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If you are reading this article, it is because you are already considering the importance of your web presence. Rest assured, it is a master step that you are taking, because today, there is no longer any question of being invisible on the Internet and even less of displaying useless content …

We have arrived in an era where traditional media have passed on to online media. The web is so full of content that you’d get lost in two minutes.

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This is why content marketing is essential to stand out and highlight its expertise. Because if you want to attract the attention of the Internet user and especially to retain it, you will have to post in quality, on a regular basis, to remain faithful to its editorial line, to interest the prospects and especially, because that is there all the interest content marketing, create a link between your brand and each of your readers in order to develop your conversion rate.

Interested? Here are 7 secrets that will help you juggle content marketing.

It’s a long term strategy, have reasonable expectations the first few months

Before launching into content marketing, as with any project, it is necessary to set up an action plan, a roadmap to follow in order to be able to locate yourself clearly, make a regular inventory and readjust your goals based on your progress.

First of all, set yourself short and medium term objectives (increase your website traffic, generate leads, increase subscriptions, guarantee a conversion rate …). Your expectations for content marketing should align with your business goals).

That said, you will have to be patient and regular in your efforts. The hardest part is the launch phase. It takes time and passion, but at a constant rate and with effective quality, you will succeed in occupying a prominent place among the renowned sites.

Concretely and in order to make a strong entry, it will be necessary to be regular and publish in quantity. (Attention, “in quantity” does not mean randomly; the most important is to guarantee quality in terms of content).

You should aim for at least one publication per week, but I recommend that you ideally reach 2 to 3 posts per week, for a few months, in order to see a real difference. Do not lose patience, because as soon as it starts to start, it will systematically skyrocket.

Your items are lasting resources that will help you sell for a long time

Yes, each article created is a long-term investment.

Each of your publications is a stable prospecting element by which you build your online profile. Gathered, they allow the user to recognize you, identify with your brand and build loyalty to your editorial line. You will thus create a solid network of customers which you will then exploit according to your business objectives.

The investment devoted to the production of the article is depreciable over time. By taking care to provide relevant information, by approaching a pleasant editorial style, and by using keywords suitable for referencing, you can be sure that you will see lasting results. This is not the case with a Google Adwords campaign, for example, which brings instant results, but which requires continuous reinvestment.

Conveniently, a user searches on Google and finds one of your articles on the first page. He will access it, browse it, enjoy it and will look for other publications, possibly subscribe and ideally become a customer.

Content can take different forms

There are different forms of content that are more relevant than the others, but very few people will think of diversifying their type of publication. Out of habit or for the sake of simplicity, we often prefer the blog post because it is affordable and works well for most topics.

However, we forget that the user is constantly looking for creativity that will just make him want to read our posts. Here’s what to inspire you for refreshing content marketing:

  • If you’re in the mood to get into numbers, statistics, surveys or any other factual topic, consider making great presentations online with Slideshare.net;
  • If you are drafting and you feel presentable for filming yourself, consider video publication. The internet user will systematically favor viewing over reading. It’s more lively, more restful and the information is generally easier to remember. In addition, the video format allows efficient referencing on Google;
  • If you’re feeling creative, create an infographic for free. You’ve surely seen it everywhere and hear about it all the time. It is a very trendy format which allows you to synthesize all the information in a single page for a graphic and visual presentation very appreciated by the Internet user;
  • If you’re in a good mood to pass on your knowledge, make tutorials and help your internet users learn from you. The user will always appreciate that you share your tips and knowledge on any topic.

Quality or quantity?

Difficult to choose between these two positions. We often find ourselves confronted with this dilemma, not knowing if it is preferable to publish in mass so as to mark its presence and present to Internet users publications covering all subjects, or else take the time to reach a certain degree of quality and sacrifice accessibility. The ideal would be to do both, to produce quality content in quantity, but things are not as simple.

The importance of developing your personas

As described, content marketing aims to target, engage and convert a targeted audience. So keep in mind that the determining factor in the effectiveness of your content is its relevance to your readers (personas).

Did you know that over 70% of consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by items found online? So it is indeed possible to gain the trust of your target customers with a well-defined content marketing strategy. For this, it is necessary to identify them, target them and succeed in reaching them.

Adopt the tone that is appropriate for them, address trend topics that will interest them, and respond to their needs. If you manage to build a network around your brand, then you will have succeeded in your content marketing.

Content creation is only part of the job

Obviously, content marketing is not limited to producing publications (life is not that simple). It’s a much broader concept that we’ll break down into two stages: content creation and delivery. For the first, I believe that we have now mastered the basics. The second step is the one that will allow us to generate traffic and turn visitors into prospects.

Promotion will therefore have to be addressed. It is true that we often get lost trying to sell ourselves, but this is how to make the process both pleasant and efficient. The most important thing to do is to develop your online presence by first subscribing to the main social networks, namely: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+, for several reasons:

  • The first is logical: first and foremost is to reserve your name so that you can get your hands on it;
  • The second is to be able to integrate into each of your social networks an incoming link to your site;
  • The third and most obvious is to be able to benefit from social platforms on which you can publish your content, and interact with your audience.

Aside from social media, it’s also important to use influencers. The exact term is outreach. This is to identify people who have a certain reputation through their blog and / or website, who have a substantial number of subscribers, who are likely to be interested in your content and who will help you develop your visibility by promoting your content to their own audience.

Content can be reused in different ways

Sometimes some of the topics that have already been covered are in the news, and although you’ve already created an article to that effect, you need to tackle the same topic again. Don’t panic, there are different ways to avoid redundancy even by using almost the same arguments.

As explained above, there are different publication formats and you just have to take the same content, modify it slightly and rebuild it differently for a stronger impact. Take a video, for example, and post it on YouTube. Another alternative is to create a visual presentation (infographic) that particularly appeals to Internet users.