make your ad immediately visible to a large number of targeted potential customers and above all, to be able to track returns much more effectively. This is the reason why online advertising has grown rapidly and has become essential for all businesses. Is this perhaps already your case?

Whether you already use one or more of these customer acquisition strategies, here are the advertising solutions you could use.

Internet advertising solutions

Search engine advertising

Certainly the best known, the paid referencing or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) refers to the monetization of your positioning on targeted queries in the results of search engines (search) like Google or Bings but also in the form of banners on other sites (display).

Advertisers use an auction system to serve their ads and pay only when they click on their ad or when it is displayed a certain number of times.

With over 90% of people who use search engines before a purchase, and 90% of clicks on the first three results, it is no longer possible not to appear in a good position in search results and for that, Google Ads is a leader.


Social media advertising

With more than a billion users on Facebook alone, social media offers another sizable source of potential customers. These companies have understood this and have developed their own advertising platforms.

By collecting a large amount of information every day on the interests of their users, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even Linkedin, to name a few, offer many segmentation and targeting criteria in order to reach prospects. most relevant to your business.

Social media ads

Advertising on third party sites

TheAffiliate is a web marketing technique based on the win-win principle. It is a performance-based paid partnership (click, display, completed forms, products sold, etc.) allowing an advertiser website to promote its products or services on other publisher websites (affiliates).

Some advertisers have their own affiliate programs, such as Amazon, eBay, Airbnb. For others, there are affiliate platforms.

Ads can take different forms as in paid SEO): banners, texts, product photos …



Simply put, an infomercial is an advertisement that is given the form of journalistic content. Previously reserved for magazines, this advertising solution has been adapted to the web.

In its reporting air, it is in reality a promotion for a company, a product, an event or a service but wrapped in a broader content, more informative and less direct than raw advertising.

At a time when advertising messages are becoming too present and Internet users are increasingly rejecting them, advertorial appears to be a good alternative.


Email marketing

Too much solicited and harassed by tasteless messages, theemailing is certainly the least effective solution because it is the easiest to avoid for recipients since your offers sent by email can disappear in spam or be deleted by the user before they have even been opened.

This has pushed companies to adapt their techniques and develop>email marketing. They hide their ads in nice messages that the user won’t want to delete.

Guest Blogging

The guest blogging is a web marketing technique that allows a site owner to invite an author (often a recognized expert in his field) to produce an article that he will publish on his site. This allows both to benefit from the notoriety of the invited author to attract new readers to his site and for the author, to benefit from the visibility of the blog to increase his notoriety.

Why put it in advertising solutions when the principle is based on free (an exchange of good practices). Quite simply because more and more sites offer to remunerate the authors who take advantage of it to request a retribution for their pen. Suddenly, we lose the “guest” side but it’s the game my poor Lucette.

Mobile Advertising (SMS)

Okay, well, we’re not on the web, but these ads often link to websites. We come back to our playground suddenly.

More and more companies are choosing to adapt their ads in this format where mobile marketing customers receive messages containing URLs and take advantage of the functionality of smartphones so that people can immediately connect.

SMS advertising

Here’s a good thing. You now have a list of solutions to exploit and if among these you have the excellent idea of ​​attacking the paid referencing, we are your man. Do not hesitate to contact us to study together your development potential on this channel.