7 steps to write a sales page that converts 2020 Guide -

Faced with competition, it may be less easy than expected, or even downright difficult to sell your services and products online. If there is one thing that can differentiate you and allow you to develop your online sales, it is copywriting or the art of creating sales pages that REALLY convert! Good news, we have the guide you need, which is free …


Copywriting or the magic of words

If you don’t know copywriting yet, it’s time to get started!

This technique consists of writing with a view to selling. In other words sell with words.

Used well, copywriting can have a big impact on your conversion rate!

With ever increasing competition on the Internet, copywriting is becoming an essential skill for developing your business!

New: a site and a guide to learn copywriting

On the Copywriting Profitable site you will find advice, tips and methods for writing sales pages that convert.

Its author, Eduardo Beretta, offers a practical guide that is 100% free to get started in the creation of sales pages that convert!

Without further ado:

Click here to download the free guide “7 steps to writing a sales page that converts”

The guide will allow you to get started in creating your sales page through 7 essential steps:

  1. Search for relevant information;
  2. Draw attention ;
  3. Tell his story or the story of his product;
  4. Highlight the benefits of his product;
  5. Provide evidence;
  6. Respond to objections;
  7. Get the customer to take action.

This 48 page guide is ultra comprehensive, no theory here just practice, which is quite rare for this type of free ebook.

A real gold mine to learn copywriting. It will help you write effectively and sell with your words!

What’s also great about this ebook is that it details purchasing psychology and how to take advantage of it. The author, a diploma in psychology, brings a real plus to copywriting techniques.

You know what you have left to do :

Click here to download it for free

Article written in collaboration with Profitable Copywriting