The principle of guest blogging is very simple: a blogger writes an article on another site (what is called a guest article), and the article in question contains a link to his site.

For the guest blogger, this is one of the best ways to get known … and get quality backlinks! And you are surely not unaware that the backlinks which point towards your site are an important factor for your referencing.

For the other site, it’s a great way to post quality content that will get traffic.

In this article, we will see how to use the guest blogging strategy to promote your blog and improve its SEO.

Tip # 1: Find sites that are already guest blogging

The first step to writing a guest article … is already to find a site that will accept your article!

If you contact a site that has never published guest articles before, your chances of success are low … Why would the site in question change its habits?

On the contrary, if you contact sites that have already accepted guest articles … your chances of success will be much higher!

You can use 2 methods to easily find sites that accept guest articles.

The first method is to analyze competitors’ backlinks.

Use a tool like Ahrefs Backlink Checker. Enter the URL of a competing site, and the tool will give you links to that site.

Search carefully, and you can find guest articles among these links.

It was thanks to this method that I was able to write some guest articles for my blog for law students.

The second method is to use a small command directly in Google. Type:

“Guest articles” OR “guest article” OR “submit an article” OR “submit an article” OR “publish an article” OR “publish an article” OR “guest blogging” OR “become an editor” OR “become an editor” + the keyword of your theme

For example :

“Guest articles” OR “guest article” OR “submit an article” OR “submit an article” OR “publish an article” OR “publish an article” OR “guest blogging” OR “become a writer” OR “become a writer” + bodybuilding

This command will ask Google to find you all the sites that accept guest articles in your topic (such as bodybuilding).

Once you’ve found a site that accepts guest posts, you still have a few things to check before contacting that site.

Tip # 2: Canvass authority sites in your area

First, it should be specified: you should avoid writing guest articles on sites that have nothing to do with your topic.

If you have a cooking blog and you write an article on a blog that talks about photography, Google is not going to appreciate that much.

To get a quality backlink, to which Google will value, it is better to write your articles on sites on your theme.

However, you can get away from your theme a little… as long as it remains relevant!

For example, for my blog for law students, I wrote a guest article on a very general site, which talks about guidance, employment … and which also contains a section on studies, with many articles! Admittedly this is not a site specifically on law studies, but there was still a link with my theme. Writing a guest article on this site therefore made sense.

In the end, Google seems to have appreciated this guest article, since the traffic on my blog had increased by 100 visitors per day a few weeks after the publication of the article:

Impact of the invited article on my traffic

Then, the ideal is to publish your guest articles on authority sites. That is to say large sites, with a certain age and which are trusted by Google.

As Olivier Andrieu (the French Pope of SEO) says, a backlink from a reference site will have more weight than a backlink from a small site.

The authority of a site can be estimated using different tools. For example, Moz uses the domain authority, which is a score of 0 to 100. With the Chrome Moz Bar extension, you can easily access the domain authority of the sites you visit.

For your guest blogging, favor sites with a domain authority greater than 50, because these are the sites of authority. For example, according to Moz, CWT Advertising & co’m has a domain authority of 56.

Tip # 3: Make an irresistible guest article proposal

When you approach a site for a guest article, you are in demand …

The blogger you are contacting probably has a billion things to do. And you have to convince him to give you some time and attention.

So you have to put yourself in his place, and show him that he too has something to gain from this partnership. That he too can benefit from this article that you want to write on his site.

Contact him by email, from the contact form on his site or the “write to us” section (avoid contacting him from a social network, it doesn’t matter).

And make him an irresistible article proposal.

For that, make sure that the subject of the article you are submitting has not already been covered by the blogger you are contacting. Otherwise you risk being sent to the roses …

Type the following command in Google:

Subject of the article + site: urldusite

For example :

Strengthening your chest + site:

If the subject has already been dealt with, abstain!

But if you see that none of the articles on the site deals specifically with the topic you want to cover, you can go.

This is exactly what I did to approach Village de la Justice, the largest site on the subject of law. I noticed that this site had no articles with tips for successfully studying law. And so I proposed a guest article on this subject. Here is the structure of the email I sent:


Above all, I want to thank you for the quality of your site, which was of great help to me during my law studies.

I’m currently a student lawyer and I created a law student website a year ago.

On this site, I give advice on method and offer packs of revision sheets to students.

Here is the link to my site: [lien vers mon site]

I would love to be able to write an article on Village de la Justice to share my experience as a former law student.

In order to interest and help as many of your readers as possible, the article I would like to write would be entitled “5 tips for successful law studies” and would follow the following plan:

[exposé du plan de l’article]

If you want to have an overview of the quality of my articles, here are some of my posts:

[liens vers les 3 meilleurs articles sur mon site]

If you are interested in this proposal, I will send you the full article written.

You see that I introduce myself quickly (the goal is not to tell his life), and that I insist that the article will help and interest their readers. I show them that I will provide them with quality content that they will not need to look elsewhere.

Of course, you must adapt, and submit an article that is linked to the editorial line of the site you are working on.

For my blog for law students, for example, I wrote an article on the blog of Wizbii, a platform that connects young people and businesses. Being focused on students, I noticed that Wizbii had articles on student life on his blog … but also on entrepreneurship, including interviews with entrepreneurs to inspire young people to get started.

So I had the idea of ​​offering them an interview to explain how I had the idea of ​​my project, how I developed it in parallel with my studies, etc. And they naturally accepted my proposal!

Another great way to get a guest article is to offer to review a product.

For example, I use to sell my training online. To launch my new blog (, I therefore had the idea of ​​offering the team a guest article on their blog to explain how I sold 201 training courses in one week with this tool.

As the article is a real case study of what can be done with their product, they accepted my guest article. Here is a link to the guest article if you’re interested.

Tip # 4: Prove Your Expertise

You must also demonstrate to the site / blogger that you are contacting that your work is of good quality: no blogger wants to publish mediocre content on their site!

This is why I advise you toalready have some articles on your blog before you start canvassing sites for guest articles… This way, the other blogger can quickly check the quality of your articles.

I previously showed you the email I sent to Justice Village for a guest article. You can see that I included in this email links to my 3 best articles. It is good practice that I recommend that you adopt.

Again, people don’t have much time. Go to your site and search to check the quality of your work, it takes time! So the ideal is toinclude direct links to your articles you are most proud of in the email.

This is also what I did to get a guest article on the Yooda Insight blog.

To convince them, I included in my email a link to an article that I had published on my blog which explains how to improve its natural referencing. The article is really worked: it is about 8,000 words … At the time of its publication, I had received dozens of private messages, emails, comments … telling me that it was a really qualitative article! And the article notably had 83 shares on Facebook. Not bad for a new blog!

And that’s why the manager at Yooda Insight accepted my guest article proposal. Here is his answer:

Response to my guest post

Tip # 5: Relaunch if necessary

When you start to canvass sites for guest blogging, you will quickly realize … that most sites do not respond to you!

Don’t panic, it’s completely normal!

As I’m telling you from the start of this article, people don’t have time.

If you already receive 20% of responses to your proposals, that’s great!

However, do not hesitate to revive people who do not answer you. Once, and even twice if necessary.

Personally, I got several guest articles by raising people …

Let it go for at least a week, and politely revive the person … what do you have to lose?

In most cases, the person did not respond to you because they were simply overwhelmed with other things.

Take, for example, this message I recently received from a blogger:

other response to my guest article

I had contacted this blogger 3 months earlier. And I raised it once. Without answer.

However, she was indeed interested in my proposal. She just hadn’t found the time to look into it.

So don’t hesitate to raise 😊

Tip # 6: Write a quality article

Imagine that your wife / husband / boyfriend / girlfriend invites you to a dinner where you don’t know many people…

Before going to this dinner, you will prepare, find out about the people who will be there …

In short, you’re going to make sure you look your best.

Because you want to make a good impression, and you know that the first impression is important. If you make a bad first impression, you will not be invited back.

It’s exactly the same with guest blogging.

Writing a guest article is a bit like going to a dinner where you don’t know anyone.

The partner blogger makes your article known to their audience, and your goal must be to make the best possible impression on this audience.

A guest article is a chance to demonstrate to people who don’t know you that you are an expert that you can help them solve their problems.

To write this guest article, apply yourself in the same way as if you wrote an article on your own blog.

Is it worth it. Here is for example a comment which had been posted following one of my invited articles:

comment under my guest article

This person discovered me with this guest article and later became a client of the cards that I sell on my blog for students.

Tip # 7: Write an SEO Optimized Article

A guest article allows you to make yourself known to an audience that does not yet know you …

You know, we already said that. This is one of the big advantages of guest articles.

But if this article can attract visitors and send traffic to your site in the long term, it’s even better!

For that, I advise you to optimize your guest article for SEO, and to position it on a keyword searched by Internet users.

Use tools like Yooda Insight, which we discussed earlier in this article.

And ideally, target a keyword that would be too competitive for your own blog.

If you’re writing a guest article, it’s probably because you’re a small blog that needs to get known.

And if you’ve done it right (as explained in this article), you normally write your guest article on a fairly large site. A site bigger than yours, with a domain authority higher.

So you have an opportunity to position an article on a keyword that would be too competitive for your blog.

This is exactly what I did with one of my guest articles.

In my thematic of law studies, the key word “to pass a law degree” is quite competitive. With several large sites in the top positions. My own blog for students would be hard pressed to position themselves on this keyword.

This is why the guest article I wrote on Village de la Justice is entitled “5 tips for successfully completing your law degree”.

At the time of this writing, this article is in position 0 on the request “pass a law license”:

Article invited in position 0

And he already brought me 543 visitors to my blog:

Number of visitors since my invited article


I hope this article will help you get guest articles that will get your blog off the ground!

And you, have you ever practiced guest blogging? Tell me about your experience in the comments 😊